Kamen Rider Part 3 . Ikemen Rider ranking! (Out of 1000 votes from readers).
~ Junon Magazine, November'11

Hero all the way! Number 1 Ikemen Rider:
Philip, Kamen Rider W

doki doki ♡ Number 1 SEXY Rider:
Kureinai Wataru, Kamen Rider Kiva

So CUTE even though he’s a Hero! Number 1 Natural-type Rider:
Nogami Ryoutarou, Kamen Rider Den-O 

Number 1 liked Kamen Rider Heroine:
Narumi Akiko, Kamen Rider W

Rooted to the spot by his gaze! Number 1 COOL Rider:
Kadoya Tsukasa, Kamen Rider Decade

Number 1 Coolest transformation pose!:
Hino Eiji, Kamen Rider OOO

Good feel ♪ Number 1 liked Support Character:
Ankh, Kamen Rider OOO (yay ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

Number 1 Most fashionable Rider:
Hidari Shoutarou, Kamen Rider W

 I want to go out with you! ♡ Number 1 Rider for a lover:
Philip, Kamen Rider W

Among the Riders’ worlds, which shop would you like to visit the most?

  1. Cous Coussier, Kamen Rider OOO (213 votes)
  2. Milk Dipper, Kamen Rider Den-O (187 votes)
  3. Hikari Photoshop, Kamen Rider Decade (91 votes)
  4. Fuuto Ramen stand, Kamen Rider W (88 votes)
  5. Tachibana, Kamen Rider Hibiki (49 votes)

Among the Riders’ worlds, which is the number 1 item you wish to own?

  1. Denliner, Kamen Rider Den-O (358 votes)
  2. Candroid, Kamen Rider OOO (193 votes)
  3. Faiz phone, Kamen Rider Faiz (102 votes)
  4. RevolGarry, Kamen Rider W (76 votes)
  5. BeatChaser, Kamen Rider Kuuga (45 votes)