The Yamazuku game (2!!!!)
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Reuploading the video because i got an influx of Yamaken and Shizuku feels because this

  • it is possible that I won’t meet a girl like you again throughout this lifetime



why is the world so cruel.

Anyway, Enjoy - i tried to use a happyish song.

shiin-chan-deactivated20160514  asked:

Shizuku Mizutani? ^^

Once again, thanks for the ask and once again a reminder that I have watched the anime only ;)


Definitely YamaShizu! One of my favorite couples in this fandom. Yamaken is, was and will be the best choice for Shizuku imo. He loved her for once and it was true love. He didn’t act annoying around her plus he is most compatible with Shizuku with how both are smart and logical. Plus I can always relate to Yamaken with how he has trouble with paths, I am the same xD 


Shizuku and Natsume, best friends forever! Natsume is always worrying about her.


Yamaken x Shizuku x …. I don’t like HaruShizu so Haru is out of question… Others, I don’t remember much.


I know most people in TnKk fandom ship them but I would say Haru x Shizuku anyway.  I am not supporting the main couple as usual but you can’t blame me when Haru is so annoying with how he ends up hitting (even if it is by accident) Shizuku and is always noisy. I am not fond of noisy characters. One second he is in love, next he is out of it. Plus he had shown to love her body at first. I know he doesn’t understand the concept of love but one shouldn’t be so oblivious…