yamato making faces

[MFWP] New Event: Lovin’ You♥

Hello lovely Wifes!

We all know Yamato’s is a busy, busy guy. Don’t miss this chance to get a closer look a his hectic schedule!

In the Sleepy Hubby’s route, you two will have a very unexpected visitor. Watch them turn your cozy newlywed nest upside down as they curiously test your relationship with Yamato, making you face some important, life altering truths.

Or take the Sleepy Teacher’s, and go back to school with Yamato as your homeroom teacher and the rest of the gang as your crazy classmates. Make all the other girls green with envy as you become the only girl in a group full of the hottest guys in school, and watch your relationship with Mr. Kougami develop into something really special!

So… What is it going to be?

Loving Wife?

Teacher’s Pet?

Whatever you choose, just remember…

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