yamazaki housei


The first big prank Downtown played on Yamasaki in 1991 when he was about 23 years old. From what I can assume, it seems they surprise him with a visit and a cake, then tell him they’ve brought a priest to perform an exorcism on his house. Which includes chucking out any cursed objects (like his bed). After the priest has blessed the place they christen it with firecrackers and doves.


I was wondering what happened to this movie, it seemed like it was filmed back in 2012 but I guessed it was just a limited theater release. However it now has a page on Amazon Japan with a December 2nd release date.

Here’s the trailer:

My rough understanding is that a group of kids struggling with bullying and family troubles decide to run away from it all. Meanwhile Housei’s character is hot on the trail of a kidnapper (who I assume abducted member(s) of his family). Their fates collide at a remote cabin, owned by a relative of one of the kids.