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It took at least 14 full cow skins to make the Voynich Manuscript. Here is some of the rest of what we know about this mysterious book.

Paging through The Voynich Manuscript today! ‪Perplexed as much as the next (and last) person, but gloriously ‬getting lost in the photos and text!
The intro by #DeborahHarkness is extremely intriguing and perfectly sets the tone and preview for what’s to come in the pages that follow – not to mention it’s such a pleasantly familiar voice! Raymond Clemens and the various essay authors have such a command over the information and beautifully present it. Not to be outdone, the facsimile illustrations are of the highest quality and make us feel like we could be looking at the real manuscript not a copy.
While this book won’t fit in your stocking, it would certainly look great under your tree or make a lovely holiday gift! Satisfy your inner student, delight a hobbyist cipher or fellow bookworm - go for it! We already learned a ton…


Model Monday: Beinecke Library

This scale model of the Beinecke Library beautifully illustrates the building’s facade. Granite-clad Vierendeel trusses frame translucent, white marble panels that are thin enough to admit light into the building, but also protect Yale University’s valuable collection of rare books and literary manuscripts from sun damage. Designed by SOM and completed in 1963, the library is currently closed for renovation and will reopen in September 2016.


El Lissitzky. Had Gadya (A Single Kid). Kultur-Lige. 1919.

El Lissitzky illustrated this avant-garde version of the Passover song “Had gadya” early in his career, while immersed in the Jewish cultural renaissance that flourished in Russia from roughly 1912 to the early 1920s. Lithographs with Yiddish text, this is one of only a few copies known to exist. -Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library



Inside the walls of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library, it’s like having backstage passes to Coachella. Yale’s historical library isn’t open to the general public, and is only accessible to students and faculty. We in here!

Adjacent to Sterling Memorial is also the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, which is one of the world’s largest libraries devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts. We weightlessly floated through several floors of endless resources, including authentic atlases and maps of historic times. Here are some shots from the archives.