yall sleeping on it tho

This isn’t really a 100 days of productivity post but I just wanted to share cos I’m proud of myself?

Today during team training we did strongman stuff for funsies (I do powerlifting and crossfit but yeah) and I was able to do a 270 pound yoke walk! The last time I tried I couldn’t even lift the yoke (which is 170 pounds) so I’m really happy :)

Then later on I was watching videos in French, and when my mum came to my room and asked me a question I just started talking in French? I was really tired so there were probably loads of mistakes, but it just flowed so naturally and I was like say what?! It was really exciting. Unfortunately my mum doesn’t speak French so I had to repeat everything, but hey ho it was cool.

Anddd I applied to more jobs today. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I start hearing back from places soon. As nice as this break was after graduation, I’m really itching to do engineering stuff again 🤓

I know I’m behind 2 weeks or so, I’m sorry~ Uni won’t let me breathe ‘till now that I’m finishing my semester, I promise to work hard on this thing and probably yall will get 3 pages this week if everything goes fine and if I don’t lose my motivation :3c so, wait for news and updates! probably you can see some wips on my twitter or snapchat~

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Can you do 18 and 20 for Ziall?

Zayn had been speechless when he’d first found out, but there was undeniable proof in front of him, the horror in Niall’s eyes when Zayn pushed open the door to the basement of Niall’s parents’ house, the frisson of Niall’s skin as the change was forced through his body by the full moon high in the sky, and the wolf he’d turned into afterwards, the mournful howl that had left his throat when Zayn had tripped backwards up the stairs and slammed the basement door shut.

Zayn had stayed on the other side of the door for the entire night, until the wolf - until Niall’s yipping and the scrap of talons against wood turned into human hiccups and the thud of Niall’s fist against the floor.

“I didn’t want you to find out, not like that.” Niall had sobbed, and Zayn couldn’t figure out why he was crying, whether he didn’t want to tell Zayn in that way or, maybe, just not at all. Either way, Niall sounded distraught as he shoved his fingers through the seam under the door, blunt nails reaching out while he said, “Zayn, please,”

And Zayn had wanted to pull away, god, he wanted to run. But, it was Niall on the other side of that door, Niall reaching for him like he used to through the bars of his crib when they were supposed to be sleeping at nap time, Niall reaching for him like he had on his first day of elementary school despite the fact that they were in different grades, Niall reaching out for him like he did when he had his first kiss even though it wasn’t Zayn his lips were pressed against.

“Step back,” Zayn had said, his voice hoarse, but he didn’t know if it was from disuse, or from stress, or from something else entirely.

Niall’s fingers had disappeared and Zayn opened the door, barely two seconds in between that and having his arms full of Niall, naked to his skin and splotched all red, but whole, like he had been yesterday. He was the same person, ultimately. Zayn spent a lot of the first weeks after that full moon trying to remember that.

Years later though, it’s all old hat, Zayn watching from his car as Niall bids his father goodbye, takes a deep breath of the summer night air before pouncing over and wrapping Zayn in a hug, scenting Zayn’s throat in a not so subtle way.

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