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Learning about Chibita’s character in Osomatsu-Kun makes me happy because despite simplifying him in -San they still give him everything he ever wanted and he deserves it. He has a job, a place to live, and all the oden he could ever eat (and… bathe in?). I’m so pleased they didn’t go for the easy option, turning him into another Iyami

oikawa only catches pokemon that he thinks are cute and also loves buying merch

iwaizumi is a really casual player and was honestly just trying to do his grocery shopping but got roped into oikawa’s antics

here is part 1 and part 2 with the other boys!! i was debating what team these two would be on and i think it would be valor?? but maybe mystic? idk what do you guys think let me know!

Another dumbass Chrobin au/idea: Frederick and Tharja team up to prevent Chrom and Robin from falling in love with each other

Frederick doing it because he doesn’t want his lord marrying some hobo??? they found unconscious?? Also they’re in a war against Plegia how bad would it be for Chrom’s image to mARRY A PLEGIAN

Tharja doing it because Robin is hers and no one can touch her beloved 

In the end everything Tharja and Frederick does makes Chrom and Robin closer than ever and they freAK out. They also get caught and realize this whole plan was dumb. 

“but I too have grown to be able to give you a helping hand now.”

yams oh my gosh

Some Sleepy Tsukkiyams Headcanons

Just some cute Tsukkiyama headcanons that I came up with when I should’ve been sleeping… .

  • Tsukki sleeps with a single quilt; nothing more, nothing less
  • Yams’ bed is covered, and I mean COVERED, in blanks, like millions of them. Comforters, throw blankets, quilts, sheets, and any other blanket he can find in his house that’s not in use.
  • Yams has a queen size bed and Tsukki only has a twin
  • Tsukki’s feet hang off the end of his bed
  • Tsukki secretly loves cuddling only with yams and it’s make him super sleepy
  • Sleepy Tsukki is affectionate Tsukki
  • Even though Tsukki’s bed is like fucking tiny, they still manage to squeeze in together (Mrs. Tsukishima smirks every time when she sees the unused futon)
  • Whenever Yamaguchi is over Tsukki always makes an exception to his one quilt rule
  • Yamaguchi turns his bed into a giant nest of blankets
  • Sleepovers at the Tsukishima household is basically just them cuddling in Tsukki’s bed and watching Pokemon
  • Even though Yams’ bed practically fills up his whole room, they only take up like half of it (to achieve maximum closeness)
  • Yamaguchi is always cold and Tsukki is always hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so the temperature under the millions of blankets doesn’t get too uncomfortable
  • When they cuddle Yams just rambles on about something insignificant and Tsukki braids his hair
  • Tsukki is like really good at braiding
  • When Yams feeling self conscious or anxious Tsukki will hold him extra close and list all the things he loves about Yamaguchi
  • Yamaguchi is the only person Tsukki feels comfortable touching him
  • When they’re tired, Tsukki gets really affectionate but Yams gets really giggly so lots of tickling and soft kisses ensue
  • They’re favorite shows to watch together are Pokemon and Mythbusters (fucking nerds)
  • Tsukki gets really bad nightmares a lot, like really bad tear worthy
  • Yams pulls him to his chest and lets him cry as he plays with his hair and whispers softly to him, reassuring him it was just a dream
  • Yams HATES waking up in the morning so Tsukki always kisses him awake and eventually has to carry him out of bed (tickling may or may not be involved)
  • Tsukki usually wakes up before Yams
  • When Yams has something stressful that day, he wakes up really early
  • When Yams is stressed and can’t sleep Tsukki forces him to watch boring as hell dinosaur documentaries until he falls asleep (he’s out after like 5 minutes)

Jesus this has been in my drafts for ever, but I hope you guys enjoyed them. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing more headcanons because I have a lot of ideas. 

Bakery AU

Every time I scan a ciabatta through my till at work I think of Chibita, so now I need me a fic where Chibita loves bread and the brothers call him “Ciabatta” when they’re being little shits. He works his ass off to open a bakery and then basically the same hijinks occur as in the show. However Chibita can never get his sweet treats to work, so his store feels somewhat incomplete.

Then it is revealed that Karamatsu secretly bakes cakes. A friendship forms (and finally a way to pay off his debt)