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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. :D <3

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Hina Yamada

1. She was planning to become a doctor when she was young, because she always wanted to help people out, especially children. She even applied to college as a biology major. However, that was when she realized that even though she is smart enough to pass her classes otherwise, she is a bit too squeamish for some things involved in both medicine and biology. So,  rather sad, she ended up switching majors to anthropology.

2. Which is where she actually found her love of antiques. And where she figured out that she is really interested in history of human development.

3. She met her late husband Shiro in college- he was also an anthropology student. And her sister instantly decided she wanted to date him, which didn’t really lead anywhere- the guy only had eyes for Hina. This did put a strain on the relationship between the sisters.

4. She is very business savvy. When she first got the idea to start her book store, everyone around her said the place won’t take off. After all, so many small shops go out of business every year. But she made the shop not only popular, but profitable. Mostly because she is really good at finding things that will interest the buyers.

5. Ever since her husband’s passing, she hasn’t really had any other serious relationship. Mostly because she always compares any potential date to Shiro and because she’s gotten really used to doing things by herself. 

Kimimachi Terminal - Aomiya Kara [Emisión]

Todos los días, Yamada pedalea junto al autobús de Miyama para ir al colegio, y este no es capaz de concentrarse en la conducción debido a la mirada insistente de Yamada. Sin embargo, cuando conoce a Yamada en las calles en su día de descanso, Yamada desvió la mirada …

Solía ser algo molesto e irritante, pero antes de que Miyama se percatara, supo que era incapaz de ignorar la existencia de Yamada.

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top 10 mangas I stopped reading for good

after seeing how bleach ended in my dash, I’m tempted to do a list of mangas I stopped reading due to lack of interest

  1. Bleach. I stopped at chapter 471, after Aizen defeat I thought it was the right time for the author to finishi it, but never happened so i quit.
  2. Hunter x Hunter. quit at 348, It was probaby the hiatus that took all my interest of reading it again.
  3. Freezing. left it at 147, bringing very overpowered enemies out of the blue that kills the strongest in the world is a very used concept, but in this manga made me quit. and I am very close to stop reading Nanatsu no taizai for the same reason.
  4. Yamada-kun to 7nin no maho. 139. this should’ve ended after Yamada broke the curse, dragging the series unnecesarily made me stop.
  5. Fuuka. I lasted 17 chapters before I was annoyed by the Fuuka character, I’ve read spoilers saying she died, but it’s not a reason to keep reading it.
  6. Kimi ni todoke. 78 chapters were enough for me, I felt the story was going nowhere. but I would read it again after it finally ends.
  7. Rosario to Vampire season 2. 46 chapters. season 1 was good, but the second was'nt as good so I stopped, I may read it again but the probability is less than 5%.
  8. Kuroko no Basket. 61 chapters until I realized this was going to become another super powers in sports manga. I was expecting something like slam dunk.
  9. Denpa Kyoushi. 102 chapters, the manga took a change that I didn’t like and that was it.
  10. Horimiya. 46 chapters. It was good, I just thought it was going to end after they became a couple, but it didn’t, and nothing was changing so it was like a routine so I put it on hold, I may continue reading this in the future.