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山口夕輝 (Yamaguchi Yuuki) (@yuppinoyupitter)
2016/02/09 18:26

#It’s about to start
#Yuppi Theater Show

2016.2.9 肉の日
February 9th 2016, Meat Day


Estimate income of japanese female idol on 2015. Wow full of 48 members. if its true nyannyan should be so rich now plus her income from horse racing lol.
Haruna, no need to be akb member anymore. Just grad and live happily ever after with yuko :D
Sasshi, i know you make alot money, and haruna with her modelling carrier, takamina with her tvshow and akb, mayu with her drama. Its quite interesting that paruru and sakuratan got a big amount too. Its a big money in my country.