I was recently offered the chance to give a review on an Igus w1080b slider review from www.igus.com. Deciding to make things a little more exciting by adding a little bit of shine and sparkle, I used the opportunity to shoot local visual kei guitar player Yameki and create some DIY bokeh in the video review.

Head off to DIY photography to check out the full post/video!



Photo: Von Wong
Model: Yameki
Retouch: Jessika Chiasson
Assists: Laurie Pigeon, Jessika Chiasson
Video: Pakdi Decnud

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I’ve been invited to various events this week, meeting with some fascinating musicians and randomly encountering others on the moment.

Though I don’t enjoy clubs that much, it’s always great to see friends and people I respect much perform. It’s been a real busy week but things are going back to normal rather soon.

That’s right, there’s the fashion-show as well on Christmas for my friend’s new clothing line QissQill. The brand hasn’t launched yet but you will see it appearing here and there over the internet if you are into Harajuku Fashion.

Ah yeah, that’s Miya from MUCC in the bottom left picture too.

Had a great time.

How are you guys spending your holidays?