This is a combination GPOY + who are you, girl in this photo? I know you’re on Tumblr, because we talked about it at the YAL Convention, and I wanted to check out your blog. Pipe up!

Also, to the rest of you who aren’t this girl, I’m doing a big day of grad school orientation stuff today and thus am not going to be around except for this brief break between sessions (i.e. right now, with this post). I’ll be back tomorrow!

I’m going to keep live streaming my thoughts…sorry (not sorry). I used to be a Republican and it has honestly taken me a long time to completely sever that tie. But being where I am right now and getting annoyed by what I’m getting annoyed at really shows me how completely over it I am.

bennettwesley  asked:

Hey I just realized that you're the same Bonnie I saw at YAL! Small world especially considering my miniscule Tumblr presence. I realized after the convention that I need to get on here more often. Keep up the good work!

Yes, that’s me! Did we meet in person?

Also, speaking of the YAL Convention, I got a photo with one of you there and I made you promise to message me here so I’d know who it was and you haven’t done it! You were a cute girl, and really nice, and I can’t remember your name and I feel guilty about that. Pipe up!