its. 👏 just. 👏 ri- 👏 dick- 👏 ulous. 👏 how. 👏 much. 👏 im. 👏 in. 👏 my. 👏 feelins. 👏 rn. 👏 because. 👏 of. 👏 richonne!! 👏 this ship is so great fam its just exceeding all my expectations!!.  the significance of this ship, what it means, YALL know what it means. and all that just means so much more because I was just sitting here thinking that we are so blessed because yall!!! TPTB on TWD killed not one, but TWO white women so that Rick could be with Michonne!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! they done killed ricks actual physical wife (lori’s bitch ass) and the actual character he gets with in the comics (bitchass dumbass annoying ass stupidmotherfuckin ass andrea) on the tv show so that Michonne could be with her motherfucking destineyed ass Rick!!! HOLY SHIT YALL AS IM TYPING THIS I JUST REALIZED THIS SHOW HAS ACTUALY DONE KILLED MOTHERFUCKING 3 WHITE WOMEN. Biiiiitttchhh! I done completely forgot about Jessie’s lil insignificant ass HA! hahahahah NO ONE DOES THAT!! shit yal we fucking blessed. Bitch this show don killed 3 WHITE WOMEN YALL!! so that Rick the motherfucking main character could be with the beautiful badass dark complexioned ass take no shit ass strike you whole family genes away with a Katana ass Michonne. We Blessed Yall. HAAAAAAA! #stayprayedup! #stayblessed #haterstothealexandriaNOTsafezone. Gimple: YESS man!!! i fux wit you boo.



it took a million years (and layers) but I’m officially done with my zine piece for the @mrraculouszine!! hope you guys enjoy these smol previews! now excuse me while I go get feeling back in my hands ;v;

like tumblr is getting better but yall still fetishize fictional black women in a such away that you *think* gets you social justice points because ‘wow look at this goddess omg flawless yaass slay destroy me’ but its all still surface level and pandering bs and its sad. and yall are afraid to point out the flaws in these women bc u ‘dont wanna get dragged’ and i c yall

its actually lowkey offensive to suggest that these women need to be flawless fierce warriors at all times without any depth or variance or nuance. its like Exotification Lite ™ lmao


so its been about a month since ive last posted something!! been super busy n shit but u kno… anyway this time – ITS A REQUEST!! thank you so much for requesting this @atleastmyblogiscute​ it was fun and super hilarious to make

as per usual, requests are open!! 
might get around to doing them in a month or so tho… haha jk (not really)