yamada hisashi


Nico Nico Kuni Kaigi Day 1
After asking if anyone was watching Miume for the first time today
Yamada Hisashi: Remember her, remember her! My girlfriend, my girlfriend (in English). *laugh* They tell me off right away!
Miume: “Don’t mess around!”
Yamada Hisashi: “Don’t mess around!”


Nico Nico Kuni Kaigi Day 1
Yamada Hisashi
: What was that move that you did that made everyone cheer the most? What was it, what was it? One more time, one more time.
Miume: *dances*
Yamada Hisashi: That’s it! That’s it! Everyone, you do it, too! You do it, too! *dances with her*
Miki: Can you do it, too, everyone? Like this, together.
Yamada Hisashi: Together, together! Am I doing it wrong? Am I doing it wrong? I was doing it just like she was! Was I doing it wrong?
Some people in the audience: That was wrong!
Yamada Hisashi: It was wrong. *laugh* That’s weird. They’re unsparing. The people of Singapore are unsparing.
(Anything in italics was spoken in English)