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Tohoku University of Art and Design Yamagata, Japan 📷: @mbach.audi

月山から北への俯瞰:東北本州の背弧側の地殻変動 南北方向の東側あがりの断層群が出羽丘陵の隆起をもたらし庄内平野との地形的対照を形成した 西側の酒田衝上断層群は活断層の庄内平野東縁断層帯の一部であり,広くは北由利衝上断層系(延長200 km)の一部でもある

A panoramic view from Mt. Gassan to the north, showing post-Miocene, and still active at present, crustal shortening in the backarc area in Yamagata, northeast Honshu, Japan. A series of N-S trending faults has given cumulative vertical displacement of more than 2 km by which the present-day Dewa Hills was uplifted and dissected until Middle Miocene rocks are exposed. The western part of the fault series, the Sakata thrust faults, is a part of the Kita-Yuri thrust system, one of the largest fault system in northeast Honshu with its total horizontal extension of up to 200 km. For scale, the distance between the Japan Sea coast and the Shinjo Basin ca. 40 km.