Pappardelle Rosse from Yaletown L'antipasto

Yaletown L'antipasto is a small little Italian restaurant in Yaletown. My favourite dishes on their menu are their pastas. I would skip their paninis but your mileage may vary … hehe.

This particular dish had plenty of meat and their pasta sauce is hard to beat.  Parmesan cheese may optionally be spread out on top. I would have loved the pasta to be a bit softer but in the grand scheme of things, that’s a minor issue.

This particular dish will cost you $14.

Maro Combo from Sushi Maro

It’s been a while since I’ve went to Sushi Maro. This particular visit reinforces why it isn’t one of my regular sushi haunts in Yaletown.

The dynamite roll and spider roll had no flavour; you really had to add wasabi sauce to have any flavor. The salmon roll tasted okay but seemed to be sloppily prepared. I didn’t even bother to eat the California roll - I packed it up to be eaten later. On all the non-maki rolls that I tried, the sushi rice seemed a tad too warm. 

It really wasn’t worth the $17.95. For this price, you’re better off getting the rolls at Bistro Sakana or Minami.

Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Sweet Lil Pie from The Pie Hole

I’ve heard great things about The Pie Hole so when I heard that were going to the Yaletown Farmers Market, I had to drop by and pick one up.

This pie tasted absolutely scrumptious! Needless to say, I was very satisfied. I’m planning to upgrade to the middle sized tier on my next visit :-) I’m glad that I went early because they ran out of this flavour fairly quickly :D

$4 each.


This image is also on display at the Multicultural Foods in BC display at the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum. I have another photo on display there as well :-)

West Oak Burger from West Oak Restaurant

Oh man, this burger was awesome. The half-pound patty was thick and delicious. The toppings (cheese, mushrooms, onions, mayo) were fresh and complimented the burger. The toasted calabrese bun wasn't spectacular but was still all right.

The fries were really good in their own right. The insides were large and soft; the outside shell was thin and crunchy. Each person in our group finished their bowl of fries (except me; I was a bit under the weather). They were that good :-)

Price is $15. SAP employees get 20% off (not sure if this is a limited time promotion). On the day we went, the burger was their lunch feature so it was even cheaper. Your mileage may vary :-)

Blueberry Cheesecake from Toosheh Coffee House

Sweets and I go hand in hand. Toosheh has some of the best value sweets in Yaletown. For $3.95, you can get this beautiful cheesecake sandwiched by blueberries on top and a sugary cookie base. If cheesecake doesn’t suit your fancy, you can try their Tiramisu or Chocolate Mousse for the same price as well.

Unfortunately, Toosheh is closing up shop at the end of May so if you’re in the neighbourhood, try this out before it’s too late!

Lunch Box “A” from Bistro Sakana

This lunch box comes with assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna, yellowfin tuna), tempura (shrimp, various veggies), veggies, and california rolls (imitation crab). Not pictured are the standard rice and miso soup. If you run of rice before you finish the box, you may ask for a refill.

I wished the sashimi pieces were bigger but otherwise, I don’t have any complaints about this lunch box. This will run you $14!

Chef’s Selection of Aburi Sushi from Minami

Chef Uchigoshi-san’s selection of aburi sushi. From left to right…

  • Hamachi with citrus avocado sauce
  • Ebi with basil pesto sauce
  • Bincho with home made miso sauce
  • Aburi salmon oshi
  • Minami roll

Available as part of their $25 lunch special during Taste of Yaletown 2013. Includes a small dessert and their Minami Zen dish sampler.

SAP Yaletown employees usually get 10% off during lunch but not for any Taste of Yaletown meals.

Thanks to Minami for providing the sushi list. I forgot to jot them down when I took the picture :(