Sobrang Busog sa YAKIMIX!!

Ang saya saya kahapon, sobrang biglaan lang ang lakad naming tatlo. Ang sarap sarap nung kimchi at ng mga meat @___@ gusto ko pa sana kumain ng kumain kaso wala ng espasyo sa tyan ko, halos parepareho na lasa ko sa lahat ng nginunguya ko sa sobrang kabusugan. Sana maulit muli. :p

How I celebrated my 26th birthday PART II

On the day of my birthday, every cell in my body was starving.  I looked only at every food review to know which restaurant would be able serve me two of my favorite dishes ( Peking Duck or Sushi ) on short notice:    I made every phone call, sent every email and because life is unfair:  I FOUND NONE.  Hahaha.  When I had nothing better to think of, I thougt of YAKIMIX. 


The place is festive, overflowing with food, serves authentic sushi and the good news is they’re open for reservation even on the day itself!  I don’t know about you, but in my world, there are no other people better at buffets than MY FAMILY.

So off we went to try the newest branch of YAKIMIX at Bonifacio High Street - YAKIMIX PRIME.

We spent the whole evening of my birthday feasting on sushi and all things grilled and sinful haha

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I ALSO TOOK THAT LOVELY CHANCE TO SIT DOWN AND TALK TO MY FAMILY ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCLUDING WORK.  I realized that most of our days recently have been spent eating rushed breakfasts and lunches, without appreciating the food because we are very busy discussing every bit of our work / business issues.  I had a nice time chatting with parents and brother and felt good to know that they haven’t fogotten how much I loved celebrating my birthday each year. 


Valentines Day 2/3


Trinoma is our favorite date spot. Die hard fan kasi ng Trinoma si Chad haha. At natutuwa din ako sa place na yun kasi di nakakasawa plus may place kung san pwede tumambay at magkwentuhan lang. For us, it’s our second home hahaha. Antagal na when we last went to Trinoma. December 6 pa. When I celebrated my birthday sa Yakimix. After that, most of the time sa Megamall kami nagdedate kasi madalas syang OT and yun yung malapit sa work nya.

So that describes why homecoming is the title of this part. We’re going back to Trinoma! #HartHart

We took a taxi cab off to Trinoma. Pagdating namin, sobrang daming tao. I guess that’s one disadvantage of having Valentines Day during the weekend. We first went to the Cinema because we’re wanting to watch “That Thing Called Tadhana”. Pagdating namin dun, bongga! The ticket counter were surrounded by so many people. Parang my album launch ng sikat na band sa sobrang haba ng pila. Then I realized, Fifty Shades of Grey is already showing and as of what I heard, sa Ayala Malls lang ipapalabas. We decided to go to SM North para icheck if they have the same scenario. Luckily, hindi mahaba pila woohoo! So we bought tickets to see That Thing Called Tadhana and bought hotdogs and popcorn as well.

The movie depicts reality. But I wonder if there would really be someone as good as JM who would be accompanying someone like Angelica just to mend her broken heart. Sadly, the ending is bitin. *spoiler alert* We were so hooked with the movie that we did this:

HAHAHA see? Don’t judge hoho. And that’s the loomband bracelets I made kaya wala akong clue sa surprise nya. After watching the movie, we went to timezone to take photos at the photobooth. It has been our habit to see how we evolve as a couple these past few months and TBH, we’re getting worst haha. 

It’s Valentines Day kaya medyo sweet sweet kami dyan, di pa kami malala haha. Even the line at the photobooth is long so it took I think more than 30 minutes before we could go take our photos. 

Before that pala, pinatikim nya sakin yung “Best Ice Cream Ever” para sa kanya. It costs around 200+ but it’s all worth it.Three large scoops na sya. It can be shared by two people plus you can get a free taste of all of their flavors para maging familiar ka sa flavors nila.

It’s getting dark then sabi nya, "Can we go sa favorite hangout place natin?". Nung andun na kami, he handed me a love letter. I swear he writes the best love letters ever. Then,

Chad: Ano yung iba pang sinecelebrate tuwing february ng highschool students bukod sa Valentines? (Ans: JS Prom)
Me: *Nagiisip* Foundation day?
Then I felt stupid.
Me: Eh kasi February foundation day namin eh. :))))
Chad: September kami. Yung ginagawa ng 3rd yr at 4th yr.
Me: Prom. 
Chad: Diba wala kang nakaslowdance nung prom nyo? *starts to bring out something from his pocket - earphones*

Then the next thing I knew. We’re slow dancing kahit andaming dumadaan na tao while “I’ll Be” and “My Valentine” was playing. Then he started with his monologue again and I felt so happy. Then I read his letter while he’s watching me. So sweeeeeet. 

Fast forwaaaaaaard.

We decided to leave Trinoma then proceed to Araneta to see what we’ve been waiting for: Boyce Avenue.

Sometimes, cooking for your family and friends makes the foodsssss more yummier. Especially when it’s grilled! HAHA! I’ll miss you, the best OPS team 5ever! ♡ Advance happy birthday Ms. Lasyl & Gege! :3 #yakimix #thiswontbethelast #hbd #foodporn (at Yakimix-Greenbelt 3)


Nom nom nom. Hahahaha! Grabe. Busog ako dito kahapon. Lalo na sa desserts. Eat all you can daw kasi. Eh unli desserts. Di ko alam alam yung mga names ng dish. Baka sila si sweetie, sugar,honey kasi matamis sila :( joke po yun. Hahahaha! Kuha lang ako ng kuha basta nakita kong dessert. Hahahaha!

She’s been craving for #tempura and #maki so instead of yakimix, I brought my sister to the best, freshest and cheapest japanese resto near home, nagulat sya kilala ako ng waitress, parokyano na. #tokyu (at Tok-Yu Sushi Bar, Pioneer Center)

02-25-2015 | FROZEN - Friends Reaching Out and Zealously Establishing Nurse-Patient Relationships. As corny as our name is, I will always love our group. After almost a full year since our last hangout, I’m happy to say we had complete attendance today for Yakimix and Laser Tag! Always good food & good company with you guys. Only we would stay crazy long after leaving the mental institute 😉❤️❄️🍗🍣🍙🍢🍩🍦🍰🍪🍉🍍🌽💯✔️ #Legends2015 #letitgo #hotseatinterview