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The new Yagami Light’s slaying, Masataka Kubota dethroned Fukushi Sota as number 1 Oricon breakthrough actors in first half 2015.

Oricon rank top 10 breakthrough actors in First Half 2015 :

  1. Masataka Kubota (Algernon ni Hanataba o, Death Note, The Last Cop, Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue, ST Aka to Shiro no Sosa Fairu, April Fools, Yokokuhan, Romance)
  2. Fukushi Sota (Koinaka, Toshokan Senso Book of Memories, Strobe Edge, Toshokan Senso The Last Mission)
  3. Saito Takumi (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, Jyoryu Kaikyu ~ Fukumaru Hyakkaten Gaishobu, Kasane, Haruko Chojo Gensho Kenkyujo, Torakage, Real Onigokko)
  4. Ayano Go (Yamada Takayuki no Tokyoto Kitaku Akabane, Ouroboros, Soredake/that’s it, Shinjuku Swan Kabukicho Skauto Sabaibaru, S - Saigo no Keikan - Dakkan Recovery of Our future, Piece of Cake, Tenku no Hachi) 
  5. Yamazaki Kento (Mare, Death Note, Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue, Heroine Shikkaku, orange)
  6. Shota Sometani (Shokuzai no Sonata, Sayonara Kabukicho, Kiseiju Part 2, Soredake/that’s it, Strayer’s Chronicle, Sensei to Mayoi Neko, Bakuman, Dia Dia, Minna! Esper Dayo!, Bakemono no Ko)
  7. Nishijima Hidetoshi (Ryusei Wagon, Nounai Poison Berry, MOZU The Movie)
  8. Masahiro Higashide (Mondai no Aru Restaurant, Hana Moyu, Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue, Kiseiju Part 2, Gonin Saga)
  9. Masato Sakai (Dr. Rintaro)
  10. Suzuki Ryohei (Tenno no Ryoriban, Yokokuhan, Umimachi Diary, Kaze ni Tatsu Lion, Ore Monogatari!!) [tight with Masato Sakai in 9th place]

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The Complete Ace Attorney Discourse

I haven’t seen something like this floating around yet, so I might as well make a compilation.

Reblog and tag yourselves:

  • Ladder vs Stepladder
  • Fireplace vs Hearth
  • Cabbage vs Lettuce (which one’s leafier)
  • Shovel vs Spade (which one’s bigger)
  • Bird vs Plane

These are the ones I came up with from the top of my head, but I’ll give it a check to see if there are any others from the games. 

Edit: Thanks to @sunflowersforphoenix for reminding me.

And I’ll throw in some bonus ones:

  • Phoenix vs Apollo trilogies vs AAI vs DGS duologies (if applicable)
  • Takumi vs Yamazaki-directed games *
  • Science & Psychology vs Spirits & Magic
  • Localization vs Translation

* GS1-4, DGS1-2 for Takumi; GS5-6, GK1-2 for Yamazaki
(Endo directed GS4, but it’s also partially Takumi’s handiwork, so it goes to his side.)

Please reblog even if you don’t want to answer. I want this survey to circulate the entire AA tumblr community and I will be collecting results. It’s for science.

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Reminiscing about AJ

After playing Apollo Justice, I left the fandom and didn’t came back for six years until I heard that Phoenix and Edgeworth both came back in DD. My sister, who introduced me to Ace Attorney, left the fandom completely and never came back again because AJ broke her heart way too much.

Before blaming me and my sister, please know there were countless people like us then. When AJ was released in Japan on 2007, the whole fandom was burning up with rage. Phoenix fans were mad because he became a totally different person, Edgeworth fans and Maya fans were also mad because they disappeared into thin air without any explanation. Various shippers -including Narumitsu, Narumayo, Phoenixiris- were mad because they felt like Capcom was laughing at them “haha your otp is meaningless and Phoenix will die alone as hobo.” Japanese websites, especially 2chan, flooded with crying and cursing. Calling for heads of Takumi Shuu and Inahune Keiji.

For people asking “I know Takumi Shuu was the director, but why Inahune Keiji?”: he was Takumi Shuu’s superior, who made him change the story. Actually Phoenix didn’t mean to be disbarred. In original concept, “hobo” and Phoenix were not the same person. Hobo gambler was sarcastic mentor of Apollo, and Phoenix was a famous lawyer Apollo admired. But Inahune Keiji ordered to change it. He wanted Phoenix as a main character, and also wanted to put Jury System in the game. Takumi Shuu had to give the name “Phoenix” to that hobo(literally making Phoenix into totally different person) and cram the unexpected Jury System into the last case(significantly reducing the role of Apollo even though the game was named “Apollo Justice.”)

The result was disastrous. The fandom was filled with rage. Even Suekane Kumiko, the character designer of PW and T&T, criticized that “This is what happens when the game is controlled by a person who doesn’t understand the character properly. They should’ve thought about our fans out there and what would fans feel about this.”(Source) Takumi Shuu himself fell into long slump after AJ release. It became the reason he retired from the AA series for years, and the next three games(AAI, GK2, DD) were directed by Yamazaki Takeshi instead of Takumi Shuu. Capcom stayed away from both Phoenix and Apollo for next several years, in fear of re-igniting the outcry over AJ, and concentrated on Edgeworth spin-off instead.

As the years went by the flame gradually died down. AJ started to gain it’s own fans. People who couldn’t stand AJ eventually left the fandom, or decided to forgive and go on with it. Inahune Keiji resigned from Capcom and started his own game company. It took five years for poor Takumi Shuu to finally make his return with PL vs AA, and Capcom finally found their courage to make the next game of AJ; with Phoenix as a lawyer and without the Jury System. Apparently Capcom learned their lesson from painful experience.

So I returned to Ace Attorney in 2013. I played all the games again, this time in English version. That was when I first set my foot in West fandom, and started ravenously consuming those precious fanfics in FFnet and AO3. Even though I still can’t really like AJ, it is still canon, and so many marvelous fanworks about that game helped me to deal with it. But I should also confess that I really love the fics about Phoenix-never-disbarred AU. Struggling Against Gravity, Job Hunting, and thousands of fics set in the mysterious timeline called “some times after AAI but Phoenix is somehow still a lawyer??”


P.S. I have nothing against Apollo, Klavier, or Trucy. Those kids were cute. The reason I was mad at the game was not because of new characters, but because what Capcom had done to old characters without any explanation.

Actually I was quite fond of Apollo ever since Capcom first introduced him, which made me dislike the game even more. He certainly deserved more story and characterization in his own debut game; not just being a puppet of disbarred hobo’s seven-year-old plan of revenge. I think all three attorneys -Phoenix(disbarred), Edgeworth(disappeared), Apollo(undervalued)- are victims of that dreadful game.

I said I’d draw some SakuTaku to go with the Umiyo, and I did! Go me for actually managing! Here they are, Sakurai Yamazaki and Takumi Nanase, again from @bakapandy‘s adorable lovechildren AU.

So like, we know that Takumi can break out the Makoto Smile™, but what if his truly sincere “I’m so in love smile” is the Haru Smile? It’s not a copout because I drew Takumi far too much like Haru I swear

Idk what Sakurai’s laughing about, but I headcanon Takumi as having a very dry wit that appeals to Sakurai, so it’s probably something Takumi said. Takumi takes pride in making Sakurai laugh, as it’s something Umiko just can’t do (it also gets him kisses, which is more than fine with him).

Man, I wish I was better at backgrounds. I have no sense of colour. Or painting. In fact, what am I even doing.

Next AA game in early development from AA5 team; Takumi working on a new project as well

This is mostly just confirmation of hints we’ve heard throughout the year, but 4Gamer interviewed a variety of Japanese developers, including Dual Destinies director Takeshi Yamazaki and original AA trilogy director Shu Takumi, about their year in gaming and what’s coming next, and both Yamazaki and Takumi confirmed they’re working on new projects.

Yamazaki says:

This year, we were able to release Dual Destinies to the world; it was like letting out a breath I’d been holding.  Right now we’re focusing on the next title; it’s only just begun development, but we’ve got a lot of interesting ideas lined up.  Please look forward to it!

While Takumi, who hasn’t publicly worked on any games since 2012’s Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, had this to say:

This year I’ve been pouring all my energy into preparation and writing for a new title. 

Even now I’m still giving it my all; it’s times like this that are the most exhausting, mentally speaking.  You just dive right into your mind and stay down there so long that the outside world seems to vanish.  I’ve hardly had the time to enjoy any entertainment of my own! (Well, besides The Wind Rises and the games I’ve mentioned above.)

In 2014, I’d like to bring all this work together into a solid game and announce it.  I’m looking forward to everyone’s response!

As an aside, the 2013 game that left the biggest impression on Takumi was The Wonderful 101 (not too surprising, given Takumi’s friendship with Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya), while for Yamazaki it was Beyond: Two Souls

A new Ace Attorney and a new Takumi game; 2014 looks to be a good year!

New Details on Bravely Second: new jobs and gameplay features

Translated details from tonight’s stream by yours truly:

-About 30 or so jobs are going to be in Bravely Second.

-They recorded a certain character’s song recently. Keeping it a secret. 

-New job is the Exorcist. Its ability is to make it as though something never happened. The asterisk holder is named Geist. Bloody Geist. He’s voiced by Takumi Yamazaki. The designer is Yokoyan.

-The job can make something not have happened. So for example Nikolai took damage. By using the ability, you can restore his HP to what it- Was. This is doable up to three turns back for MP, HP, and BP looks like. The most basic skills at least. Super cool. 

-The buster ships are used to combat Maou in space. The more you have, the lower you can drop a Maou’s level so that they’ll be beatable by your party. You can team up with friends’ buster ships to do this.

-This feature will be added into an update for the demo which will also include the Exorcist job as well.

-Maou battles will still use the Revo track because they had him compose it to be the main Maou theme from the get go. 

Melon Flavour

I believe mention was made of Takumi and Sakurai’s first kiss on the @futurefishbabies blog. Well, here you go, anon! You get first date AND first kiss! I’m so generous.

Will be crossposted to my Ao3. Also, unedited because it’s late and I just wanted to post it. I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

Also, Sakurai’s theme throughout the date.

Umiko’s got that look on her face, that look she gets when she’s about to say something that’s going to make Takumi’s face burn and his tongue tied.

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