yamani islands

Tortall and Other Lands

Tortall could either be Canada or the US. But being Canadian I am biased and think its more like Canada.
The Yamani Isles is so obviously Japan.
The Copper Isles is a Middle Eastern country, probably India.
Carthak is most likely Egypt.
Scanra though, I’m having troubles. Could it be a country like Iraq? Or a place like Russia because of the cold?
Then of course there are the other countries I have no clue about.
Maren, Sarain, Tyra, Galla, Tusaine.
Barzun could be….some African country like Kenya?

why the shit is tamora pierce like this

i mean. i knew. i knew, given that alanna AND daine AND kel AND alianne AND beka all have their OWN BOOK SERIES in the same universe

and even though each of them is a woman who is constantly underestimated by men, constantly trying to prove herself as strong and brave and smart and magical and skilled and determined and clever and qualified and deserving as men, each of them are COINCIDENTALLY white

this is a universe with countries and races that align with ours, and though each of these women interacts with and learns from people of color, she also ultimately proves herself more skilled/more enlightened than they are. the bazhir, the k’mir, the carthaki, the yamani, the copper islanders…

like it’s really not surprising that tamora pierce finds a show set in the late 1940s in which the only poc in a speaking role so far was a criminal who died about 10 minutes after he showed up to be beyond reproach because “the blacks” were only ever “the help” back then, THIS IS HER WHEELHOUSE