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Makoto Niijima Maniax Profile Translation

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Reason for selecting Anat:

We don’t think it’s weird that Johanna takes the form of a motorcycle, since motorcycles symbolize “youthful independence” (they are the first vehicle where you can travel freely on any route you choose). We thought it fit Makoto’s development. Anat is less of a transformation from Johanna and more of an alternate form, as you can see from the details in the design.


    Makoto is a third year student who attends the protagonist’s school, Shujin Academy. As the student council president, she is intelligent and highly moral. She lost her mother at a young age and her police officer father was killed on duty, so she lives with her older sister Sae.

    While Makoto is seen as a serious, intense honor student, she wasn’t always that way. She inherited her father’s sense of justice, and doubts herself for just doing whatever the authority figures tell her to do. When Shadow Kaneshiro touches on those doubts, Makoto snaps and releases her suppressed anger and resentment. 

    Makoto likes intense yakuza movies. She clenches her fists whenever she watches them.


Just watched Takashi Miike’s Ley Lines for the first time. He’s still making some good movies now, but man I wish he was still making films like this. In 1999 alone he put out Ley Lines, Audition and Dead or Alive. He’s definitely made some great movie since moving in to the mainstream like 13 Assassins, Pheonix Wright, Lesson of Evil and Crows Zero, but It’s sad to hear him say in interviews that he’s incapable of making rough gems like this anymore due to V cinema dying out.