yale town

mytatheblueraven  asked:

“Are my legs still there? I can’t feel them.” Leela was standing in the snow which she hated her fur all poofed but this didn't stopped the cold coming through her uniform. She should've take a dozens of warm clothing before going out.

Yale bounced utop the snow, glancing back when noticing Leela not right beside her.
When the Galra spoke, she tilted her head looking at the other’s legs, “Yes?… I still see them there.”
An ‘aha’ moment came into her mind, slipping off a small coat and holding it out to Leela, “That should keep you warm until we get to the main gates, We wouldn’t want you to be frozen before even seeing our town!” Yale spoke cheerily, not even seeming the slightest bit cold without the extra layer of clothing.