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PokeSpe Yamamoto Satoshi Artbook will be released on March 15th, 2016!

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It’ll be A4 size and around 194 pages. It’ll include Yamamoto’s artworks, like comic cover arts, known and unknown illustrations, and a new illustration with pokedex holders so far.


YATTA!!!!! Mangafest in Singapore!!!

I’m so so so so happy!!! I got my autograph from Kusaka Hidenori Yamamoto Satoshi the creator of Pokemon Adventure/Special!!!!!! Furthermore Yamamoto-Sensei had let everyone who wanted an autograph choose a character they wanted to be drawn!!

They were really awesome people! Kusaka-Sensei was really cool & I wore a Pikachu shirt & he told me it was cool! =D Yamamoto-Sensei was too busy drawing to have small talk but it was alright =D. I really like how he drew Pikachu and Red

Oh the third person was the editor and it he was really nice he would ask which character you want drawn then he would tell Yamamoto-Sensei. Oh they even had a like board with all the Main Character and Minor Character! Wish could have taken a picture but it was a long quene…

Anyway hope you like pictures of autograph! =D

Did the Anime write itself into a hole?

One thing that the Pokemon Special Manga does better than the Anime isn’t the inclusion of “darkness” or “blood” like that.

No. It’s that each protagonist is able to step down after their saga is complete and each saga is able to start fresh while also potentially carrying over elements from the previous. The series knows when a character have overstayed their welcome and try to shake thing up each chapter.

It’s something that the Pokemon Anime could’ve done rather than having Ash be the constant main character of the Anime. Because they did, they’re apparently bound by this strange clause that dictates that until the franchise is on its last legs, Ash cannot and will not win a Pokemon League. He can come close like with Kalos but never get the whole enchilada.

So lets ask ourselves this one question: When will Ash win a league? Well, I did just say that it was at the end of the show but that raises another question: When will the show end? Easy. That’ll be when… the games stop coming out. And when will the games stop coming out?

Literally nobody knows!

It’s all just one big trap that the Anime staff set up by not letting Ash step down as a main protagonist. They don’t know when he’ll win or how he’ll win. The ending is a complete mystery to even them. Maybe the show will just end one day without a big bang or grand finale. Just cancelled.

We don’t know and that’s why people are pissed about the Kalos League among other things.

I wrote more about here: http://matt0044.tumblr.com/post/136074155143/when-it-comes-to-series-like-star-wars-jojos

I’m not saying that the PokeAni doesn’t have its strong points but this is something I’ve been meaning to fully address and something that we need to take into consideration.