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[Memo][bnha][Day-off of the Teachers]

Extracted from SMASH!! Manga - 「先生方の休日 (Day-off of the Teachers)」
Original Tweet Post -  根田啓史  

little side story by Fuuyuki (me):

- That morning.

Mic: Hey!! Eraser yo~~~ It’s day-off!! And it’s a perfect Sunny day outside!! Let’s go out and have funnnnn!!! (Jumping into Eraser’s room)
Eraser: No. I have already got plans with my sleep bag the whole day. (putting some packs of jelly of the floor and sliding into the sleep bag)
Mic: But…I am planning to get us to a new discovered paradise that full of stray cats.
Eraser: …..(Climbing out from the sleeping bag)

20 mins later. Outside a paid fishing ground.

Eraser: Okay, I am heading home. (turn around)
Mic: Wait wait wait!! WAIT!!!!!
Eraser: ….Cats? (doubting with annoyed expression)
Mic: Come on. (Leading the way with exaggerated gestures)

Standing at the grill area where you can grill and eat your catch. Several cats are rolling around and waiting participants to feed them with the freshest fishes ever.  

Eraser: …..(sparkling in eyes)
Mic: HAHA!! It’s Great, isnt it?? IT’s CATS PARADISES!!! (Feeling Proud)
Eraser: ….Where to get the fishing gears? (putting out the wallet)

Then, Shouta Aizawa, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A spent his whole precious day-off, fishing for the lovely stray cats with Present Mic's endless speech under the shinny big sun.



DATE: 2013/10/19  
Summa Cum Laude: Here Comes the Cavalry.

Notes:  This started out as an idea for a one-shot about the pro-heroes’s sports festival as first years, but then I just kept getting idea after idea, so….it’s gonna be a full-length fic now??


Summa Cum Laude: To graduate with the highest honors.

Aizawa spent the better half of his first year at UA watching the hero course from behind a closed door. Even if he gets his wish, he’ll be stuck playing catch up to hero class 1-A’s brightest students. He’ll still be the outsider. What he needs more than anything is for someone to turn his door into a window. And maybe, just maybe, that person is named Yamada Hizashi

Chapter 1: Here Comes the Cavalry

Damn people with physical quirks.

Aizawa couldn’t breathe. His lungs might explode, breaths coming in and out so raggedly that his chest rattled. Sweat dripped into his eyes. The uniform was an oven.

Around him, his classmates - competitors - didn’t show any signs of struggle. Aizawa didn’t recognize anyone in the mass of students. A handful of kids wore strange contraptions or held machines. They must be the support group.

In the middle of the students, a tall girl with long black hair laughed with two boys from her class. One had curly blond hair and sunglasses that slipped down his nose. Even though they just finished an obstacle race, he wasn’t tired at all, fidgeting with his hair or jumping around. The other boy had short, clean-cut black hair and a genuine smile. The sleeves of his uniform were cut open to reveal engine rods. Nemuri Kayama, Yamada Hizashi, and Tensei Iida - who everyone called Tensei. The top three of hero class 1-A. Aizawa didn’t socialize with kids from the hero class, but everyone at UA knew of them. They led their class in everything - best quirks, best in the physical tests, the top three in the entrance exam and the first three finishers of the obstacle course.

Yamada finished first, then Tensei, then Nemuri. Those three had finished while he was still struggling on the second stage of the race.

Aizawa took another look around him, searching for a familiar face. His heart skipped a beat. Was he the only general studies student to make it to the next round?

He was. He supposed that was something he should be proud of, but it was far too close of a call for comfort. Last place. Shameful, really. In his defense, his quirk was powerless against robots but it was no excuse. He’d known for ages that he had to train harder than anyone else if he wanted to succeed.

But it wasn’t hard enough, was it?

It wasn’t hard enough to gain admission into the hero class.

He could have used his quirk to temporarily disable his opponents and gain an edge in the race, but before he had the chance, those damn robots appeared again. Defeating them was his first priority, but without his quirk to use, it took too much time - and energy - to catch up with the rest. He had to sprint to catch up.

Aizawa drew his eyes to the referee’s table. He had to shake the results of the course off if he wanted to have a chance in this next stage. A teacher pointed to the board, shouting to be heard over the unruly students. “The next competition will be a cavalry battle! Please get into groups of four!” As they continued to explain the rules, Aizawa overheard a mocking laugh from the group of three.

“They’re so quiet!” Yamada whispered. At least, Aizawa assumed it was supposed to be a whisper. It came out as a shout. Tensei elbowed Yamada in the ribs to shush him. Of course Yamada would say something like that. His quirk was literally screaming. He’d finished first in the race because he’d used his voice to stun anyone ahead of him.

“You have five minutes to form teams, starting now!” The teacher finished.

Students huddled together, grabbing friends and allies. Aizawa opened his mouth, then closed it. He had no one to go to. No friends. No classmates. He didn’t know anyone, and no one knew him.

A lump rose in his throat. Without a team - a well put together one - there was no way Aizawa could make it into the finals. And if he didn’t make it to the finals….

Bye-bye hero course.

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What affection means to the BnHA characters

 Headcanon spree, anyone?

Here’s some of the favourite ways in which the BnHA characters like to show/be given affection

 Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead):

  • Show: Forehead kisses (I will take this hc to the GRAVE)
  • Be given: Letting him sleep in their lap, maybe have his hair gently petted (actual cat man)

Yamada Hisashi (Present Mic)

  • S: Serenades, with or without boombox held high above his head
  • B: Shoulder massages (his hero gear is heavy on the neck, ok)

Yagi Toshinori (All Might)

  • S/B: Soothing, warm, comforting hugs. It’s alright now. (Dude is a canon hugger).

Kayama Nerumi (Midnight):

  • S: The Butt Grab (preferably in public)
  • B: Oddly enough, she’s very into cutesy things like having them play with her hair

 Asui Tsuyu:

  • S/B: Nose boops (so pure, so innocent)

Aoyama Yuga:

  • S/B: Styling their hair, having joint pampering sessions including face masks and pedicures

Ashido Mina:

  • S/B: Full on make-out sessions

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • S: Reluctantly giving them advice or tutoring
  • B: Having them cheer him on, support him, believe in him

Midoriya Izuku:

  • S: Hand holding
  • B: He probably really wants to be kissed on the lips but he’s a blushing, nervous wreck just thinking about it

Iida Tenya:

  • S: Tiny pecks on the cheek
  • B: Mild body worship. Hands innocently (or not) walking over his muscular arms, fingers appreciating his back, that sort of thing.

Uraraka Ochako:

  • S: Cutesy pecks on the very side of their mouth (she secretly reads shoujou, where she got the idea)
  • B: She really likes having them nozzle her hair because she’s proud of how soft it is and how nice it smells and it makes her feel safe and warm when s/o appreciates what she thinks of as her best feature.

Ojiro Mashirao:

  • S: Nose kisses (this boy is adorable)
  • B: He kinda really likes having his tail pet (it makes him blush as all hell tho)

Kaminari Denki

  • S: Kabe motherf*cking don (it makes him feel cool, help this boy)
  • B: When they grab the front of his shirt to pull him into a kiss

Kirishima Eijirou:

  • S: Hugs from behind and neck kisses
  • B: When they jump into his arms to hug him

Hagakure Tooru:

  • S: Unexpected full body bear hug
  • B: When they snake their arm around her shoulders during walks

Shouji Mezo:

  • S: Really rather awkward with affection so it’s super subtle. It’s in the way he looks at s/o, how his voice becomes just a tad lower when talking to them.
  • B: He would actually love to be the little spoon

Jirou Kyouka:

  • S: Listening to music together, making them mix tapes/playlists
    B: One of these days, she wants someone to write her a song

Sero Hanta:

  • S: The Side Hug
  • B: Having them sit between his legs while watching tv or playing games

Todoroki Shouto: 

  • S: Soft smiles, rapt attention, laughing at their jokes
  • B: He loves it when his s/o is very excitedly telling him stories, even about daily goings-on. The thought that his s/o can be so normal and comfortable around him, and so enthusiastic, fills him with a sense of well-being.

Tokoyami Fumikage:

  • S: Rubbing his forehead on them
  • B: Head scratches (feathers get itchy, my bros)

Kouda Koji:

  • S/B: Sitting quietly, shoulders touching (he just really wants someone who can handle hanging out with him in silence, preferably even be comfortable and content doing so), baby animals are always a plus to this scenario.

Sato Rikido:

  • S/B: Cooking or baking together and how smoothly they can work as a team

Yaoyorozu Momo:

  • S: Nervous smiles and longing glances, soft arm touches
  • B: Hand kisses (she grew up reading and watching a lot of period dramas and it kinda messed with her expectations)

Mineta Minoru:

  • S: Touching their boobs
  • B: Letting him touch their boobs

 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu:

  • S: Sparring, offering to make them stronger, undying and unwavering support
  • B: Those hugs where they lie on the couch together and he can rest his head on their chest and everything is warm and soft

Tamaki Amajiki:

  • S/B: Touching foreheads together

Togata Mirio:

  • S: Rubbing little circles on their thighs, gentle touches and a hand almost casually sneaking under their shirt
  • B: French kissing

Nejire Hado:

  • S: Being endlessly interested in their lives, a barrage of questions until they shut her up with a small kiss
  • B: Rapt attention and endless patience when she talks, until she leans in for a small kiss.

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • S: Nose kisses
  • B: Having them card their fingers through his hair

Hatsume Mei:

  • S/B: Trying out her babies with them (she just really wants someone to share in her enthusiasm, engineering skills are a plus, but not a necessity)



  • S/B: Burning villages together like some old timey duo of Apocalyptic horsemen / a superpowered Bonnie and Clyde

Toga Himmiko:

  • S/B: Matching skins! (like outfits only… you know)


DATE: 2013/10/25


DATE: 2013/10/26

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