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Voice Isolation Track of 3.14 (Sangatsu Juuyokka~Tokei)
Yamada Ryosuke, Okamoto Keito, Hey! Say! JUMP
 Voice Isolation Track of 3.14 (Sangatsu Juuyokka~Tokei)

Voice Isolation Track of 3.14 (Sangatsu Juuyokka~Tokei) by Yama-chan and Keito  from Jumping Car, Limited Edition 2

Prepare yourself for the beauty of his voice–it’s a sweet treat for your White Day! <3

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TsukkiYama for the ship ask?


  • Who is the restless sleeper?: Yamaguchi probably. I can imagine him tossing and turning and just clinging onto the closest thing he can get his sweaty hands on exhibit A is Tsukishima Kei
  • Who eats cereal for dinner? tSUKKI THO LIKE he can’t cook for shit and when Yama goes home late from work or something he just catches tsukki in front of the fridge with a bowl in hand like u bet ur ass that’s not his first bowl of cereal
  • Who wears odd socks? tsukishima kei with dinosaur ankle socks
  • Who reads more? they both probably read as much as the other. yama would have a collection of novels ranging from sweet romance to psychological horror that’ll make you piss your pants tsukki stays away from that part of the bookshelf. tsukki would have different kinds of encyclopedias and yknow those books with useless but interesting facts on them????? yeah
  • Who prefers a bath over a shower? Yamaguchi could stay in the bathroom fOR HOURS just because he likes soaking in the tub with bubbles and stuff
  • Who can knit? Yamaguchi probably???? who do u think knitted those dinosaur ankle socks
  • Who has the weirder laugh? YAMAGUCHI LIKE CAN U IMAGINE HIM SNORTING WHILE HE LAUGHS AND HE GETS EMBARRASSED and tsukki is always “wow dang that’s cute” so he would always attempt to make jokes and just generally make yamaguchi laugh just to hear that dork giggle but imagine one day tsukki attempts to tickle him anD YAMA PUNCHES HIM IN THE FA CE
  • Who gets more jealous? u bet ur ass it’s tsukishima kei
  • Who sleeps with a teddy bear? tsukki is like the biggest teddy bear ever so yama
  • Who still uses internet explorer? TSUKKI GOD PLS INSTALL CHROME LIKE A NORMAL PERS ON
  • Who is the most sentimental? Surprisingly, Tsukishima. Of course Yamaguchi would be sentimental in his own way too, but tsukki would probably just spend his days off lazying around and looking at photo albums of him and yama and probably the rest of karasuno too and just get “yep yeah i got a good life going on here” idk but yeah
  • Who can play an instrument? Akiteru knows how to play guitar and he taught Tsukki how to play and Tsukki serenades yama a lot i will fight you for this
  • Who has the worst sense of direction? TSUKISHI M A KEI
  • Who cooks breakfast? Yamaguchiiii because the last time he let tsukki in his kitchen the sink caught on fire
  • Who is the early riser? I feel like they would fight for this like they try to wake ealier than the other. Yama would wake up first just to make sure Tsukki won’t attempt to make him breakfast and Tsukki wouldn’t be a morning person at all but he tries to wake up earlier than yama so he could use the bathroom first gee z

I was bored, and with the new school unis and some of my other outfits got updated a bit, I decided to update my old post.

Still just a tad bit more dying to do. cough celtic hats and lonely box of new school uni stuff

and don’t mind those pixel’d boxes it’s just pet rev kits and phoenix feathers/bandages bc i was an overprepared, paranoid noob

i should make an outfit compilation post some day AHAHAH /shoots self