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Hello! May I request for a scenario where Oikawa, Kuroo and Suga's s/o unexpectedly visits them while they're having practice (like she wanted to surprise them since she was away for a competition and just came back on that day) and ends up meeting the team for the first time. Ah, I hope I make sense// Thank you and good luck with your blog~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

I notice you used female pronouns and although I’m trying to keep it with gender neutral terms, I’mma give it the slip this time cause I won’t mind specific ones sometimes yanno?


There was a slight tension in the air in the gymnasium today. The coach was out and everyone in the room felt the depressing aura that filled the room. Oikawa Tooru was getting girlfriend withdrawals and no matter how many times Iwaizumi playfully smacked him, his patience was wearing thin. It’s not that Tooru was doing a bad job or anything, it’s just he was moaning and sighing when he wasn’t tossing the ball. He was just being a right ol’ stick in the mud.

With another sigh, Tooru stared at his phone during a break. He missed her and just wanted to hear her voice or a simple text. He knew he was busy and he respected that, after all he understood what it was like. But he was spoiled and was always showered with love and attention. His fangirls gazed afar, not sure of what they should do. They tried to cheer him up but alas, he was in a mood.

As he stood up, he exclaimed,

I fear, my friends and allies, I may not make it

The melodramatic comment caused Iwaizumi to swiftly turn to glare, but before anything was said or done, Tooru was smacked in the back of the head by a shoe.

All eyes turned behind on this female who stood by the doors, wearing only one shoe.

Then die quietly

The team gawked, their mouths ajar at the sight. Tooru skipped merrily over as he picked her up, twirling her and then nestling his head to her. The team turned to Iwaizumi who simply blinked back,

This must be his girlfriend

She’s too good for him

Poor girl, she has to deal with that more than we do

May God bring her much luck

But Tooru was just happy she was here. 

Kuroo Tetsuro:

As much as he loved volleyball, days like these just were so tasking. Lev was irritating Yamamoto, Kenma was trying to sneak off to play a new game with Yaku trying to make sure he stays, Inouka and Shibayama were making bets on whether Yamamoto would clock Lev, and Nobuyuki and Fukunaga were just silently watching the conundrum take place. Kuroo Tetsuro couldn’t help but sigh, a small headache forming.

A cold pair of hands suddenly covered his vision, a soft voice whispered,

Guess who?

Stunned, he whipped around to see his amazing girlfriend in person. He felt all his worries melt away as she explained she won and slayed the other team. Pride filled his face but he couldn’t help but steal a kiss mid sentence.

The rest of the team were in stunned silence, making passing comments.


No way. She’s too pretty for him. He’s like a dodgy pervert, no way.


Yamamoto, calm down. Nice to meet you, I’m Yaki Morisuke-

Tetsuro chuckled with an arm around her shoulder, introduced his talented girlfriend to his teammates and if they flirted with her they’d get kicked out of the team. 

Sugawara Koushi:

Suga! Get off your phone!

Sawamura barked staring at his silver haired friend with a smirk. Sugawara Koushi flashed a grin as he rechecked his phone with no new messages. He was worrying about his girlfriend as she had not replied since last night. Obviously he knew she was going to be busy but not replying in the morning or anything was a worry for him, it wasn’t exactly like her. He fretted that he may have said something out of order, even though he reread the last messages he sent.

His teammates noticed his uneasiness and began to flock around him, even though their captain was telling them not to. Kiyoko and Yachi stared at him, wondering what was wrong with his usual peppy attitude, but stayed silent. They didn’t notice a figure walk through the door, and neither did anyone else.

Before Ukai could get them back into order, an unfamiliar voice spoke up


The rest of team backed off, all eyes on the stranger, Koushi stared in disbelief as his girlfriend stood in front of him with a slightly sheepish smile. He pulled her in an embrace with a light blush on his cheeks.

I thought I would surprise you and let you know we won the compet- uhmpf

He began to smother her with his arms, nuzzling his head to hers and snuggling her. The lovey dovey couple seemed to be in their own world until the rest of the team began to chime,


She’s cute, is this your girlfriend?!

… Welcome, (Name) it’s nice to finally meet you




His girlfriend smiled politely, slightly confused as they flocked around. Sugawara smiled, he wouldn’t have this moment any other way.

// Hope this was okay bb //