[Liberty] should bring us together no matter what faction you come from…Conservatives want raw milk and liberals want marijuana, but what you really want is freedom and it should bring us together!

Ron Paul, live right now at #YALCon13

This was in response to a question about young people and liberty in the press conference before the speech.

Why do we want to spend money overseas when we can’t even fix the roads in America? I want to have a strong military, but why do we have to have a military that is being sent around the world to try to change the thinking of other people?
—  Rep. Walter Jones at the 5th Annual Young Americans for Liberty National Convention. Jones’ speech, entitled “My Foreign Policy Story,” received a standing ovation.
The bigger our government gets, and the more it’s like an empire, the more truth is treated like treason. […]

[To fix the issue of the surveillance state, the] younger generation has to stand up and say we believe in liberty and we believe in minding our own business and that will change things.

Ron Paul, live right now at #YALCon13

This was in response to a question about Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning at the pre-speech press conference.

Ron Paul Addresses Young Americans for Liberty Convention

Chants of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul” and “End the Fed” filled the multipurpose room even before he took the stage. As he entered the room, the crowd got to its feet and gave him a loud standing ovation.

“You are enthusiastic for the cause of liberty, and that makes me excited,” Paul said.

Acknowledging the youth in the crowd, Paul said the coming political revolution will “be with young people, and it has to have music.” Paul just wished the music wasn’t “quite so loud.”

This is a combination GPOY + who are you, girl in this photo? I know you’re on Tumblr, because we talked about it at the YAL Convention, and I wanted to check out your blog. Pipe up!

Also, to the rest of you who aren’t this girl, I’m doing a big day of grad school orientation stuff today and thus am not going to be around except for this brief break between sessions (i.e. right now, with this post). I’ll be back tomorrow!

The Political Conference Where Justin Amash Is Bigger Than Bieber

This was a pep rally at George Mason University, but it wasn’t for the Patriots. Freedom-hungry college students from across the country have been camped out at the school’s Arlington law campus since Wednesday…

Their mission: to change reactionary politics as we know it. 

We also got a sweet staff photo with Reps. Amash and Massie last night:

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Hey I just realized that you're the same Bonnie I saw at YAL! Small world especially considering my miniscule Tumblr presence. I realized after the convention that I need to get on here more often. Keep up the good work!

Yes, that’s me! Did we meet in person?

Also, speaking of the YAL Convention, I got a photo with one of you there and I made you promise to message me here so I’d know who it was and you haven’t done it! You were a cute girl, and really nice, and I can’t remember your name and I feel guilty about that. Pipe up!

I’m going to keep live streaming my thoughts…sorry (not sorry). I used to be a Republican and it has honestly taken me a long time to completely sever that tie. But being where I am right now and getting annoyed by what I’m getting annoyed at really shows me how completely over it I am.