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Opinion on serobaku and serokiri?

SeroBaku kills me in the sweetest way and SeroKiri brings me back to life when I feel dead inside and SeroBakuKiri is like heaven on earth tbh I love those ships they make me feel warm !!!

Anon said: Yes but i loved minas hair like that??? So either ur hair is also p good or ur art is just that great n I’m %99 sure that it’s both, also r u ever planning to post a picture of urself?? ? I’m sorry if this question makes u uncomfortable, have a nice day!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!!!! And pictures aren’t really my thing so that’s probably not gonna happen, but I assure you you’re not missing anything by not seeing me, anon hahaha

Anon said: Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ilu

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(o♡o)/  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anon said: Imagine Bakugo drawing pictures of his squad without them noticing. Like Kiri looking out a window or mina and Denki trying their best to study or sero scrolling on his phone. I wonder how they would react to finding his sketch book

I’m sobbing this is so nice ;A; Sero and Kaminari’s reaction would probably be along the lines of “how is this guy good at everything” haha I like the headcanon of Mina drawing too so her reaction would be a bit different, probably, but still very very awed 

meanwhile Kiri is on the ground dying

(Kiri is me)

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its funny cos u dont see that the only reason bill nye said that shit was to pander to the left

I cannot believe I wake up to anti-sjws whining that science doesn’t actually support them anymore amazing. 

So, you don’t seem to understand Bill Nye’s job. Bill Nye’s job is to read off scripts written by someone who does whatever science he’s talking about today. His job is to be able to explain science to the layman, that being you and I. Yes, I’m aware that he has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (which was a STEM field last I checked? Don’t yall have a massive thing for STEM fields?) but my dude you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to read off a fucking script. I could do it, hell I even have qualifications! I used to be a radio broadcaster! I did the fucking news!

The point of science isn’t to confirm your world views, if we can objectively see that there’s more than two ways to experience gender, then whoops if you still tell people that saying that transgender and nonbinary people don’t exist not only are you still transphobic, exorsexist, and racist you’re just plain wrong. 

Harvard has an article titled Between the (Gender) Lines, has this to say about sex

“Sex determination – the way we are “coded” into a biological sex – is complicated in and of itself. There are far more options than just “male” or “female,” and countless instances of species that can actually transition from one sex to another within a single lifetime.”

They also said that the transgender people’s brains reflect that of the gender they say they are and not the gender that was assigned to them. Maybe also give this a read because the studies Harvard cited are from 1999 and 2000, meanwhile this article talks about some from 2014, so clearly we got some baselines for gender being way more complicated than we were told in middle school.

And then we have examples from actual legends and history about the existence of trans and nonbinary people. Akhenaten from Egypt, Elagabalus from Rome, and Caeneus from Greece. Hell there’s a whole book on people in history who are transgender. There’s a fucking precedent. Hell google “nonbinary genders around the world” and you’ll find cultures that have genders outside the western binary.

National Geographic even ran an article on gender identity and how it correlates, even touching on intersex people in relation to how they experience gender. And even states that gender is varied based on one’s own self-identification and cultural influence, not just the physical stuff. And lets not forget their Gender Revolution bit.

And you can’t use “oh but, your chromosomes!!” because my dude, my dearest dude, you don’t know what ones you have. You have an assumption, a guess, a hypothesis. Because unless you went and dropped the dosh from some expensive tests to find out what your dna says, tests that are only done when your doctor thinks your medical condition has something to do with your chromosomes, you don’t know shit. On top of the fact that chromosomes are only part of what makes one’s gender, not the whole damn thing. That’s like saying you have a cake when all you’ve done is bring the flour. 

So yea my dude, science is an every changing landscape where it gets updated once we know New Things. It doesn’t stay static because you want it to and refusing to see that something is true, according to whatever study you’re doing, is harmful not just to those it would affect but your field overall because of your poor work ethic and stubborn to realize that maybe in the past 20 years we actually learned things

So you end up looking like this

[Image Caption: A man standing in front of a board with “Science is a LIAR Sometimes” with pictures of Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton and paper cut outs of the word “BITCH” in red pasted over them.]

If reporting new scientific findings to the public means “pandering to the left” then I guess science is gonna be way too liberal for yall and you best scoot the fuck on out.