yall should go read it the characters and the art and everything is just so good


William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

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anonymous asked:

I don't wanna call it too soon but this is the CUTEST PHIL LS maybe ever. Can't wait for you to say a little on it (especially re his many verbal eyerolls at chat, and the cat paintings...)

ughhhh yes there were definitely so, so many cute little anecdotes and jokes, and a lot of interesting tidbits that i took note of while watching: 

  • he opens the show by saying that he “welcomes” people calling him dad and appreciates all the father’s day messages. amazing
  • he bought his own dad a tasting selection of jams and marmalades which immediately made me irate bc it sounds like the perf gift for my father except i would never think of it bc i’m not as creative as phil ugh. phil probs buys everyone the best presents and i’m envious of people who are good at that
  • i loled at the fact that some vintage family drama sent like nine of phil’s great uncles to australia why is that so funny. also hearing re-confirmation of just how huge phil’s family is was kind of refreshing
  • the whole centipede anecdote killed me omg jst the image of phil freaking out and calling dan into the room (whether it was in his bedroom or somewhere else, i don’t rly feel like weighing in on that debate) and then dan obviously proceeding to freak out even more than phil (which we can very vividly picture based on his reactions in the piece of art that is phil lester vs. praying mantis.) it was just such a cute story lmao, i loved the way that phil called the bug a creepy crawly and said, ‘dan’s not a fan of those creepy crawlies either’ ughghghghhh. and i love that phil is definitely forever and always going to be the designated bug-catcher in their house even though he’s scared of bugs too, jst bc dan is always too busy having an actual breakdown any time he sees an insect
  • the random interjection of him screaming ‘bear’ from the bear kayak video made me lol
  • when he’s talking about bryony’s cat paintings and says he and dan are the only ppl who like them, i like that they pretty much always share tastes in everything, be less conjoined pls 
  • him narrating his thought process when he bought the fairy light twigs: ‘what i need in my life is some light-up sticks’
  • his plan to change up the dresser trinkets for every video is interesting and referring to the setup as a ‘tableau’ lmao–as i’ve said multiple times i don’t believe this room is his primary living quarters so i def took this idea to change up the background every time he films as further confirmation that this room is basically a set 
  • martyn has been in a ‘plane incident’ at one point in his life, didn’t know that
  • the way he talked about louise’s baby was so cuteeeee, his huge grin, the way he immediately went into a higher pitched voice, cheeky suggesting ‘phil’ as a name and then saying philippa could be a boy’s name but getting a bit nervous to make the general point about not needing to gender names and just saying ‘i mean’ a lot and giggling. then his feigned indignation when someone suggested ‘daniel’ lol he’s cute
  • learning dil was pregnant made him want to ‘rip his face off’ ok calm down mate
  • the fidget spinner omg: the way that he needed to make clear that it was no ‘2 pound friend present’ lmao i read this as him jokingly being a bit salty that dan didn’t appreciate all of the time and effort and ‘good money’ he put into this loving and thoughtful gift ahhaha. it was jst such a comfortable and warm little comment i loved it. and i love that he thinks it’s beautiful bc of the colors and i was lit dying at the whole story of him lying on the floor and trying to show off to dan that he could balance it on his nose and then utterly failing. adds more context to the way that dan was so fond last week when he talked about phil injuring himself with it
  • he doesn’t like killing animals, and always finds a way to trap them and throw them outside 
  • when someone asks him to give them a nickname and he comes up with, ‘ma more like mars expedition’.. wtf he’s adorable
  • kath could ‘open a brownie farm’ PHIL PLS 
  • ‘stop calling me dad though bc it’s inappropriate,’ he says with a barely concealed smile as he complies with everyone’s wishes to clean them. why does he love being called dad i need to lie down 
  • traditional lester thing is to get fish and chips when they’re all together
  • his sheer excitement about wonder woman was amazing omg. ‘she kicks so much butt but she has a personality and more movies should be made with a woman as the main character like that’ yAS phil 
  • thoughts on chris pine: he originally jst says he’s ‘funny’ but then when someone in the chat says ‘chris pine is fricking hot,’ he basically agrees and adds that he is ‘distracting’ and ‘radiating out of his face … what is that face? how do you achieve such a face?’ fucking amazing.
  • he always finds coins that are from 1997 lmao only he would notice that and think it’s some secret conspiracy by the universe jst to fuck with him
  • this week’s beauty tips:
    • change your face wash every 3-4 months because your face gets used to it. also you might want your face to smell like something different (his face currently smells of tree sap)
    • don’t spray hair spray directly into your mouth bc it tastes really bad and probably isn’t good for your health
    • drink lots of water (again)
    • put tea bags on your eyes and the caffeine will make you feel more energized and also you’ll look beautiful with teabags on your eyes
  • i’m certain that phil giggling, ‘but they’ve seen it from space and it’s a globe!’ single-handedly debunked the flat earth conspiracy
  • he goes ‘poot’ when he sprays febreze,,,, jesus christ. also of course he had a vanilla cupcake scented air freshener once,,,, have i mentioned that i am so fucking in love with phil jesUS 
  • his spon of dan’s vid was interesting to me, he kind of seemed to think of it at the very last moment even after he’d said goodbye to a bunch of people, and focused more on sponning it than sponning his own vid or anything from the gaming channel. he said it was ‘very funny’ which i’ll admit only added to my confusion about the objective or intention of dan’s video bc it didn’t strike me as trying to be comedic in any way. i wonder if phil genuinely found it funny and what he liked about it hahah, i honestly would pay for him to give it an honest review
  • his lil meows at the end before he clicked out were v pure i adore him

ya i love phil, ik it’s breaking news to yall but i really, really do. his live shows are always exactly what i need and he makes me so happy 

(phil live show: giant centipede attack - 6.18.17)

davey x reader college au headcanons

still working on the fanfic, just wanted to get these out today because i have a lot of feelings and ben fankhauser is the love of my life

-The first time Davey sees you is in Intro to Government, the first class of your first day at university

-He’s a political science major, with focus in English

-He was very nervous about starting college. He had been on campus for a week already but besides his art major roommate and the rest of the guys in his dorm hall, he didn’t know anyone. You on the other hand, were excited to meet new people and have a fresh start

-You were both so nervous because you had heard the professor had a reputation for being a hardass that the two of you had gotten to the building before was even unlocked

-You introduced yourself to him, and he could barely do anything but smile and nod. You were the cutest person he’d ever seen in his life !!

-Not wanting to stand for the 20 Minutes, you suggested the two of you sit down on a nearby park bench

-He followed you, super confused

-like, here was the most beautiful person he’d ever see, and you actually wanted to talk to him and sit next to him


-As you two begin to swap stories about high school and your hometowns, you start to see just how much you have in common

-You offhandedly mentioned your favorite book character, and he could of married you on the spot because it was his too

-he couldn’t help but notice how you played with your hair and how you grinned as you laughed like the most perfect ball of sunshine had been made into a tiny little human

-and you couldn’t stop watching the way he moved his hands when he talked or how his eyes sparkled when you mentioned literature

-The two of you could have stayed on the bench talking for forever, but the professor arrived and thus began your first class

-the minute class was over, you asked him if he’d like to study some time together for this class, as you know it would probably be the hardest class of your semester and he immediately agreed, admiring how on top of everything you were

-Studying for the first test involved hesitantly correcting each other and trying your hardest to eat properly and take perfect notes

-but one test quickly became multiple tests, and then it was every Thursday night

-Now it was deciphering scribbled notes and seeing who could intake more caffeine a day, yelling over each other trying to formulate answers to the homework

-It became you sprawled out on his bed listening to him recite essays and speeches that gave you goosebumps because damn that boy could write

-and him hosting Netflix nights when you just needed to relax, letting you cry into him when the stress was just too much

-Jack came in multiple occasions to find you two laying besides each other trying to keep distance between your hands and his, laughing about how yall should just hook up already. You both laughed, but you were both blushing

-Jack and the gang love you btw, the first time they met you they were searching the library for Davey, and tried to pull him out of his studies to go to a party

-when they finally find the secluded area you two were sat, the boys were shocked at how “Daveys study date” was actually gorgeous and funny and a great addition to the group

-Davey had refused to go because “Jack who in their right mind throws a rager on a Thursday night”

-But you convinced him to go hang out with his friends and he only went because he brought you along with him

-the boys liked to make fun of you for being as big of a nerd as Davey, but your wit could match Jacks and it was obvious how happy you made Davey so you began to hang out with the gang

-The first time Davey got an F on a test, he just stayed in his dorm the rest of the night just staring at the ceiling mad at himself for not doing enough

-Jack texted you because nothing he was doing was helping, and so you trekked across campus, hands full with Daveys favorite snacks from the dining hall and your favorite book that you had picked up from the bookstore for him

-You walk in to find him laying on his bed just staring at nothing

-so you just kinda hop on up and not saying anything, wrap your arms around him and put your head on his chest

-You stay like that for a moment, worried you might be crossing a line, but eventually he pulls you closer and wraps his arms around your waist and closes his eyes, breathing deep into your hair

-the two of you stay like that in silence until you both fall asleep

-because that’s how the two of you were, you didn’t need to talk. You understood each other more than yourselves. You were each other’s biggest competition but even bigger supporters. You were best friends who were in love and that was fine enough for the both of you

-when you woke up, you met his eyes and they were so full of love you could have died right there in his arms

-He quietly said thank you, and you responded by snuggling into his neck. The two of you stayed like that until morning, just making sure he felt loved. And boy did he feel loved.

-So now cuddles are a very common thing between you when one of you has a bad day. Or a good day. Or any day really

-you two were so close now that personal space wasn’t really a thing. You finished each other’s sentences, it was like you were psychically linked at some points and you knew things about him that no one else did

-in conclusion you two were in love and im emotional

this sets up my requested fanfiction that will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned for that! thank you for reading and please request!!

Fanfiction Author Appreciation 2.0

So, I heard it was fanfiction author appreciation day again, so you know what that means: FANFIC AND AUTHOR RECS!!

So, I’ve joined a whole buncha fandoms since my last post, so there’s even more love and appreciation to go around this time.

Shoutout to everyone from last year’s post, which you can find here. I still love y’all, you’re the best! <3

With all that said, let’s get to it!

Boku no Hero Academia:

@saisai-chan her love for bakugou katsuki is only matched by kacchan’s anger at life. s’kinda like icarus flying to close to the sun. a very angry, spiky son. best known as Baku mom™, she writes beautiful, cute (but sometimes painful) fanfics that you can’t help but love. also, toshinko. and cute class 1-a family things. also found here, a forever love for kacchan’s sideburns.

@sevi007 smile again au has held my heart since i got into this fandom. read it, love it, cry with me about it. also writes guardian of the galaxy fanfics (but i still need to watch the movies, so i haven’t read them, don’t worry, sevi i’m gonna get to them eventually.)

@aoimikans and @swiftwidget TOSHINOUMU. I could wax poetic about the i am…series for hours but i’ll spare you this time and just link it down below.

@forgedobsidian I STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU FOR CYCLAMEN but no for real forged’s fics are breathtaking and everyone should read them, specially if you love character introspection.

Hunter x Hunter:

@zenellyraen l is te n I aM CALLING YOU OUT! SHIMMER IN YOUR SHINE HAS CAUSED ME PHYSICAL PAIN I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. But like that fic is really good and yall should read it. Also *whispers* let leorio be the dragon2k17.

@xyliane so like i’ve read all your fics and like everytime i’m just like this is everything i have ever wanted ever. you’re brilliant, and i love your leopika.

@tastewithouttalent i first found them through haikyuu *cough* ukatake *cough* but your hxh fics are also vv brilliant, once again, especially the leopika. Epilogue still hurts me but in a good way.

Haikyuu (especially things that are Tanaka Ryuunosuke related):

@rvuunosuke i live for all things tanaka and that’s basically what made me a forever fan. if you ever feel like there’s not enough tanaka content in your life (spoiler alert: there ain’t, everyone could use more tanaka) follow them. immediately. plus tanahina.

@notsuchasecret my go to for rare pairs. esp tanaka rare pairs. it’s so beautiful honestly. also i might be multishipping trash so there’s that. i ship everyone with everyone and so finding them was perfect for me.

once again, @tastewithouttalent UKATAKE!! Ukatake everywhere! Also other ships if that ain’t your thing. but really some seriously great fics.

Marvel (pretty much anything Sam Wilson related tbh):

@lunaaltare and @unclesteeb all imma say is buckboi. y’all know what y’all did. but you’re great anyway. luna i love your art!

Daiya no Ace:

@galaxyorbit i’m just in love with all the verses and the neverending fight for eijun’s love, although some of these can be painful (y’all are rude for some of these verses but i read them and love them anyway). beautiful fics 11/10 would recommend

That’s pretty much all I can think of as far as author recs go, so let’s get into those fic recs! These’ll probably be longer since there are fandoms that i’m into that i haven’t really talked about on tumblr, but have read a ton of fic for plus some updates for some older fandoms:

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anonymous asked:

Opinion on serobaku and serokiri?

SeroBaku kills me in the sweetest way and SeroKiri brings me back to life when I feel dead inside and SeroBakuKiri is like heaven on earth tbh I love those ships they make me feel warm !!!

Anon said: Yes but i loved minas hair like that??? So either ur hair is also p good or ur art is just that great n I’m %99 sure that it’s both, also r u ever planning to post a picture of urself?? ? I’m sorry if this question makes u uncomfortable, have a nice day!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!!!! And pictures aren’t really my thing so that’s probably not gonna happen, but I assure you you’re not missing anything by not seeing me, anon hahaha

Anon said: Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ilu

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(o♡o)/  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anon said: Imagine Bakugo drawing pictures of his squad without them noticing. Like Kiri looking out a window or mina and Denki trying their best to study or sero scrolling on his phone. I wonder how they would react to finding his sketch book

I’m sobbing this is so nice ;A; Sero and Kaminari’s reaction would probably be along the lines of “how is this guy good at everything” haha I like the headcanon of Mina drawing too so her reaction would be a bit different, probably, but still very very awed 

meanwhile Kiri is on the ground dying

(Kiri is me)

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johndave fic recs!!

(attempt #2, since, being the awfully talented individual that i am, i managed to delete the first one, after hours of work! yay!)

its always made me kind of sad that with davejohn fic rec lists, ppl usually tend to rec the same stuff over and over again. and, dont get me wrong! i know the classics are classics for a reason, duh, ive read most of them and love them, but!! to me fic rec lists mean introducing people to lesser-known-but-still-amazing works! so thats what im going to do right now, heheh.

(u might notice that the majority of these are fluffy as heck. no angst here. nuh uh. angst is Bad)

(also, no ongoing fics in here!)

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hi my name is taylor and i’m completely fed up with (some of) this fandom.

here’s why (and excuse my rambling, i can’t help it):

i joined this fandom in november 2014. season 2 of the 100 had just begun, and i was so happy to be in an environment where people got along (i came from the les mis fandom, people fought… a lot), and supported each other for the most part. there were a few bad eggs, and a few big fights, but nothing that would scare off an innocent newbie like myself, so i settled in and started making gifs, writing meta posts, writing poetry and making friends with some lovely people. mind you, i shipped bellarke from the beginning, because 1x08 made me really fall in love with the two of them and i binged all of season 1 before even venturing into the fandom on tumblr. so, i knew before i even met anyone or read anything that those two were my pairing, i loved them even if they weren’t canon, and everyone seemed to acknowledge that their relationship was something special, even if they didn’t ship them romantically. things were good. tumblr, for me, was a safe, happy place that i could turn to at the end of the day and ‘hang out’ with my friends. and then 2x05 happened.

when lexa appeared and revealed herself as the commander, i thought it was fucking awesome. AWESOME. more badass female characters, HBICs that are not going to take any of your bullshit and will slit your throat without blinking. yes. i am here for that. everything was fine and dandy until the season began to progress and clarke and lexa’s relationship became more and more involved. never ONCE did i have an issue with clarke and lexa becoming involved romantically (especially not because i shipped something different), but one major issue did begin to surface. people that shipped clarke and lexa, better known to the fandom as clexa, started to take on this idea that bellarke shippers were less than they were because their ship was canon. I GET IT. I REALLY DO. your ship has become real, all the heart eyes and longing stares came to a beautiful culmination that was the clexa kiss in bodyguard of lies, IT WAS GREAT. bisexual representation!!!!! yes! hallelujah for rothenberg and shumway and all the other people that made this happen and brought this character to life. clarke griffin represents a body of people that are rarely acknowledged and that’s beautiful. CLARKE AND LEXA TOGETHER IS NOT THE ISSUE WHATSOEVER. 

(some of the) clarke and lexa shippers, however, are.

the amount of hate, condescension and pure cruelty i’ve seen from that side of the fandom in relation to bellarke shippers is absolutely ridiculous. i can completely understand and agree with the fact that some bellarke shippers are overzealous and abrasive, as that happens with every. single. fandom. in the world. but that doesn’t fucking matter. that doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone feel stupid or less than because they like something you don’t like. bellarke shippers, who make up a HUGE fraction of this fandom, are constantly being belittled and spoken to like we are all fucking children who can’t understand the ~complexity that is clexa. give me a fucking break. these people spend their time and dedicate a portion of their lives to this show and making art and gifs and other things because they love it. 

by making them feel stupid and childish for shipping that pairing, you are ruining and tainting something that they love

what happens when too many people tell you that you’re stupid? or childish? or a heternormative dumbfuck who doesn’t want to see queer representation on a network television show? people stop loving the thing they used to love because they are sick and tired of being bullied

i’m 23 fucking years old and i feel bullied on this website almost every time i log on. it is not okay for fellow fans to behave this way, it is ABSOLUTELY not okay for the writers to behave this way and inadvertently ‘squad up’ with the people that are making others in this fandom feel like shit

*****this is not referring to all clexa shippers. obviously, some of them are beautiful flowers that i love and am friends with, that can co-habitate with bellarke shippers like it’s nothing (because that’s what decent humans do tbh) and i’m sorry to them for this post. i appreciate them for being awesome and not getting sucked into the hate.*****

people shouldn’t be deleting their tumblrs because of ship wars. people shouldn’t be messaging me telling me that they are crying because of something a clexa shipper said to them on anon. this is not the way fandom should be, especially not a fandom like the 100 that was once so united and awesome and familial. it’s really fucking sad. 

i’d just like to say that if you are being bullied or spoken to in a way that you don’t appreciate, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. you are absolutely, 100% allowed to love what you love. if you can’t stand up for yourself and you just want to vent, my inbox is ALWAYS open and i am always ready to listen. you are not alone in this. 

i’ve noticed recently that whenever i make a post where i’m outward about my distaste for disrespectful fandom members, i lose followers like i’m getting paid to do it. honestly, that’s completely fine. this post will probably cause a lot of that too, but that’s not something i’m concerned about at this point. i feel like this needs to be said and i have no problem with being the one that stands up and says it.

tl;dr - i’m tired of being treated like a child. i’m tired of fucking ship wars. i’m tired of fucking posts like this. i’m tired of this fandom being split in two and the writer’s making the problem 10x worse. if the 100 isn’t something that makes you happy anymore, you do not need to feel guilty for leaving it behind. at this point, i don’t blame you at all.

We need to talk about Tomoe and Darren

Hello everyone, this is Monoscribbles, the author and artist of the Tomoe and Darren comics. I know, I should have talked about this a year ago (literally), but I wasn’t ready to discuss this stuff, so I waited. Recently, I came across a video that made me inspired to finally speak up on this, so here I am. Some of you got really mad at me (to the point of sending me threats and stuff), but some of you waited patiently, and for that, I’m thankful. Now let’s go straight to the point.

Short version: Tomoe and Darren is dead and I don’t plan on making more comics anytime soon.

Long version: When I started working on this comic, it was almost like a dream. People seemed to like it, leaving positive feedbacks and asking for more… it made me really happy. Artists love to see their art being recognized and cherished by their public so it was almost hard to believe the amount of positive feedback I got on that comic. Everything was amazing for a while: I kept updating it and you guys kept supporting it, but with time, I started to feel a disconnection with it.

I’m a story maker. I’ve always been, and probably will always be. I can create whole stories within minutes, and I love this ability, because it means I’ll never get bored. I’ll always have a small universe to dive in if I don’t have anything else to do. I’ve created over 80 stories, complete with plot and characters, yet not all of them keep up with me as I grow and my mind consequently changes. Some stories have a bond with me that is almost unbreakable; stories that have been with me for 8, 9 years, and I’ve changed it multiple times yet it’s still the same universe I created and fell in love with, and I think the biggest problem of T&D was that I didn’t really create a bond with the story. You see, I made one random comic one day because I thought the idea was cute, but I was not expecting people to like it that much, so I started to make more and more comics without really thinking about the plot, creating a billion characters without trying to bond with them, which resulted in a comic that was good for the people who read it, yet a burden for the artist.

With time, I started to become distant. I didn’t really want to keep working on a story I didn’t fully enjoy, so it really became a burden. I stopped making the comics for a while, but then came back with a reboot in a couple of months. I wanted to give it a second go, seeing as people really liked it and all that, but in the end, it just made me realize that my story really wasn’t going anywhere; at least not by my hands. The general idea and the characters were pretty good (in my opinion), but I felt like the story was its own entity, separated from my mind. I merely wrote it down. I didn’t want that, so I decided it was time to try new things, create new stories, new characters, and it cost me a handful of followers and countless messages asking me about it, but deep down I know it was the right thing to do. I’ve learned a lot during the last year (without the T&D series, that is), and I really don’t think I’ll come back to that comic anytime soon. I won’t say “never”, because I don’t know about my future; who knows, maybe it’ll come back on a different media or something. I can’t really say. But what I can say is that Tomoe and Darren will be removed from Tumblr. I’ll keep this blog (tndcomics) and the fanart blog (tomoeanddarren) open, yet no new posts will be made, nor I will reblog fanart/cosplays/anything. The blogs are, in theory, dead. I’ll keep them as an archive, but that’s all. The comics will also be deleted from my art blog (monoscribbles).

If you have any questions about this subject, something that hasn’t been explained on this post, send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer you. Yet if you just want to thrown in my face the fact that I was inconsiderate and didn’t think about the fans when I decided to just drop the comic and move on with my life without telling anyone, don’t even bother, because deep down, I already know it.

Sorry for taking this long to say this; it’s much more complex to me than it seems. Thank you for waiting for this post, and a big thank you for those of you who kept supporting me regardless of everything that happened. It really means a lot.

Hope to see yall in the near future! If you like my art, I still draw a lot on my art blog, so maybe check it out if you want. 

And that’s it. It was fun, thank you.

This ain't reblogging and I'm actually pissed now so

@anti-feminism-pro-cats and everyone else who decided to get all offended and shit without even bothering to see WHY I’m saying what I’m saying and just wanna assume I’m up here trying to be an asshole:

Go ahead and unfollow bro, no fucks given. This has nothing to do with how strong I am or not, it’s that every 5 seconds someone on this site is crying suicide over the tiniest thing, and then tumblr has a fit for a while until it’s no longer trendy and they all move on to the next. Which is fucking disgusting to watch how y'all treat this like a hot new trend, like vultures who just wanna seem oh so caring. Sorry, i call bullshit, yall say whatever the fuck needs to be said at the time because it’s “what you’re spost to say”, therefore its FORCED, GENERIC, AND FAKE. That to me is fucking sick, that people on this site can become over- night sensations by saying they’ll kill themselves. I will not be a part of the mob who fucking pats people on the back for that, I’m not gonna sit here and become a bleeding heart for the same old shit over and over, it’s called being desensatized and oh boy am I. Like fucking newsflash, everyone on this damn site is apparently suicidal, SO HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU HELPING ANYONE BY TURNING THE IDEA INTO SOMETHING WE SHOULD FLOCK TO WITH OPEN ARMS? DO YOU SEE THE MESSAGE YOU SEND EVERY FUCKING TIME THIS HAPPENS? THATS WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING? YOU PEOPLE MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SOMETHING COOL, TO BE “SO LOVED BY TUMBLR” THAT YOU CAN GET ANONS TO TELL YOU YOURE SPECIAL WHENEVER SHIT DOESNT GO YOUR WAY. I DONT CARE, IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT. I said the SITUATION is dramatic. I didn’t bash the kid at all, unless you consider “he’s doing the panic attack thing now” as some shit when it’s quite literally just what’s happening. How is this different from everything fucking else? Oh, Zamii drew something and got met with hate she no deserve. Oh, this person made #selfieweek a thing and now they’re getting hate they no deserve. Oh this person fucking farted and got met with hate they no deserve. THAT IS FUCKING TUMBLR IN A NUTSHELL, and yes you people look fucking desperate to seem so caring when you’re sitting there making a fucking spectacle out of someone’s possible suicide, I see y'all blowing that tag up. You can honestly think whatever the fuck you want about me, go right ahead, but don’t come at me sideways about some shit just because I’m not over here sobbing my eyes out about it like you are. I’m tired of people trending on here because they threatened suicide, I will not contribute to that sort of message uncritically, you do not get to become a star for something like that and I won’t pretend overwise. Fuck off if you have a problem with it. Do you even know the kid? But you gonna act like you go way back to 1st grade right? You people are so twisted up in “being helpful” that you can’t see when you’re doing the opposite. Fuck off, don’t assume to know shit about why I said this, has nothing to do with “being strong” and everything to do with what’s wrong with tumblr culture, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BLOG SO IF YOU’RE ONLY NOW UNDERSTANDING THAT THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED IN THE FIRST PLACE? You can try and comfort someone without making it a fucking show for us all to watch, and that’s why the fuck I won’t get behind this. Another fucking crusade over fictional characters? 3 words lazily slapped on a t- shirt in ms paint? You’re kidding me. I’m literally unable to sit here and cry about it like y'all seem to want to do all the time, I JUST GOT DONE DOING IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. AND RIGHT BEFORE THAT, SOMEONE ELSE. I’M SORRY, I DON’T HAVE IT IN ME TO DO IT EVERYDAY and yknow what, if you think this is the first time that I’ve said something like this, then you ain’t paying attention. I quite literally say it every time a story like this goes big, I DON’T think this is a good way to handle the situation, it looks like a publicity stunt and worse it looks like one that works, I do not want some shit like that circulating in some kids head cause “oh my god I could get a hashtag if I kill myself?” Big suicide scandals temporarily spike the rate of suicide, esp when y'all sit up here making hashtags trend, fan art, tagging everyone you know to spam “nice messages” like for fucks sake, no, I won’t do it. Fuck you, don’t pretend to know a fucking thing about me if I ain’t say the shit myself. Reading in between some lines that ain’t even there, I ain’t say shit about being strong so please, fuck right off for this bullshit assumption. Don’t pretend to know my motivations, would have been easier to just fucking ask me, right? “As strong as me” you stupid fuck I’ve been fighting off the desire to die for weeks now, just got done carving up my damn thighs like oh boy, yes im so fucking strong, yes you nailed it, how did you know? You actually don’t know a fucking thing about me or what I’m going through so how about you don’t talk on some shit you know nothing about, don’t fucking insult me just because we don’t see eye to eye on this. Go back to pretending to care about suicidal people with your little hashtags, cause some shit like this is exactly what I fucking mean. The kid cries about it and you all come running, CAUSE IT’S TRENDING, but then you wanna say some shit like this about me just because I don’t broadcast it for the world? Yeah buddy, you’re really showing how much you care about this…or is it you only care because it’s popular? Fucking seems so. Go fuck yourself, don’t pretend to know a thing about my life or what I’m going through. Which, funnily enough, I made a huge post about the day after thanksgiving? Where’s my parade of love and support? Oh right. I didn’t make it a fucking huge dramatic scene so I don’t get one. But you care right? Lmfao, shut your fucking mouth and get the fuck outa here with this mess. -Billy