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we get a lot of smut and relationship stuff here so what about somethin different. got any headcanons for how various characters might dance or dance styles they prefer?

Im assuming I get to choose here?? sorry its a mess LOL

Bakugou Katsuki …he’d be into tango. I want to tango with spicy ass Bakugou???

Midoriya Izuku Is into tap dancing! It’s so fun!

Fumikage Tokoyami Im sorry I really tried to resist

Mina Ashido and Uraraka Ochaco both do lots of Jpop. Mina knows every kyary pamyu pamyu dance by heart and Ochaco is an avid fan of the older H!P dances (Sorry I love Tachiagirl)

Present Mic has learned at least one Beyonce routine

Yaoyorozu Momo does ballet sometimes!! It’s relaxing.

Kirishima Eijirou and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Have been to a mosh pit. “Thats a dance right??” says Tetsu

All Might Is the square dance champion (yehaw)


Decided to throw them all in one post rather than spamming you guys with individual posts.

1- Present Mic is a good screamboy and fun to draw.

2- I ship “opposites attract”  too much…fight me…

3- More…erasermic? present head???hizawa?????????????? they understand eachother…..

4- A cute All Might, I just wanted to draw my angular dad with his hair up.

5- and Aizawa being a wine dad because of course.


some twitter BNHA warmup doodles from the past couple days, most of which i had to painstakingly edit out my twitter name from and replace it with my tumblr handle bc I D IDN’T. SAVE. ANY RAW FILES LIKE AN IDIOT. way to go me. 

i rly like drawing bokuaca tho, i feel like it fits my style really well!

(please don’t repost/use without permission)

EDIT: oh, and an extra all might: