Good evening, my lovely geeks.

It’s been a pretty laid back week here in my house, and I hope you all have been granted with the same ease! It’s been lovely getting to talk to all of you this week, and I hope we can keep it up.

Looking towards the future, here’s a few things I have in store:

  • I will be starting a weekly livestream! For now, it will only be once a week until I’m able to establish a more efficient way of streaming. I’m still trying to figure out my audio issues (thanks, Apple). Don’t forget to keep tabs on my twitch page!
  • I’m may have the opportunity at a summer internship with GAB. I’ll keep you nerds posted! If you haven’t already, go check out Gamers Against Bigotry!
  • I will be finishing up my Justice League series this weekend, so keep your eye out for Superman and Martian Manhunter!
  • As always, my Society6 store is open and ready for business! Also, don’t forget to check out my DeviantArt page
  • I’m in the business for commissions! I’m finishing up the month with some fantastic profits, which means I can now keep up with printing costs! If you’re interested, shoot me a message and I’ll send you my contact information. 
  • If you’re interested in buying prints directly from me, shoot me a message! I’ll return to you with my contact information, and we can work out how to get you some art!
  • I’m running my Hero of Time print Twitter Contest until the end of May, so don’t forget to enter! Follow me on twitter, tweet with #yamelmegames, and you’ll be entered in to win a free print!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! And to all my new followers: welcome to the family! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay classy, nerds!

Hey guys! If you could take a quick second to go like my facebook page, it would mean the world to me! Once I get a nice audience, I’ll be running some sweet deals and contests for free art! My ever-popular Hero of Time/Happy Mask prints will be first up!

Also, to everyone who won my last contest… your prints are in the mail!