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Not sure if it has been done yet...but if it's not to much could you make a HC that Todo is about to get shot, and out of nowhere our fabulous Momo jumps into save him by splitting the bullet with a katana

This is actually really cute; I have soooo many angsty asks sitting in my inbox so I’m gonna write this one first HAHA

I’m actually gonna turn this to a short fic kinda thing…enjoy!!


To speak frankly, Todoroki accumulated immeasurable fighting experience within a short period; from the sports festival, to the final exam which he passed, to Stain, and then finally back to the license exam in which he failed. He had the villains to thank for their tactical raids somewhere in between (his judgement of time was not to be trusted), one after another. For a first year UA student whose father was deemed as the No.2 hero for the past decade, it was horribly intense.

But now he found himself having second thoughts on the power of the villain alliance. Stuck in between two concrete walls, Todoroki realized that his career as a hero will never get any easier.

He’s accepted it. Life is nothing without a challenge and he’ll greet them with open arms.

He was also lucky that today was the first time he had to deal with guns and bullets. Todoroki’s chest rose with each new potential strategy that sprung within his mind; he couldn’t settle on one. Ectoplasm wasn’t present. A false move could mean a life lost. And it could be his own.

The villain alliance now had 3 branches. The main branch with Shigaraki, one with Toga, Twice and the Yakuza, and a smaller unit that Todoroki was to investigate right now with Ectoplasm. This branch, nicknamed “Unit C” was tasked with petty crimes like robberies and money laundering, which according to Midoriya, most pro heroes wouldn’t take over because it was way below their paygrade.

Hence why they sent Todoroki, a normal but promising young hero under supervision.

It wasn’t until the mission began to head south when Unit C was suspected of committing human trafficking and drug dealing with quirk erasing drugs did they raise Todoroki’s mission difficulty to S class, last minute no less.

“Where are you, you little bastard,” a wicked voice rang to his right making his nerves twitch. Muffled footsteps sounded among Todoroki’s steady heaves, his arm outstretched, ice crystallizing at the perimetre of his palm. 

Not now. Watch first.

Todoroki suppressed the last ounce of his power, goosebumps raised. 3 minutes ago he still had his radio in hand, now with nothing in possession. Shattered and gone, he had no other means of calling for help. 

His brow knitted together in vexation. Slow blood, dripping along his thigh, its smell pungent and revolting, causing him to be slightly nauseous. 

Think, think.

He heard faint whispers; if he didn’t act, the sensor of the group will hunt him down within seconds.

A random thought emerged.

What would Yaoyorozu do?

Todoroki didn’t move a muscle, eyes cut towards the opening of the alleyway to once again run across shadows that were drifting closer. Their movements became frantic.

He needed to clear his head.

“Yo, I think…I sniff something over here…” 

That was undoubtedly the man with the canine ears and teeth; Todoroki gulped, mind wrestling to a conclusion.

Better to surprise them first, as Aizawa would’ve said, seize the upper hand and take the initiative away from them!

“Freeze!” Todoroki strided once, his right arm plunged in front view. The ice danced in glitters and mist as he desired.

“Shit! Scatter!” The leader of the group howled, gritting his teeth in agony, “Shoot him, Sharp, what are you waiting for?!” 

The man with slicked up, black hair, was petrified, his gun trembling in his stiffened fingers, procuring enough time for Todoroki’s surging flames to encompass at least half the group. 

He had to get out. Secure a position outside of this slim alley was the only way to survive. The situation had Todoroki compromised. Even a child with zero experience can shoot him dead point blank.

He was overwrought and outnumbered. Todoroki huffed and took a step out in the light, and he felt a knot in his throat. 

A laser was pointed straight at his chest.

The boy cursed. A draft of wind blew.  His eyes squeezed shut and someone pulled the trigger.


Yaoyorozu stood in front of him as if magic summoned her, marginally tilted forward, with a katana clutched tight right in the middle of her stance. Her gaze screamed bloody murder. Her muscles contracted with every quiver  of her knees.

She was almost like the first gasp of air after a dive. 

A stunning scene. Her raven hair like calligraphy in the wind. Her confidence radiating through every frequency of thought.

Todoroki knew she felt overwhelmed too, driven solely by her will to protect.

“Did she just split the damn bullet in two?! What the actual fuck?!” The thrash in the leader’s voice was a pure indicator of his shock, and if Todoroki wasn’t mistaken, a remnant of admiration could be found somewhere within that sentence. 

Oh yeah, come to think of it…

The fire and ice hero dropped his gaze, fixed upon two halves of what was a bullet. 

“We’ve got them under our guise!” Yaoyorozu exclaimed as if to notify her companion,  “ECTOPLASM-SENSEI, NOW!”

A swarm of Ectoplasms’ clones lunged in unison like an ocean’s wave, rendering the opponents nonplussed. Todoroki was just as dumbfounded as Sharp, whose jaw was gifted a punch by a clone after a beat. 

He felt chilling fingers encompass his own and a tug.

“Come on, Todoroki-san, Ectoplasm-sensei has it under control, this way!” 

Her tone fibrillated him to reality, eyes focused on what’s ahead.

“Yaoyorozu,” He began, satisfied that his hand was still in hers, “when did you learn to use a katana like that?”

He was limping and as the two reached a closed off park, their footsteps gradually ceased to a halt, proximity not withdrawing. He could almost see the moment her pupils recede.

“What’s more important is first aid.”

She eyed the crimson beneath her, numb.

“I forgot how much this hurt,” Todoroki’s lips tugged into a nervous smile, “guess I was too impressed by your skills, Yaoyorozu.”

“Now is not the time to joke around! Let me see that!” 

Upon her palm came gauze and scissors. The girl propped his leg above her bent knee, gesturing for him to lean back at the bench at his rear and ran her scissors through the dirt-ridden pant sleeve, cutting it to pieces. She bit her lower lip at the sight. The adrenaline must have kept him from screaming from the pain, she decided. Without a second thought Yaoyorozu winded the gauze around and around his leg, though it was quick to be drowned in red.

Todoroki hissed at the pain. 

“Thanks,” he mumbled and recoiled his leg.

Yaoyorozu sighed, crossing her arms above her chest, “You got lucky with this one, Todoroki-san. If Sensei and I came even a milisecond late, you would’ve been as good as dead!”

“I know, I owe you one,” He replied. Somehow with the two of them in solitude, he felt at ease. It certainly helped that Unit C was semi done with. 

“I think you owe me more than one!” Yaoyorozu slumped down, facing him and continued, “You’re enjoying yourself with your little jokes, aren’t you?”

Todoroki let out a relieved chuckle as he marveled at the clouds above them, cutting her short of her complaint, “I’ll buy you ice cream tomorrow, my gratitude for saving my life.”

The girl jerked her head somewhat, wondering if she perhaps caught the wrong words.


“You heard me,” Todoroki could see her writhe in her seat in the corner of his eyes, and he stood up, pulling his weight towards his left, “ice cream. I always see you buying one from the cafeteria…lipids, your favourite.”

Yaoyorozu watched him, legs dragging a bit as he moved away from the bench, and once again doing the same hiss as before.

“Let’s go now. I’m sure I need stitches.”


Yaoyorozu pushed herself up, mentally chiding herself, and draped his arm around her shoulder, supporting his stature with her other arm on his waist. 

Todoroki hid the wry smile under the shadows of his duo-coloured bangs, shoulders falling. 

Through the scent of fresh autumn rain, he opted to slow down his pace.

He could definitely use this time, with her beside him, to recount the day.