yall better show some love

Futurama is probably one of the best adult animated shows I’ve ever seen too. They’re generally respective of everyone, and the jokes they do make about particular groups never include slurs and the stereotypes are so overdone it’s obviously a joke. Everything feels like it’s in good fun and it’s such a shame it was cancelled so many times, and that it had to unltimetly end.

Okkkkkk, so Raja and Raven are apparently receiving lots of death threaths and hate mail right now just because they booted ONE of Kim chi’s looks in the Photo Ruview video and because they tooted Derrick’s looks. 

This is why i hate this whiny ass fandom, i mean it’s just their opinion, it’s not like they killed Kim or something.. i meann… jesus…grow tf up tbh. They’re just doing their job. Kim won the challege so why are you even bitching about it? I feel so bad for the queens who have to put up with all of these whiny kids acting like immature and hateful 12 y/o’s. No wonder the queens are being ‘’rude’’ sometimes to their fans when 80% of their fans behave like this. 

Why do yall always gotta find something to complain about just so you can feel like it’s okay to be hateful towards somebody over the internet? Just be grateful that we actually have this amazing show and focus on the things you love about it & focus on the queens that you love, it actually aint that hard.

It’s actually gotten so messed up and gone so far, that almost every rpdr queen at some point have had to call out their fans out on twitter and tell them to behave, Especially this last year, the hate and negativity of this fandom is growing and it’s going to kill the whole show, especially for all of the queens who wish to be on the show in the future, or for those who have already been on it. I left a few nice messages to them, a few nice comments and called some hateful bitches out, yall better help out to show some positivity and love up in this fandom. 

Honestly just props to all the queens for having to put up with all of this BS & negativity from this hateful fandom.


honestly the world doesn’t deserve min yoongi or suga aka agust D he is the one who stays up countless of nights making music for our asses SO YALL BETTER SHOW HIS MIXTAPE SOME LOVE I DONT WANT TO HEAR A PEEP OF FUCKING COMPLAINTS OR HATE or I will square the fuck up