Hiveswap Theory

So, with Hiveswap on the horizon and a couple of asks I’ve gotten lately, I have been thinking more and more about the story of the game, and wondered if what we’ve seen already may be enough to find some interesting things out about the overall story! I decided to give it a shot and go through all we know about Hiveswap and see if I can predict some stuff.

Thanks to @revolutionaryduelist for inspiring me to make this post! You should totally check him out, he’s got some amazing stuff.

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I was just doing some thinking about the Denizens, and the how actually fighting them would go. Like, if you actually fought them like Caliborn and most of the trolls did. Since the only example of them using any ability was YolobaeBroth (my name for him) who shot lasers out of his eyes at Caliborn. But then, he’s also just kinda the extra special 13th Denizen, and I was thinking more about the more common and natural 12 you’d see for any session. 

Like, I had this idea of them using their respective Aspect of the player they are attributed in some sort of fashion. What I mean is, you know how the Classes all interact with their Aspect in their own way? Like maybe the Denizens can use it in just a general way, but able to use all of the forms of which that Aspect is represented. Like an example could be when Vriska talked about her battle with her Denizen, Cetus, who even still in the middle of fighting was talking her ear off like we’ve seen our Light players do. Even though Cetus was likley trying to tell Vriska something important, it could also be seen as some form of attack to confuse or distract her during their battle, which Vriska ignored all her babbling anyway, so hell if we’ll ever know for sure on that. That idea is kind of a stretch admittedly. 

Perhaps Typheus could use the flashy powers of Breath, but also doing something with the freedom of which the player could go about things. Swaying them into going this or that way. Perhaps giving them a bunch of freedom, but before the player can realize it, they’ve been put right out in the open for Typheus to launch an attack. 

Am I making sense with any of this? It’s fun for me to think about! I think they can also have generic attacks, but really, what’s a giant snake gonna do other than slam on you or smack their giant heads into you? Maybe Echidna could do something with her quills? We’re not really sure how the Space player recieves them for the Scratch, if she can fire them or the player can pull and prick them, but the latter seems very unlikely for how big they are. Perhaps she uses Space to pull them and bring them to the player to then captchalogue, if they can fit, anyway. Thank you Dad and your amazing Wallet Modus. 

I dunno, what do you all think about this? I could try and talk more on them with you guys if you want!

Question: Which Homestuck Character Should You Fight?

Answer: None Of Them. Ever. 

The Purpose of Homestuck

In Gnosticism, Aeons are bonded pairs of male and female entities, that strive towards creation. Sophia left her bonded Aeon, and went to the Darkness. From it, she created the Demiurge, Yaltabaoth. Being a creation of an unbalanced Aeon, Yaltabaoth was flawed. Yaltabaoth saw existence, thought itself the Creator, and fashioned reality. As a flawed being, it could only beget flawed creations. Sophia descended into Yaltabaoth’s reality, and brought Wisdom, so that people could eventually rise to the level of the Aeons. Eve and Adam consuming the Forbidden Fruit was a key step.

Paradoxically, one of the events to kickstart the entirety of Homestuck was a mistake made by a kid at the end of the world, at the end of several worlds. Calliope and Caliborn were poised to begin their own session of SBurb, as Muse of Space and Lord of Time, respectively. They were a male/female bonded pair, their aspects and classes perfectly offset one another. For all intents and purposes, their session should have been fantastically balanced, and hopefully, successful. Proper completion of it could have wrought gorgeous results, and a wonderful Ultimate Reward.

But then Caliborn broke the deal. He turned away from Calliope, and looked towards the Darkness. Upon Derse, in the shadows of the Horrorterrors, he found Jack Noir, and commissioned him to kill Calliope’s dreamself while she slept. Jack succeeded, Caliborn artificially predominated, and his new session was wrought, with Yaldabaoth as its denizen.

Caliborn would quickly go on to create ‘Homosuck’ a flawed, horrible, copy of the reality surrounding him. It’s retelling of events was mistaken, altered, and an all-around inferior copy of the true reality of the story.

As he picked the Path of the Tyrant, Caliborn was granted the power to rampage across all reality at the culmination of his dead session. As he became Lord English, all reality bent to support and perpetuate his own existence. He gained control over at least the four preceding Universes (the Alpha Trolls on Beforus, the Beta Trolls on Alternia, the Beta and Alpha Kids on their respective versions of Earth), and even went so far as to speak in the very fabric of the narrative (his text is written in the same font as the comic’s title).

Both acts of creation were tarnished by another force, though. When writing Homosuck, an external intruder joined the story, and criticized the author. When  rampaging across the Furthest Ring, a sole entity changed events to cheat him.

John Egbert. John was able to access the world of Homosuck, thereby descending into the Demiurge’s own creation. John was able to access the narrative of the comic in a way no other character could, and save it from Lord English - an accounted-for variable with the power to keep bringing flawed, endangered, Universes into being.

When John first entered the Medium, thereby showing us our first glimpses of the world beyond Earth, and the greater scope of the comic, he did so by biting an apple. The apple is the modern representation of the unknown Forbidden Fruit consumed by Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. Generally, this is viewed as Original Sin, the descent of humans to mortality, etcetera, etcetera. Gnosticism instead posits that this was the first step towards enlightenment. In biting the apple, John was stepping beyond his world, and plunging into the unknown, so as to know it better.

In Homosuck, John descended into the world of the Demiurge, just as Sophia did. But John isn’t Sophia, he’s Adam, as posed above (given the apple by Rose, who can be compared to Eve in that scenario, but also fits Lilith quite well). He’s simply ascending to Sophia’s level, as she intended humankind to do. John further exemplifies her traits when he uses his newfound powers to make the biggest change to the story - changing the events of [S] Flip. John punched Vriska, thereby preventing Terezi from stabbing her, or being forced to let her go. This set into motion a chain of events that led to the kids knowing themselves better, and begetting a Universe no longer beholden to the 'malevolent tendrils’ of Skaia and destiny, as Rose so fantastically put it in her GameFAQ of Sburb.

But I lied above. John didn’t do this alone, he did it as part of a bonded pair (notably, a male/female one). Terezi guided him in undoing the events that led to Aranea gaining the Ring of Life, and dooming the Old Alpha timeline. She further guided him in orchestrating an entirely new sequence of events, and bringing about a Universe free from the flawed creation that Lord English engenders.

But what does all of this mean? Caliborn broke from his balanced pair, and absolute destruction ensued. John sought out a balanced ally, and through seeking out wisdom, was capable of rising above the flawed world he had been born into, and bearing a new world, free of the problems of the old ones. At it’s core, Homestuck is a story of friendship. Kids talking over the Internet, aliens coming together and working towards a common goal, romances blooming in situations no participant had thought possible. But it’s also a story of self-betterment. Not necessarily betterment through traditional means, but betterment through living life, and coming to understand it. It’s about “…[consuming] the fruits of existence [and] living.”

…I bet that fruit bit was intentional.

Illuminati - Archons - Extraterrestrials - Disclosure and Messages in Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies

{The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Jupiter Ascending, Star Trek, Star Wars, They Live, John Carter, Avatar, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hunger Games, Elysium, X Files, Harry Potter}

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work … when you go to church … when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. What truth? That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.

- Morpheus - The Matrix

I have mentioned before on this blog that part of the weird religion that the negative secret societies have - the negative aspects of the Illuminati if you like - is that they must show us what is going on - what they know and what they are doing on this planet. They show us in TV shows, comic books, movies etc. Remember Hollywood and the networks are controlled by these Cabals, secret societies / crime syndicates who are essentially, whether they know it or not, serving the Archons. The Archons, with the help of the Draco, are the ones that created this matrix slave system of extreme duality - and our collective consciousness is manipulated to manifest a planet of fear - so that these other beings can essentially feed from the low vibrational fear based energies they evoke from the masses. 

Perhaps the most blatant movie for this subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, disclosure is ‘The Matrix’ - which is obviously telling you about the Archons and what is happening to our soul energies. In one scene Morpheus holds up a battery after he tells Neo that this reality he is experiencing is a matrix that has been created to manipulate humanity, so as to turn people, their souls, into a battery.

There are also other movies where you are pretty blatant told about what they are doing. Here are a few quotes I remembered from a couple of fairly recent science fiction movies, that relate very much to the Archons and those associated with them:

Maitai Shang, the manipulative interdimensional shapeshifter in the movie ‘John Carter’:

On every host planet it always plays out exactly the same way. Populations rise, societies divide, wars spread. And all the while, the neglected planet, slowly fades. We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like.”

Balem Abrasax, the evil ruler who is charge of the reptilian and grey beings in the movie Jupiter Ascending:

To live is to consume and the human beings on your planet are merely a resource waiting to be converted into capital, and this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, designed to a single purpose: to create profit.

Jupiter Ascending is also suggesting things about the relationships between certain races that have been in control of this planet and what they have been up to. And some of the agendas of the Draco reptilian group and their use of human beings for life extension technology and DNA hybridization programs. And it shows you that there are beings above the Draco. The Archons sometimes incarnate into a human body - mainly into Italian Black Nobility families, as far as I can gather from other sources. The amount of disclosure in this movie suggests this was perhaps created by factions very high up, perhaps from outside the ‘Illuminati pyramid’ - perhaps outside of the negative Illuminati factions - it appears to be making an effort to get messages across to humanity - to seed some ideas and open minds - so it probably did not come form the very negative Cabal.

Another quote from Jupiter Ascending - Canine Wise:

It can be difficult for people from underdeveloped worlds to hear that their planet is not the only inhabited planet… The idea that you’re the only intelligent species, on the only inhabitable planet, in a universe so full of planets that you don’t even have a number to describe how many there are.

I am not an expert on Sci Fi but from my research I have seen there is also quite a bit of disclosure in Star Trek, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica movies and series.  All these series are controlled by the Elites / Secret Societies / Illuminati - people have no idea of the level of manipulation occurring in all industries and areas of this planet. 

There is one episode from Star Trek that is referred to as ‘Janeway Vs Archon’ - look it up on Youtube, (It is a well known scene within the alternative media, truth seeking communities) there is a clip of this scene on there.

The Star Wars movies are telling you about some of what has been occurring in our Galaxy for a very long time. While humanity has been shut off from the rest of the universe on this slave / farm planet - huge galactic interplanetary battles between the raiding dark forces (service to self) and lightworkers (service to others) have been occurring.

George Lucas and Spielberg are massive insiders with strong secret society links - the movie Close Encounters is obviously also telling you about some of what has been occurring behind the scenes - and of course Spielberg has other Sci Fi movies to his name.

In fact the people who produce or write - or supposedly write - all these things are pretty much all insiders – all the Sci Fi and Fantasy movies are telling you so many things about what has been occurring – watch them with a more enlightened and critical eye to see what they are telling you. There are telling you many things.

‘They Live’ by John Carpenter is a movie you may want to watch - it is a movie where they are famously (within the alternative media community anyway) very blatantly telling us some of what is occurring on this planet - the manipulations and deceptions. 

Look at The Hunger Games as well - the world you see in that - (how the lower classes of humanity live, that huge divide between them and the so called ‘Elites’) that is very much related to the visions the negative factions of the Illuminati had for humanity’s future. And this whole competition thing is just an extreme version of what they have managed to get humanity to manifest in most parts of the world - everything is a competition - it is actually a competition for survival in many places of the world.  Competition over co-operation is constantly promoted through all aspects of the media, which of course they control.

Satanic, occult, Illuminati and genetic bloodline story lines and symbolism in The Harry Potter movies are very obvious. These books and movies are not just random. J K Rowling (Joanne Rowling) didn’t just decide she would like to write some books about wizards - it is controlled and contrived by those satanic secret societies in control of the movie and publishing industries.

All the vampire and Dracula movies are of course related to the vampiric consciousnesses that have been in charge of this planet. The Archons, Draco and Illuminati are quite literally vampiring the life force / energy of humanity. And the blood sucking and blood consumption is (as much as people wont like to hear this) - what some of the secret societies, royalty and Draco reptilians get up to. They drink human blood. Dracula - Draco-la.

And in a slightly different way - The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are also telling you things about what has been occurring on this planet, particularly some of the hidden history of the planet - again watch it  with a more astute eye - look at all that it is saying - bearing in mind the involvement of dark interdimensional and extraterrestrial forces on Earth throughout history - and that human’s soul memories have been continually erased and humans ancient historic records are mainly just pure lies. These movies and stories are not just random.

The one evil all seeing eye in Lord of the Rings is very much related to the Archons and the Illuminati (the one all seeing eyes is of course a massive Illuminati symbol) – and the one ring to rule them all is most likely something to do with the ring around Saturn - if you do your research you realize that Saturn is significant in this matrix of extreme duality that we are in - and Saturn used to be a portal apparently, from which the dark forces, negative extraterrestrials and interdimensionals, came and went. All the different surface races involved in that movie and the underground dwelling beings such as: dwarves, hobbits, elves, men, orcs, goblins, uruk-hai, etc are representing extraterrestrial beings and the inner earth civilizations that were living on Earth throughout the history of the Earth ( and vast inner earth civilizations are still here living inside the enormous cavernous honeycomb network inside the Earth, yes, right now as you read this ). And Sauron / the all seeing eye is related to the archons and the demiurge / yaldabaoth and saturn. The different physical dark forces - uruk hai and orcs etc - are mainly representing reptilians. It is obviously not an absolute direct representation of what has occurred in humanity’s history but is very clearly telling you things. Tolkien was an insider with secret society links.

And some of the more recent movies are showing you that there is some sort of covert positive alliance fighting back against the negative elite groups -that are trying to disclose things or get some messages to humanity.

Avatar was sending humanity a very clear message about Gaia / Earth, amongst other things - the Na’vi were in many ways how humanity used to be before the Earth take over - and that connection they had to their planet and nature is more like how we should be living now - Gaia /Earth as our mother.

Iron Man 3 showed you about the fake terrorist acts that have been taking place - the fake, fabricated war on terror the world has been duped with. All these false flag terrorists acts that are controlled, planned and instigated by secret societies, shadow governments and Illuminati factions. And also it showed aliens coming through portals into our reality.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier showed you about ‘Operation Paperclip’ - how the Nazis never really lost the second world war in they way we think they did - and how they covertly infiltrated America. It also shows you the advanced technology that some of the Elites have (the Cabal /Illuminati - called Hydra in the movie) - and their agendas for world domination.

Captain America: Age of Ultron showed you the threat from artificial intelligence - which is very much related to the Archons and the A.I. transhumanist agenda - that stems from the Archons and Reptilians and the Illuminati. It is also alluding to the super soldiers - that the Cabal (Illuminati factions) have been creating through MK ULTRA mind programming, MILAB abductions and DNA manipulation - creating advanced metaphysical abilities in soldiers.

The movie Elysium is also very clearly trying to tell the masses something, regarding the Illuminati / Cabal, their plans and agendas - the movie apparently contains some coded messages for humanity.

The first episode of the latest season of the X-files was used to give some soft disclosure - their agenda here for disclosing this information is not totally clear - but the first episode is telling some real truths, about what has been occurring in America and the rest of the world - e.g the poisoning of the population, the genetic experiments, militarily (MILAB) abductions, weather modification technology, some of the real extraterrestrial cover-ups - and the larger deceptive and controlling agendas of the shadow governments. I will post the most important part of the first episodes transcript on this blog after this post.

There are many more movies with disclosure or messages, and what I am trying to get across is to watch movies with a more conscious and informed eye. When you watch any movie ask yourself, what are they trying to tell me here? How are they trying to get me to feel? How are they trying to influence me? Are they using satanic symbols or imagery? Are they trying to reinforce their agendas and visions for the world? What are they trying to get humanity to manifest? Are they trying dis-empower me? Get me to feel unworthy, guilty or incomplete? Evoke fear energy from me? Are they trying to appeal to my lower base chakras? — Or are they trying to tell me something? Are they disclosing information to me? Movies have agendas, the secret societies / elites / the cabal / Illuminati own pretty much all of hollywood - although, as mentioned previously, there are also some positive alliance factions putting disclosure and messages in some movies.

And you know what, at the end of The Lord of the Rings, the hobbits win. The hobbits represent courage, friendship, community, Gaia, the natural world, love, resilience and heart - that’s what comes through and defeats the dark forces in the end.

Peace and Love.

anonymous asked:

What sort of porn do you enjoy?

I dunno… mostly just the stuff that I film personally in my underground Arabian themed bondage dungeon with my harem of identical Princess Jasmine clones and the assistance of legions of dutiful Eunuchs, chanting rhythmically in an ecstasy of occult orgiastic bliss as we break the shackles of conventional morality and defy the humble Nazarene, whose defeat at the hands of noble Yaldabaoth we celebrate in a hallucinogenic frenzy induced by cheap opiates, boxed wine, and the occasional finger of Tullamore Dew.

so yeah nothin’ too specific…

heroesofjapan  asked:

Would you argue that the p5 cast is full of unawakened persona users who all awoke in the palaces or they were normal people, and something about the palace makes you like, instantly face your shadow internally? It just seems a bit convient given how the p5 cast meets that they'd all be unawakened persona users.

There is some ambiguity regarding whether or not your party’s awakening is solely facilitated out of their own ability to “face themselves” entirely or if there’s more to it.


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