YakuNoya Headcanon

Okay I know it’s a really rare pairing but I think it’s adorable so I’ll just leave this hc here lol:
So I have a headcanon that Kuroo and Kenma accidentally see a notification on Yaku’s phone that reads “Hey ♡♡♡ How are you today babe?” From “Him ☆” While Yaku is changing in the locker rooms and they FREAK.
Well, Kuroo freaks at least while Kenma looks shocked.
So the whole team (sans Yaku of course) starts coming up with wild theories as to who this mystery dude is. Inuoka and Lev all think it should totally be a big tol guy like the seme from bara mangas and maybe even in the YAKUza (Lev got a smack from Kuroo for that) Kuroo, Shibayama and Kai think it’s an older mature dude. Fukunaga just shrugs.
Kenma being the observant one just gives them The Look™ and merely says “younger, shorter, 500 yen says from Karasuno” so they all start a betting pool on an accurate description of what he looks like.
When they confront Yakkun about it they all get a lecture about privacy, dignity and gambling. But then he gives them a cheeky smile and tells them the mystery man is coming to Tokyo that day to spend time with him so they can all settle the bet after practice.
After practice everyone is so shocked to find a smol boy with a blonde streak in his dark hair running up into Yaku arms and screaming “MORISUKE-KUN!!!” and Yaku giggling like a middle school girl huffing out “Yuu!”. All except Kenma of course who smirks and says “pay up idiots”. Kuroo is pale from shock and mutters “He… called demon senpai by his first name????? Even I’m not allowed too??”
Taketora has tears in his eyes and screeches “YUU WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME!! I COULDVE SAVED 500 YEN!”
And Noya just laughs and says something about it being a surprise. They all are still pretty shook when Yaku walks off with a “okay stay safe kids” and hand in hand with Karasuno’s Guardian Deity. Well except Kenma who’s dragging Kuroo off to help him buy a new game with all the bet money he got.

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