yamaken x shizuku


and maybe i know i am a fool for thinking that i deserved you

adamant feelings — a yamaken/shizuku fanmix — a compilation of songs that express that no matter how much you want them to, some feelings can’t change [{yamashizu} requested by roseswithsteelthornes]

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tracklist: 01— anywhere but here by safetysuit. 02— what you know in my place (two door cinema club vs coldplay) by electrosound. 03— love song by sara bareilles. 04— lovesick fool by the cab. 05— did i ever tell you by nick lachey. 06— fix you by coldplay. 07— we are birds by brighten. 08— happier by a fine frenzy. 09— under control by parachute. 10— rubik’s cube by athlete. 11— painting flowers by all time low.