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one hundred marvel ladies


illyana rasputin (aka magik)

Everyone is doing follow forevers so i decided to make one too but tbh this is just all my mutuals that i care about and respect and i know i forgot tons of people so if i forgot you, feel free to reblog this anyways!! Thank yall for sticking with me, i love all of yall to death

drakesmami i wanna thank you especially for staying tru to me like i couldnt have asked for a better best friend. Christine, my mami, my lover, my cinnamon apple, you are funny, witty, intelligent, beautiful, and also talented as fuck…your voice is amazing i cant belieb…you are going to be famous one day, i s2g. Hopefully in the future me and you will meet and we can get wild af…but anyways i just wanted to let you know that i love you a lot

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good vibes before you head to bed

you are liked by other people

you are not a burden

your flaws do not erase your advantages

you are a person with unique talents and interests

you are beautiful no matter what voice may say youre not

everything will get better

edit: got a couple of asks about reblogging this. yes please reblog it yall deserve good vibes.