Poor and still innocent soul: haikyuu was a really beautiful anime. I should check on Tumblr if there are some good images to set as wallpaper


tsukishima-tadashi  asked:

Tsuk's parents ADORE Yama because "they thought he'd be a friendless loser forever" and spoil him rotten. In contrast to how formal Tsuk is with Yama's mom, Yama let's his bratty side show at Tsuk's house because his parents EAT. IT. UP. They showed him Tsuk's baby photos and laughed together about it.

The love him. They’ve always had such polite sons they just love spoiling him and hearing him sass Kei bc this is what they missed out on. Kei hates it. Yama loves the Tsukkiparents. 

Yamaguchi as his super hero form Crow! Part of a haikyuu superhero AU I have going on.

So basically, in the AU people with powers are common. So both heroes and villains are the norm. Yamaguchi isn’t the only hero and hopefully I’ll be able to post all the heroes and their costumes in one post!

So for now enjoy~~


Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper, 1495-1498

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though Oikawa has insulted him countless times, refused to teach him for no reason, and expressed a desire to crush him, Kageyama still hasn’t said a single bad thing about Oikawa, still respects him so deeply, and looks up him so much that he shelves his pride and asks him for advice?

In that regard, Kageyama still hasn’t changed from the earnest, starry-eyed blueberry he was in middle school.

Some Akaashi Appreciation

Not that Fukurodani’s amazing setter DOESN’T get enough appreciation, I just thought I’d appreciate him even more.

Akaashi Keiji:

-is the only known second-year vice captain (as opposed to third-year) in the entire series so far

-is in a class 6 college prep class, which is the second-highest level of any character in the series (Yachi is in class 5 and she’s smart!)

-has a jump stat of 4/5, which is higher than Oikawa “Killer Jump Serve” Toru’s, and on par with Bokuto’s and Ushijima’s, who are both nationally ranked top-five aces. And Akaashi is a SETTER.

-has his current concern down as self-improvement