yam rambles

  • Me: *Prepares a candle lit dinner for my boyfriend, not forgetting to lay some flower petals on there too for effect. My makeup is already done in a manner that is not only seductive, but also elegant. I am now ready for him. As he walks into the room, I sprawl myself across the table romantically and whisper those three all important words so only he can hear*
  • Me: Karabita is canon

oikawa only catches pokemon that he thinks are cute and also loves buying merch

iwaizumi is a really casual player and was honestly just trying to do his grocery shopping but got roped into oikawa’s antics

here is part 1 and part 2 with the other boys!! i was debating what team these two would be on and i think it would be valor?? but maybe mystic? idk what do you guys think let me know!

“but I too have grown to be able to give you a helping hand now.”

yams oh my gosh

What’s kinda sad about fe14 in my opinion is, that relationships just..don’t matter in the main plot. (Except for the preventing Kaze’s death thing in birthright)

Like in awakening we had things like if lucina was your daughter (or your wife) certain cutscenes changed, and like overall depending on who was chroms wife, scenes changed. 

But like?? I married Scarlet in Revelations and when she died my character was like ‘How am I gonna tell Ryoma’. Like…. SHE WAS YOUR WIFE, not Ryoma’s. I don’t know but… i just feel that’s… really weak. 

I also just realized that i didn’t watch any anime this season. Like ye, the digimon tri movie but. you know what i mean

I read the manga of interviews with monster girls aaand i kinda wanted to watch meidoragon but?? Honestly what i get from my dash is enough enjoyment and everything else i don’t need.

I should definitely watch Rakugo Shinjuu tho. Definitely. I only watched ep 1…. I hope season 2 is not a letdown after season one