yall should go follower her shes great

chasingchaos12  asked:

For some reason I picture you being in a cool, artsy, digital-drawing-crazed group of friends with anonbea in the mix somewhere. It's a very desirable image, in an everyone-wishes-they-could-be-included-in-that-atmosphere kind of way. I don't know, I barely know anything about you two haha

this is the cutest ask ever omfg.

 Alas I am friends with Shan (Anonbea) only via the internet, she lives in the UK (I’m in Australia, its a bit far), and really our friendship more-or-less consists of fangirling over pretty buff ladies, and making bad jokes/puns. It’s awesome, and very nerdy. I just get really enthusiastic and excited when I reblog her art because her art is so cool and she is so cool (and really pretty and funny, damnit) , like, who wouldn’t get weirdly excited?

I’m a goofball, but shes great, and this ask is too cute