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Karasuno coffee habits headcannons please!

I didn’t know how to go about Coffee Habits Headcanons, so I hope this is what you were expecting! If not, let me know! Thanks~

Sawamura Daichi

  • Is a very casual coffee drinker. He will have it once in a while, or when he is super tired.
  • He prefers his coffee with no cream and one sugar.
  • When he drinks coffee at home, he always seems to be reading the newspaper or volleyball magazine.

Sugawara Kōshi

  • Never drag Sugawara anywhere before he could get at least two cups of coffee in him. 
  • Drinks his with two cream and two sugar.
  • Only drinks it in the morning - you will never see him drinking coffee during the day. He will opt for a latte or tea.

Azumane Asahi:

  • Like Daichi he is a casual coffee drinker. He only has it when he goes out to a cafe or is up late doing homework or writing a paper. 
  • He forces himself to drink it black since he thinks that would work better with his wild look.
  • Enjoys the occasional Ice coffee when he is in the mood for something sweeter.


  • He isn’t allowed coffee very often, since it gives him a major caffeine rush then drops, making him into a tired bundle of cuteness.
  • Isn’t much of a coffee drinker anyways - dislikes the bitterness that it has
  • Will force himself to drink it if he needs the extra boost of energy when up late doing school work. 

Tanaka Ryūnosuke

  • Dislikes coffee and won’t drink it, but will have coffee flavoured things such as Candy or Ice Cream. 
  • He prefers latte’s and such, since he likes seeing the latte art that is made with the foam. 
  • Will bring the coffee/drinks for the others in the morning though

Ennoshita Chikara:

  • Is a tea drinker, he avoids coffee as much as he can.
  • He drink’s his tea with one cream unless it’s green tea
  • The hotter the drink, the better.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

  • Loves coffee with flavoured coffee creamer. Tsukishima introduced him to it so he only drinks coffee when he has his favourite creamer. 
  • He also enjoys Ice Coffee’s, which would be his main choice throughout the summer months.
  • Get’s sick to his stomach if he has more then three cups a day.

Tsukishima Kei

  • Like Sugawara, Tsukishima is a big morning coffee drinker. He has 2-3 cups in the morning while getting ready for the day. 
  • Has his with milk and three scoops of sugar. He sometimes uses flavoured coffee creamer when he is feeling something more sweet that his usual.
  • Will take a coffee mug with him as he makes his way to school/work, which will usually be done by the time he get’s to his destination.

Kageyama Tobio

  • Drinks coffee on occasion, but it’s more milk than coffee. It’s like milk with a bit of coffee for colour. 
  • Likes Vending machine canned coffee though - preferably Milk Coffee
  • If he’s drinking coffee while reading or watching anything volleyball he will subconscious continue to stir his drink with his spoon.

Hinata Shōyō

  • This boy is never ever allowed to have any sort of caffeine during school hours or practice.  
  • If he does get his hands on coffee, he drinks it with three cream and three sugars. Honestly, would you like coffee with your sugar and cream?
  • Will wait until the coffee is nearly cold before he drinks it, or will have ice coffee instead.
Haikyuu characters find out a pop quiz

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Karasuno boys and their s/o during a thunderstorm. A lot of s/o are scared but sometimes its the other way around :D Make it fwuffy XD But most of all good luck on your new blogggg!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡

-Admin Megawara

Daichi: “GAH!” Daichi exclaimed when you suddenly latched onto his side, throwing him off-balance. He stumbled to the left, but managed to grab onto the nearest piece of furniture, regaining his stability. Daichi was ready to scold and warn you to be more careful when you hug him, but when he saw your face, he realized that there was terror in your eyes. He was about to ask you what was wrong when the thunder roared again in the distance, and your grip around him tightened. He didn’t really understand why you were afraid of the weather, but he would never trivialize your feelings about thunderstorms. Instead, he hugged you back and told you everything would be okay.

Kageyama: “(Y/N)” Kageyama called out, slightly annoyed, searching to see where you had disappeared to. As the thunder roared louder and louder, your heartbeat raced faster and faster. You had begun to tremble in fear as the thunder continued, and not wanting Kageyama to see you this way, you ran to the basement to save yourself from embarrassment. You were still shaking when Kageyama found you sitting on the cold, cement floor. “What’s the matter? I was looking everywhere for you.” he grumbled, standing tall above you. When you didn’t respond back and remained sitting with your knees tucked into your chest, he realized you weren’t your normal self. Not knowing what was wrong, he decided now was not the time to ask; right now, you needed him. When you felt a little better, you managed to raise your head from your knees and glancing to your left, you saw that Kageyama was sitting beside you. Not wanting to scare you, he waited until you composed yourself to hold you close and remind you that he would be by your side during the bad times as well as the good; there was no need to fear with him around.

Hinata: When lightning flashed across the sky as you stood by the window, you instinctively jumped back in fear. Dismayed, you shut the curtains quickly and spun around. Sitting on the sofa, Hinata noticed that you were acting strangely and got up to see what was wrong. When he got closer, he saw that you were frozen in fear, still standing there with your back against the window. Unsure of what to do, Hinata thought it would be best to get you as far away from the window as possible. He took your hand and led you to a chair where you could sit down while he kneeled beside you, waiting until you were ready to talk. As you explained your fear of thunder to him, you felt grateful that you had Hinata around to listen to you, calm you down, and cheer you up.

Tanaka: “OH MY GOD WAS THAT LIGHTNING!” you heard Tanaka scream from upstairs. As you climbed up the staircase to go see him, your breathing became more shallow as you felt your anxiety about the storm build. “That looked so cool!” he exclaimed as he ran out of the room and bumped into you. He started to proclaim that you had to look out the window and see this for yourself, but when you stepped back, shaking in fear and feeling ashamed for being so weak, Tanaka realized that you were scared. He wasn’t 100 percent sure that the storm is what had made you so afraid, but he figured you would tell him more about your fears when you were ready. Taking your hands in his own, he held them until the tremors left and reassured you that there was no need to worry with your strong, macho boyfriend by your side. Wanting you to feel better, he gave you a hug, bringing you close to his chest and making you feel safe and secure.

Sugawara: While sitting in the living room with Sugawara, there was a loud clap of thunder. You could already feel the anxiety build rapidly in your chest, making it difficult to breathe. As you sat there, trying to force yourself to calm down, you felt Sugawara’s hand touch your shoulder. “It’s okay (Y/N). I’m here!” When he saw you freeze up in fear, he didn’t believe what he was seeing at first, but then, he saw your gasps for air and immediately rushed to your side. He never realized how afraid you were of storms, but seeing you like this, he felt compelled to comfort you and make you feel better. He placed himself beside you, slipping his arms around you to hold you close. He began whispering soothing words in your ear, feeling a little happier as your breathing slowed down. Knowing that he was right beside you helped you to calm down quite a bit, and within a few minutes, you felt normal again. With his arms still wrapped around your waist, you told him you were sorry for all the trouble you caused him, but he insisted that no apology was required. Sugawara was glad to be there for you whenever you needed him.

-Admin Nasuki

Tsukishima: “Well, well what do we have here?” Tsukishima smirked as he walked into the living room to find you cowering in a corner with a blanket over your head. “Is someone afraid of thunder?”
“N-No!” He heard you shout. Just as you threw the cover off and opened your mouth to argue with Tsukishima, the both of you heard the loud sound of lightning cracking just as an even louder gush of wind sent an even more harder set of rain. You squealed and gripped the blanket tightly as you hid your face in it. You heard Tsukishima sigh as footsteps came closer to you. Feeling his arms wrap around you, he pulled you into his chest and held you as the two of you now sat on the ground together. “T-T-Tsuki-”
“It’ll be over in a few minutes.” He mumbled as he put his headphones over your ears. Tsukishima played a soft tune for you as held you. Eyes fluttering you felt yourself grow sleepy just as the rain stopped. As you fell asleep you could feel his chest shudder as he let out a small laugh. Even though the weather cease to scare you, Tsukishima kept you in his arms and that was more than enough.

Yamaguchi:”H-Hey, Tadashi..” You tugged your boyfriend’s shirt. The two of you were sitting together on the couch watching a movie when you first noticed the rain falling outside. “Hmm?” Yamaguchi glanced at you as he chewed on a popcorn. Just as you were about to say something you and him both jumped after hearing lightning strike. Both slightly breathless you turned to each other with startled looks. 
“Are you-”
“-afaird of thunderstorms?” 
Sharing a shy grin along with a few nervous laughs, the two of you moved closer to each other, turning on the tv louder. Even though both of you were afraid of it, it seemed more comforting knowing you had each other. Besides the fact that occasionally one of you would flinch or wince at the sound everything was fine. Being scared by yourself was terrifying, but with Yamaguchi it was okay-it was heart-warming. 

Asahi: As you knew from the start, Asashi was a gentle guy. He was always nice, soft-spoken and very very easily scared. So when a thunderstorm rolled in and the two of you were at his home, you automatically knew he was terrified. Sighing you could only grin as you heard your boyfriend yelp. Putting the plate of food down on the counter of the kitchen, you walked over to see Asahi hiding under a chair with hands over his ears. You stifled your laughs as you saw the chair off the ground and riding his back. “Asahi?” You called out to him only to see him cower even more. “Asahi, are you okay?” You said while walking over to him. Just as he noticed you he took his hands away from his ears and gave you a weak smile. “A-Ah, I’m fine _____-san.”
“Are you sure”
“I’m s-” Asahi curled up in a ball just as he was cut off by the sound of lightning. Shuddering a bit, Asahi rubbed the back of his head nervously. “I’m weak aren’t I?”
You shook your head as you held a hand out to him. “No, you’re just adorable.” You leaned down a bit and gave him a peck on the cheek. “My adorable boyfriend.”

Nishinoya: Coming out of the bathroom with a towel over his neck, Nishinoya blinked curiously as he saw a lump sitting on his bed. Walking over to it he examined it. The blanket was shaking and underneath it he could hear a small whining sound. Just as he reached out to poke it, the loud sound of lightning echoed. The lump squealed and pulled the covers tighter. Nishinoya then realized that that lump was indeed you. “______-chan?” Placing a hand on what seemed to be your head, Nishinoya called out your name again. “_____-chan?”
Taking a peep you looked at Nishinoya with a shaky smile. “Y-Y-Yes?”
“Are you scared?”
“Scared of what?” 
“Thunderstorms?” Nishinoya glanced out his window. When you didn’t answer, Nishinoya took that as a yes and sat beside you. Sitting back up, you continued to hold the covers around you. “____-chan, you know what thunderstorms give me?” 
Looking at him with a confused expression, you only shook your head slowly. Nishinoya pulled the volleyball from the ground and held it behind him. Eyes closed his expression became serious. “It gives me….” Getting off the bed he striked a pose and let go of the ball and screamed, “ROLLING THUNDER!!!!!” 
You started laughing as he blubbered on about how cool it was. Rolling thunders will always trump thunderstorms. You thought. Especially if Nishinoya does them.

i will forever hc that while tsukki is an everything type of guy (regarding music taste), yams is a recovering classic rock elitist. and if any of u disagree make sure to meet me in the fucking pit (to tell me your opposing headcanons because i love hearing them)