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Team Japan backstage at 2015 Japanese Nationals (x)

Skaters are rivals, but we also get along really well. … When I’m not doing well, they’re there to encourage you before anything else. Even without saying anything, they’re there encouraging, supporting. (x)

Japanese men as Miranda Hart Quotes
  • Shoma: You’re basically saying life is a series of embarrassing moments which leave you feeling alone in your confusion and shame. I am not sure I like that.
  • Tatsuki: Look in the mirror and say, ‘There is none other like you and for that reason alone you are beautiful.
  • Nobu: You might call me a child. Good.
  • Sota: I am not going to lie to you - I galloped.
  • Yuzu: I will nail this like an enthusiastic hammer
  • Taka: If I change my mind he’s going to think I’m odd and confused, which I am but we must hide this
  • Dai: Great word, kerfuffle – it keeps on giving. Almost worth causing one just so you can use it.
  • Dai 2: Pessimism is my default setting.
  • Takahito: Hi. Put me in a designated area, for I am smoking
Team Japan men 2014-2015 in a nutshell
  • Macchi: bye
  • Sota: *everyone's fanboy also personal cheerleader of Shomy*
  • Shoma: *gets embarrassed at everything*
  • Mura: TATSUKI WHY also have you seen my daughter
  • Kozuka: just y
  • Yuzuru: QUADS

Sota Yamamoto || 2016 Winter Youth Olympics