PokeSpe Week - Day 8 : Free Day - Yamamoto Satoshi

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mato’s art, but a few recent interviews have given me a new level of respect for PokeSpe’s current artist. I never knew before those interviews how much he, when he first came on board, got constantly shat on by various editors and fans for replacing Mato. (holy f*ck razor blades?!) People kept telling him and Kusaka that it would be better to discontinue PokeSpe entirely rather than go on without the original artist.

But Kusaka believed in him and he kept soldiering on, and he’s still here over fifteen years later, doing things and going places he probably never dreamed of thanks to him working his butt off. So yes, thank you Yamamoto Satoshi, and happy 20th anniversary to PokeSpe!


I bought the Pokemon Special artbook off of Amazon Japan and it’s AMAZING. It’s so much bigger than I expected!! There are sections for each arc of Pokespecial, minus the RGB and Yellow arcs (which were illustrated by Mato instead of Satoshi Yamamoto). There’s also a section in the back about the Pokemon Ranger comic by Yamamoto.


Pervy baby Satoshi… yay for Yamamoto “support network”!

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 2009.07.12


YATTA!!!!! Mangafest in Singapore!!!

I’m so so so so happy!!! I got my autograph from Kusaka Hidenori Yamamoto Satoshi the creator of Pokemon Adventure/Special!!!!!! Furthermore Yamamoto-Sensei had let everyone who wanted an autograph choose a character they wanted to be drawn!!

They were really awesome people! Kusaka-Sensei was really cool & I wore a Pikachu shirt & he told me it was cool! =D Yamamoto-Sensei was too busy drawing to have small talk but it was alright =D. I really like how he drew Pikachu and Red

Oh the third person was the editor and it he was really nice he would ask which character you want drawn then he would tell Yamamoto-Sensei. Oh they even had a like board with all the Main Character and Minor Character! Wish could have taken a picture but it was a long quene…

Anyway hope you like pictures of autograph! =D


Yamamoto~~~ kill me with your cuteness, why don’t you? Kya~

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