Jeon Jungkook : A SUMMARY PART 2

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Part 1

  1. “ I don’t want to get married. No… I mean, I’m not ready for marriage. It’s something that is still very far away in my mind.” -JJK 2k14 (AHL behind the scene)
  2.  Fan ask Jungkook when he wants to get married : Jungkook writes * in 100 years* on the post it
  3. Every member pointed at him when they were asked who was the most likely to get married early : “ WHY ME *scandalized tone* ??!!!” - JJK 2k17 (amas red carpet)
  4. “Go to sleep hyung” @jimin, when it really means “ Stop bothering me” (Bangtan bomb)
  5. Puts a plastic wrapper inside his mouth and slowly spits it back like a 4 years old kid as the Stylist takes it away from his mouth as if she is one of his parents.
  6. *rolls on the desert’s sand and lands perfectly like a ninja* (Dubai)
  7. “ These noonas really know how to pose for the cameras.They could be idols just like us!” (Bon voyage s2 ,Hawaii)
  8. “ It felt so weird to travel without the staff” 
  9. * Dances to girl groups songs and does it better than them*
  10. Impersonates Jessie : “ BIG BOOTAY!” (YamanTV)
  11. *Stares at the result board rather competitively during ISAC 2015*
  12. *touches the wrong exit door by accident and the alarm starts running* : “ Oh no *wide eyes* I-I thought we could use that exit door . Guess I was wrong…”  
  13.  “ Let me introduce you to my new friend. *zooms his camera on the lizard on the wall* Hi there, my friend *giggles* +  *Finds another lizard * : “ Oh Oh Oh! There’s another friend right there!!” 
  14. *sleeps in pikachu onesies and daffy duck pajamas (isn’t he PRECIOUS?!)*
  15. *wrestles down every other male idol* (ISAC 2015)
  16. *sticks close like a puppy to his new friends from seventeen* (ISAC 2017)
  17. *runs faster than a rocket*
  18. *Picks up jimin in his arms as if it was a feather he picked up from the ground*
  19. * jams to Blackpink and knows all the lyrics to Whistle,Playing with fire and Boombayah*
  20. “ I’m an expensive man *smirk*” -JJK 2k16
  21. *eats banana kick during almost every fansign*
  22. *Eyes widen when fans bring him food during the fansigns*
  23. When a fan brought him an endless supply of gifts and every time she handed him one , he bowed and thanked her (for every gift) : “ Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows*, Thank you *bows + giggles*” (Fansign 2013)
  24. “ I wish we could turn the salt water in the ocean into beer. It would be much better” 
  25. “ I forgot my earphones in the room so I can’t listen to music, I’m not legal so I can’t drink…*sighs as he lays down in the boat* aren’t I really pitiful right now? *fakes a cry* ” (Bon Voyage s2)
  26. *takes pictures with his classmates and writes them a few cheerful messages to encourage them during finals* 
  27. * Arrived late in class during a final exam and took the test in 10 minutes after exiting the room* + *His teacher caught up with him*: “ Jungkook, seems like you chose randomly…”
  28. *picks up three chairs at the same time*
  29.   “ The game is called : Let’s try beating jungkook” his hyungs said and he scoffed in disbelief  “ Why would you call that game like that? What am I, a monster or something *offended laugh* ?” (BTS Countdown Live “Burning Live”)
  30. *drank chocolate milk instead of alcohol because he still wasn’t legal at the time*
  31. *When yoongi forbid Jungkook to drink in the states at their after party in their hotel, and Jungkook still took a sip of the champagne while turning off the vlive*
  32. “*reads comments*  Jungkook hyung is so freaking handsome? *Gasps+ perverted face activated* Thank you~~~” - JJK 2k17
  33. “ Then I arrived,the one and only ‘miracle boy’ who saved this group. Seven agencies fought to recruit me. You could say that without me, BTS wouldn’t be BTS *smirk*” (BTS Countdown 2017)
  34. “ It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick!”
  35. “ I’m just really sensitive to smells, so I like collecting candles, perfumes and other stuff *awkward face*” (YamanTV)
  36. When a fan asked him to draw her friend because she(the friend) couldn’t be there and he drew a girl with bangs and the fan asked him why he drew her with bangs : “ I don’t know… aren’t girls cuter with bangs ? Cute girls always have bangs, don’t they? *pauses in confusion* I don’t even know *existential crisis* What do YOU think? *blinks*”
  37.  That time when a young army showed up and asked him to draw her and he said : “ Won’t oppa ruin your cute face ?” 
  38. How every time a fan ask him to draw them , he ends up adding bunny ears somewhere in his drawing : “ You look like a bunny!”
  39. His pick up line that never fails : “ Want to grab a cup of milk with me?” (Japan)
  40. *attaches key chains with pictures of his face on his earrings*
  41. When BTS talked about a picture of jimin in their kitchen and Jungkook went like  : “ I get scared every time I get myself a drink at night because of that picture.”
  42. “ Microwaves are scary! What if they explode?!” 
  43. His little crush on IU and how he always claps whenever he sees her
  44. Set of clothes with cute army patterns : “ I love sets. Especially when there’s a jacket included”
  45. *impersonates Jimin’s hairflips to annoy him, but the latter loves it*
  46. *that time he cringed his face and sighed because he was on a diet and the donuts looked too yummy*
  47. *How he kept eating food nonstop while saying ; “ I’m full”*
  48. *The way he puckers his lips as if he’s about to kiss any living thing next to him*
  49. *when he accidentally boops his adorable round nose against every existing camera and looks slightly startled*
  50. *the way he scrunches his nose and claps like a seal when he’s laughing*
  51. *His high pitched laugh when he’s dying of laughter*
  52. *opens his eye wide enough to be jungshook during the Flinch challenge with james corden*
  53. *jaw drops while reacting to Jin’s kiss with the statue in their blood sweat and tears mv*
  54. His self love is something admirable : “ Whoahhh Jungkookie, you look good!” - Jungkook @jungkook in mic drop mv 
  55. “ I watched our mv 6 times because I looked so good in it *smirks*”-  JJK 2k17 @spring day mv
  56. How impenetrable he is :  *What if a pretty girl approached you at school, what would you do?* and he answered : “ I’d walk away”
  57. *His movie suggestions are all romantic stories : Kimi no nawa, Love Rosie, etc*
  58. *He literally jumps like a bunny when he’s excited*
  59. * How he impersonates his members and often get hit for being a little brat, but we all know he does it because he wants to get their attention*
  60. *how he’s an agyeo bomb when you don’t expect it. He’s a natural*

Part 3? Maybe ….? :D

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SPECIAL VIDEO FOR A.R.M.Y: The History of Bangtan boys 

Note: All this episodes you can find on youtube, dailymotion and V live. If some of them you can’t find, ask me and I’ll help you to find it. 

anonymous asked:

Are you saying Namjoon saw porn @ 9 for the first time? My eyes lost their virginity when I was 14. I've seen dicks before but I was scared of seeing them until I saw porn. What freaked me out the most was seeing cum. Now I get all hot and bothered over the thought of a hot guy getting creampied.

On the interview on yamanTV all of the members say that RM watches porn a lot & when RM was on problematic man(? I think) he said the first time he watched porn was in 2nd grade(when he was around 9) The only reason I found out about porn was for the same reason, there was a pop up ad and I was curious 😂😂 then my dad found out and started looking though my history every week but that’s another story 😊

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an introduction to gfriend

(from left to right) top row: Sowon, Yuju, Umji  bottom row: Eunha, Yerin, SinB

this is g-friend, a six member girl group that debuted on january 15th 2015 with their EP/mini album Glass Bead. in just 12 days after their debut they gained impressive scores on the music charts and music programs. they also had their first show, gfriend please look after our puppy, two months after their debut. 

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Watch on fy-jangseungyeon.tumblr.com

150504 YamanTV (Eng Subs)

small things about bangtan that's just cute to think about

Seokjin: him telling taehyung on the fancafe “I hope all the mosquitoes go to you tonight”

Yoongi: his “all or nothing” spurts of hyper which only ever results in pain and embarrassment

Hoseok: him trying to talk and smile with the force of a million suns at the same time

Namjoon: him insisting on keeping the bag that his mother doesn’t like

Jimin: him acting sexy and the massive cringe that happens either in the middle or after

Taehyung: the way he flips his cap backwards when shit’s about to get real (aegyo on yamantv, random dance play on weekly idol, the list goes on)

Jungkook: his noot noot face in almost every recent selfie. you know what I’m talking about

BTS Scenario- Girlfriend catching them watching. . .

this is not really requested but i was watching YamanTV featuring Bangtan so i was like… “what if?” lol


namjoon’s second gif is made by me, other than that, gifs aren’t mine, credits to the rightful owners :)

You: *You suddenly barged into his room that is surprisingly unlocked* Babe I-
Him: *GIF*

You: I’m sorry I g-gotta go *Slowly walks out of the room*
Him: *GIF*

Suga: ERROR 404 NOT FOUND. Just kidding.
You: *Walks into his room and…*
Him: *GIF* (In his mind) Please don’t look at my screen…

You: *Looks at him a bit with suspicion*
*Looks curiously at the half closed lid of his laptop*
*Tries to sneak a bit—*

Him: *Suddenly wakes up + GIF* Hey, hey, hey. DON’T TOUCH THAT!
You: Why not?
Him: I’m working on a… mixtape. *Forcefully pushes you out of the room*
(Basically, you can never catch him watching ;D)

J-Hope: *Screams right away*
You: *Taehyung’s reaction*

Rap Monster: *The moment you walked into his room and clearly saw what he was watching… he knew that he effed up*

A moment of awkward silence follows…

Him: *GIF* Umm… I can explain. You know I was just—
You: *Laughs* You know, it’s no surprise to be honest.

Jimin: *(GIF) He was so immersed when you suddenly walked in*
Oh hey there why did you suddenly—
You: Oh. My. God. I’m sorry I was just… clueless. *Runs away completely flustered*

V: ERROR. NOT FOUND. Just kidding.
You: *Walks into the room*
Him: *He was so immersed that he continued it for the next 5 seconds even with your extremely shocked face*

Him: *(GIF) Completely dumbfounded and embarrassed*

Jungkook: *At first he’ll be like GIF*

But then he tries to keep it cool…

Him: Hey there, wanna join me? *GIF*

welp. i think i need to dive into the purity water and wash myself away.