yall can have and mourn her

I’m not gonna lie I’m peeved at Whedon too.
But listen.
I love Natasha’s role in this film and I am totally okay with brutasha (I shipped it since the first movie)

And I agree, it didn’t get executed very well, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP

YES SHES STERILIZED. Why are yall acting like that’s not enough to upset her.

I cried at that scene. Stop saying it diminishes her to anything. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a mother. And all of you saying “she’s being diminished to nothing but a basic woman wanting a family, a stereotype because if this!!”


You realize when she was in the red room she thought she was being trained to be a ballerina ????

She’s only ever wanted to be normal.

Let her mourn the fact that she can never have that . Like how is that out of character. Ugh. They literally forced her to get sterilized . That’s awful .