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…Before Ieyasu Tokugawa unified Japan and the samurai class was destroyed, the way of the warrior (aka bushido) was the ideal way of life for many samurai…

Bushido (武士道) - A feudal-military Japanese code of behavior valuing honor above life, the code of the samurai, stressing unquestioning loyalty and obedience and valuing honor above life. The bushido code is defined by these 7 virtues: righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, sincerity, honour, and loyalty.

» Rules «

  1. Must be following iamsenshi.
  2. Reblog this post, likes do not count.
  3. Must have similar blog to those featured on the Yakuza Network (check them out)
  4. Put the badge or a link to the network’s page on your blog
  5. For a better chance of joining the Bushido Network, send a submission to iamsenshi
  • in the submission, please include a little about yourself, why you want to join, your favorite samurai and why he/she is your favorite

» Benefits «

This network will be smaller than Yakuza and therefore will be more selective in who joins. But don’t let that discourage you! There will be about 15-25 members in total. 

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There are FOUR OPEN SPOTS in the Yamaguchi-gumi (main family) of the YAKUZA NETWORK!!!

These spots are exclusively for current members of the Yakuza Network that are in the Inagawa-kai or Sumiyoshi-kai families

It’s only fair that these spots on the main page go to you guys.

>> Rules for Promotion to Yamaguchi-gumi <<

  1. Reblog this post if you are a part of either of those families and would like to be promoted to the main family. 
  2. Yakuza members that reblog this will be entered into a poll that I will create this weekend.
  3. After the poll is created - I will then ask my followers, and you should ask yours to vote in this poll (if you’re trying to win :P).
  4. The top 4 winners of this poll will be promoted to the main family of the network.


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anonymous asked:

What do the families look for when applicants apply, and how often do new seats open up within the families?

The Yakuza Gang has about 65ish heads right now between the Yamaguchi-gumi and Sumiyoshi-kai families. With the addition of a few more members to Sumiyoshi-kai and the opening of Inagawa-kai, the Yakuza Network will end up having around 100 heads total. The Three Families of the Yakuza network look for active, impressive and unique blogs with similar themes and good personalities/vibes. Although its going to be a large network, we strive for quality over quantity and we’re in no rush at all to fill the remaining seats.  

The “head” original family Yamaguchi-gumi is closed indefinitely… There are only a few seats left in Sumiyoshi-kai before I plan on closing that fam off. There are only 4 visible spots in Inagawa-kai (newly opened) for now but Inagawa-kai will have about the same amount of members as Sumiyoshi-kai. Once a family is closed, seats will open up if a member stops repping the squad or if they go inactive for a long period of time or bad vibes… 

anonymous asked:

How does one apply to one of la familias? Requirments blah blah.

Follow me and check out other blogs on the network. They’re all quality blogs. You don’t have to follow everyone but check them out for sure.

We’ve got so many members already so I’m really just looking for blogs that stand out but fit the theme of the network.

And you can /submit to me a little about yourself and why you’re interested in the squad. 

anonymous asked:

what kind of blog do you need to have to join the network

The Yakuza is a Japanese crime syndicate sooooo…. I’m looking for mainly Asian/Japanese themed blogs. But also accepting blogs that are themed with a bit of fashion, nature, and urban lifestyle/architecture… And the blogs really need to be nice looking… no clutter, not too busy… nice and clean. The Yakuza Network strives to uphold a consistency of quality blogs. 


If you are interested in being the Yakuza Network’s February blog of the month:

  1. Must be a Yakuza Network member OR mutual with iamsenshi
  2. Reblog this post and you will become a contestant
  3. Contestants will be chosen and entered into a poll during the end of January
  4. Four winners will be chosen during the first week of February
  5. The top two winners will be featured on my blog and all four will be featured on the Yakuza Network home page for the month of February

Previous BOTM winners: sweet-kokoro, e-jesus rei-ban, eeeeeggs, txkyolights, asapsake, x-hentai