yall cute as frick

Let’s Talk

Okay, so pretty much all I’ve been seeing today is everyone’s reactions to Jack’s news about Wiishu moving in with him.

First things first: I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO AND WISH YOU BOTH THE BEST. You both deserve to be happy, and everyone should be able to recognize that.

Secondly: Please do not, I repeat DO NOT, send either of these lovely people hate, guys. I mean, really? They lived countries apart from each other and people want to get all up in arms about them living under the same roof? 

Let me tell y’all something: I’m engaged to a very amazing young man. We’re both in college currently - we go to separate colleges - and are about 2 to 3 hours away from each other pretty much all the time. I see him maybe twice a month if I’m lucky, due to both of our respective school/work schedules.

 And you know what? It kinda sucks, to be away from someone for that long and to live hours away, even if that’s not that long of a distance. It still sucks. So you know what else? It probably sucks even more if you’re countries apart and can’t see each other that often at all.

So please, for the love of everything, can’t we just let them be happy?? They’re both adults - smart and mature adults, mind you - and they can make their own decisions. They’re together, they’re happy, that’s all that should matter. Not how long they’ve known each other, not their ages, none of that should matter.

If you care about them and their happiness, then there is absolutely no reason to send them hate.

Wiishu and Jack, I wish you (there’s a pun there somewhere) nothing but happiness~