The Okinawan Language

Anybody who has studied Japanese and Linguistics will know that Japanese is a part of the Japonic language family. For many years it was thought that Japanese was a language isolate, unrelated to any other language (Although there is some debate as to whether or not Japanese and Korean are related).

Today, most linguists are in agreement that Japanese is not an isolate. The Japonic languages are split into two groups:

Japanese (日本語) and its dialects, which range from standard Eastern Japanese (東日本方言) to the various dialects found on Kyūshū (九州日本方言), which are, different, to say the least.

The Ryukyuan Languages (琉球語派). Which are further subdivided into Northern and Southern Ryukyuan languages. Okinawan is classified as a Northern Ryukyuan Languages. There are a total of 6 Ryukyuan languages, each with its own dialects. The Ryukyuan languages exist on a continuum, somebody who speaks Okinawan will have a more difficult time understanding the Yonaguni Language, which is spoken on Japan’s southernmost populated island.

Japanese and Okinawan (I am using the Naha dialect of Okinawan because it was the standard language of the Ryukyu Kingdom), are not intelligible. Calling Okinawan a dialect of Japanese is akin to calling Dutch a dialect of English. It is demonstrably false. Furthermore, there is an actual Okinawan dialect of Japanese, which borrows elements from the Okinawan language and infuses it with Japanese.

So, where did the Ryukyuan languages come from? This is a question that goes hand in hand with theories about where Ryukyuan people come from. George Kerr, author of Okinawan: The History of an Island People (An old book, but necessary read if you’re interested in Okinawa), theorised that Ryukyuans and Japanese split from the same population, with one group going east to Japan from Korea, whilst the other traveled south to the Ryukyu Islands.

“In the language of the Okinawan country people today the north is referred to as nishi, which Iha Fuyu (An Okinawn scholar) derives from inishi (’the past’ or ‘behind’), whereas the Japanese speak of the west as nishi. Iha suggests that in both instances there is preserved an immemorial sense of the direction from which migration took place into the sea islands.”
(For those curious, the Okinawan word for ‘west’ is いり [iri]).
But, it must be stated that there are multiple theories as to where Ryukyuan and Japanese people came from, some say South-East Asia, some say North Asia, via Korea, some say that it is a mixture of the two. However, this post is solely about language, and whilst the relation between nishi in both languages is intriguing, it is hardly conclusive.

With that said, the notion that Proto-Japonic was spoken by migrants from southern Korea is somewhat supported by a number of toponyms that may be of Gaya origin (Or of earlier, unattested origins). However, it also must be said, that such links were used to justify Japanese imperialism in Korea.

Yeah, when it comes to Japan and Korea, and their origins, it’s a minefield.

What we do know is that a Proto-Japonic language was spoken around Kyūshū, and that it gradually spread throughout Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. The question of when this happened is debatable. Some scholars say between the 2nd and 6th century, others say between the 8th and 9th centuries. The crucial issue here, is the period in which proto-Ryukyuan separated from mainland Japanese.

“The crucial issue here is that the period during which the proto-Ryukyuan separated(in terms of historical linguistics) from other Japonic languages do not necessarily coincide with the period during which the proto-Ryukyuan speakers actually settled on the Ryūkyū Islands.That is, it is possible that the proto-Ryukyuan was spoken on south Kyūshū for some time and the proto-Ryukyuan speakers then moved southward to arrive eventually in the Ryūkyū Islands.”

This is a theory supported by Iha Fuyu who claimed that the first settlers on Amami were fishermen from Kyūshū.

This opens up two possibilities, the first is that ‘Proto-Ryukyuan’ split from ‘Proto-Japonic’, the other is that it split from ‘Old-Japanese’. As we’ll see further, Okinawan actually shares many features with Old Japanese, although these features may have existed before Old-Japanese was spoken.

So, what does Okinawan look like?

Well, to speakers of Japanese it is recognisable in a few ways. The sentence structure is essentially the same, with a focus on particles, pitch accent, and a subject-object-verb word order. Like Old Japanese, there is a distinction between the terminal form ( 終止形 ) and the attributive form ( 連体形 ). Okinawan also maintains the nominative function of nu ぬ (Japanese: no の). It also retains the sounds ‘wi’ ‘we’ and ‘wo’, which don’t exist in Japanese anymore. Other sounds that don’t exist in Japanese include ‘fa’ ‘fe’ ‘fi’ ‘tu’ and ‘ti’.

Some very basic words include:

はいさい (Hello, still used in Okinawan Japanese)
にふぇーでーびる (Thank you)
うちなー (Okinawa) 沖縄口 (Uchinaa-guchi is the word for Okinawan)
めんそーれー (Welcome)
やまとぅ (Japan, a cognate of やまと, the poetic name for ‘Japan’)

Lots of Okinawan can be translated into Japanese word for word. For example, a simple sentence, “Let’s go by bus”
バス行こう (I know, I’m being a little informal haha!)
バスっし行ちゃびら (Basu sshi ichabira).
As you can see, both sentences are structured the same way. Both have the same loanword for ‘bus’, and both have a particle used to indicate the means by which something is achieved, ‘で’ in Japanese, is ‘っし’ in Okinawan.

Another example sentence, “My Japanese isn’t as good as his”
彼より日本語が上手ではない (Kare yori nihon-go ga jouzu dewanai).
彼やか大和口ぬ上手やあらん (Ari yaka yamatu-guchi nu jooji yaaran).
Again, they are structured the same way (One important thing to remember about Okinawan romanisation is that long vowels are represented with ‘oo’ ‘aa’ etc. ‘oo’ is pronounced the same as ‘ou’).

Of course, this doesn’t work all of the time, if you want to say, “I wrote the letter in Okinawan”
沖縄語手紙を書いた (Okinawa-go de tegami wo kaita).
沖縄口さーに手紙書ちゃん (Uchinaa-guchi saani tigami kachan).
For one, さーに is an alternate version of っし, but, that isn’t the only thing. Okinawan doesn’t have a direct object particle (を in Japanese). In older literary works it was ゆ, but it no longer used in casual speech.

Introducing yourself in Okinawan is interesting for a few reasons as well. Let’s say you were introducing yourself to a group.
In Japanese you’d say
みんなさこんにちは私はフィリクスです (Minna-san konnichiwa watashi ha Felixdesu)
ぐすよー我んねーフィリクスでぃいちょいびーん (Gusuyoo wan’nee Felix di ichoibiin).
Okinawan has a single word for saying ‘hello’ to a group. It also showcases the topic marker for names and other proper nouns. In Japanese there is only 1, は but Okinawan has 5! や, あー, えー, おー, のー! So, how do you know which to use? Well, there is a rule, typically the particle fuses with short vowels, a → aa, i → ee, u → oo, e → ee, o → oo, n → noo. Of course, the Okinawan pronoun 我ん, is a terrible example, because it is irregular, becoming 我んねー instead of  我んのー or 我んや. Yes. Like Japanese, there are numerous irregularities to pull your hair out over!

I hope that this has been interesting for those who have bothered to go through the entire thing. It is important to discuss these languages because most Ryukyuan languages are either ‘definitely’ or ‘critically’ endangered. Mostly due to Japanese assimilation policies from the Meiji period onward, and World War 2.
The people of Okinawa are a separate ethnic group, with their own culture, history, poems, songs, dances and languages. It would be a shame to lose something that helps to define a group of people like language does.

I may or may not look in the Kyūshū dialects of Japanese next time. I’unno, I just find them interesting.

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Sis Reyis is Back !

Imagine you were having a hard time sleeping. It was pretty late at night and you had things to do the following day. Instead of trying to sleep and not looking at your phone, you did the exact opposite. You were just silently laughing at something when two pings suddenly came from your phone. You pressed to see the messages.
(guide: You, Donnie)

0:21: You’re awake??
0:22: Scared you, huh?

You scowled at the screen.

0:23: Not funny, Donnie.

0:23: It’s pretty funny. Why are you awake?

0:24: How did you know I was awake?
0:24: Why are you awake?

0:25: You kept liking stuff that I reposted. Maybe look at the username next time to be more subtle?

0:25: Oh. Did I wake you?

0:26: Nah.

0:26: Then I refer to question before the last one.

0:27: I’m not the one who has plans tomorrow, so you have nothing to scold me over.

0:29: But you always have something to do. I figured you’d try your best to get as much shut eye as possible.

0:30: …have you met me? I like to be awake because I feel like I’m missing out on something whenever I’m asleep. Back to the initial topic: you should be sleeping.

0:30: I’m not tired though.

0:31: You made me do this.

0:31: ???

0:32: Did you know that most social media apps make sure to include any variation of blue since it emits a certain light that keeps the user awake?
0:33: Did you know that the word ‘underground’ is the only word in the English language that starts with and ends with ‘und’?
0:34: Don’t ever try to tease me about this because we are NOT this kind of turtle, but the Chinese soft-shelled turtle urinates through its mouth.
0:35: Banging your head against a wall burns about 150 calories an hour… wonder how they found this out.
0:36: Wow, are you actually asleep?
0:36: That was pretty quick.
0:36: I expected this to go on longer.
0:37: You’ll thank me later for this ^^


15:00: Did you know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

15:00: ..
15:01: did you know that i hate you right now


Ethnic group: Yaka

The Yaka are an African ethnic group found in southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo, with Angola border to their west.They number about 300,000 and are related to the Suku people.

The Yaka people are a matrilineal society that includes patrilineal lineage as family name.Their villages have chiefs, who are recognized by the Congo government as a political office.

Their Traditional Religion has the concept of Ndzambyaphuungu, or a Creator God who resides in the sky, but this creator is not a part of their celebrations or rituals. The religious practices and ceremonies are instead directed towards the Bambuta or the spirits of the ancestors, and these are also part of healing dances during illnesses.

The Yaka farm cassava, sweet potatoes, and corn as staple source of food, and supplement this with fish and game meat. They have traditionally hunted with the help of hunting dogs.In contemporary times, they are also migrant workers in urban areas.

The Yaka are notable for their arts and handicrafts. They make statues, portraits, baskets, carved objects, masks, tools for cooking, building, hunting, fishing or entertaining with additions of instrumments such as drums. Their masks are bulky, distinctive with upturned noses and eyes shaped in the form of globules. These masks were frequently used in various Traditional Religion ceremonies.Their sculptures called Mbwoolo and their carved slit drum called Mukoku are regionally famous and used in ritual dances

Imagine introducing Leo to the world of fanfictions. He eyed you a bit doubtfully as you explained what fanfictions were. It wasn’t that he wasn’t against the idea; he just didn’t know what they would be like. 

“Is it… inappropriate?” Leo asked, looking a bit uneasy.

You snorted. “Only if you want it to be. You’d have to look up a keyword if you want it to be.” He still looked unsure down at the screen. “No fanfiction is going to be the same. Sure, maybe there’ll be similar themes and plots, but they’re always going to be written differently, depending on the person. There’s angsty ones, romantic ones, action-based ones— the works, Leo. There’s no certain kind; it can be a range of genres and what the fanfiction is about. Think of it as if you drew something for a show you liked, but instead of drawing it, you write it. Lots of people do it.”

“…are there any for Space Heroes?” He asked, a bit interested.

“Let’s see,” you replied, typing in the two words. Sure enough, there were pages of Space Heroes fanfictions. 

You handed the phone to him, and he scrolled through and was looking for any plots that deemed interesting enough to take a look at the first chapter. After a while, he shrugged at you. “I guess I’m just not into—” he stopped short, reading a plot that caught his attention. He started reading the first chapter, and he didn’t bother finishing his sentence. He had to sit down after reading the first chapter. You smiled, looking around and spotting Mikey. You had a mischievous grin on your face.

“Hey, Mikey, wanna see something?” 

sus, söyleme kimseye. deliler gibi seviyorum.

Rakı sözüm var sana, Akdeniz’e açılan bir şehirde, iki başımıza…

Dolu kadınlardansın, bir yudum rakıya sığmazsın; derin kadınlardansın, bir rakıyla unutulmazsın; zor kadınlardansın bir rakı sofrasında teslim olmazsın.

Rakı sözüm var sana, Akdeniz’de. Unutmadım. Gün gelecek, devran dönecek ve mesafelerin birkaç santim cürmü kalacak. Ayakların ayaklarıma çarpacak, dizlerin dizlerime dokunacak. Yan yana olacağız.

Gün gelecek, o rakı kadehe dökülecek, parmakların titreye titreye  kadehi tutacak. ilk yudum, yaka yaka, boğazından akacak. Avuçların cennetin provası ve avuçların çeneme dokunacak.

Gözlerin, gözlerime dokunacak. Sustukların geceye karışacak, ismin ismime… tenin, tenimin yanı başında olacak ve çarpacak solukların tenime. Öksüreceksin, ilk ben duyacağım; uyanacaksın ilk ben öpeceğim; yorulacaksın, elini ilk ben tutacağım. Gün gelecek, tam şurada, göğsümün üzerinde uyuya kalacaksın.

Bu şehir kül olacak, bir solukta solacak. O rakı  kadehe dökülecek, o parmakların titreye titreye kadehi tutacak. Ciğerin yana yana, anlatacaksın tüm pişmanlıklarını. Ciğerin kor olacak, beni yakacak; pişmanlıkların gece olacak, gündüzü karartacak ve ben seni affedeceğim. Ciğerin parçalanacak, ciğerin yanacak, ciğerin sızlayacak. Gündüzler solacak, rakılar kadehte durmadan dudaklarına karışacak.

Rakı sözüm var sana, Akdeniz’de. Bir gece yarısı, bir hazan sonu, bir eylül türküsü… Eylül’de sevilecek kadın değilsin sen, sonbaharın gözü kör olsun. Gün gelecek o rakı içilecek, bütün pişmanlıklar dudaklarından sel olup akacak. Masada hatıralar, sırtında koca bir geçmiş, boğazında şu yumruğum kadar bir düğüm… Konuşamayacaksın. Bir kadeh rakıya sığacak kadın değilsin, biliyorum. Bir kadeh rakıda unutulacak kadın değilsin, deliler gibi seviyorum. sus, söyleme kimseye.


Gün gelecek açtığın yaraların karşısına dikildiğinde hepsi dile gelecek. Ağzını açmaya fırsatın bile olmayacak ve biteceksin. Her acının bir bedeli var sevgilim,sen kalbi yalnız senin için atan birinin bedenini yaka yaka kül ettin.

Artık ne arzum kaldı ne de kinim. İçimdeki insanı yitirdim. Kaybolsun diye de bir yere bırakıverdim. Hayatta insan ya melek olmalı ya doğru dürüst insan ya da hayvan. Ben onlardan hiçbiri olmadım. Hayatım ebediyen kayboldu. Ben bencil, acemi ve zavallı olarak dünyaya gelmişim. Şimdi artık geri dönüp başka bir yolu seçmem imkansız. Bundan böyle bu anlamsız gölgelerin peşinden gidemem. Yaşamla yaka paça olamam, güreş tutamam. Sizler, gerçekte yaşadığınızı zannediyorsunuz. Elinizde hangi sağlam kanıt ve mantık var? Ben artık ne bağışlamak, ne bağışlanmak, ne sola ne de sağa gitmek istiyorum. Gözlerimi geleceğe kapayıp geçmişi unutmak istiyorum.

Sadık Hidayet

Görsel : Старокалужское шоссе в районе села Коньково, 1958 год (
Köy alanında Starokaluzhskoe Konkovo ​​karayolu 1958)

Artık hiç bir şey eskisi gibi değil,
Ben de öyle,
Çok dikkat etmiyorum uzun süredir kendime,
Kılığıma kıyafetime,
Çorapsız da basıyorum artık yere,
Eskisi gibi de korkutmuyor beni ne grip ne nezle,
Nane limonun iyi gelmediği daha büyük sıkıntılarım var
Herkes gibi benim de,
Takılmıyorum artık şu her kış ve bahar şişen bademciklerime,
Çok sıcak ya da soğuk şeyler yiyip içmem,
Hepsi hepsi bir kaç gün gene,
Olur biter; geçer gider,
Ama canımı yaka yaka yutkunduğum şeyler var,
Olup bitmeyen; geçip gitmeyen,
Zaman zaman yine uykusuzluk çekiyorum ama,
Çokta takılmıyorum artık bu uyku konusuna,
Uyuyunca geçmeyen şeylerin olduğunu anladığımdan bu yana…



28 Şubat.
Aklıma ilk gelen isim, Nuray Canan abla oluyor. Başörtüsü ile sınav girmek isteyen fakat eğitimi engellediği gerekçesiyle polisler tarafından yaka paça sınıftan atılan isim. Hakkında verilen hapis kararları, bitirilen eğitim hayatı. Zor yıllar. Rabbim bir daha yaşatmasın.

Bir yere gidelim isterdim, dilini bilmediğimiz, kültürünü bilmediğimiz, sokaklarını bilmediğimiz. Nasıl olsa anlaşırız biz. Nasıl olsa en iyi ben anlarım seni, çünkü böyle demiştim, yalan olamazdı.

Kafamda seninle birlikte yaşayacağımız bir dünya yaratmıştım, salaklığın güzelliğine bak. Kimse kafasında senin için bir dünya yaratmaz, içine seni mutlu edecek şeyleri koymaz. Kaybettiğin sevginin büyüklüğüne bak.

Yürümeyi seçtin. Çok güzel. Çok güzel yürürsün sen, yürürken sırtından hayatın güzelliklerini okurdum. Sahi hiç fırsatım olmadı sormaya, yüzünden okuyabildi mi o, hayatın güzelliklerini? Hiç bana dönmediğinden bilmiyorum bunu.

Merak ettiğim çok şeyler var bir çoğunu siktir edelim. Bir tanesini etmeyelim. Arkanda bıraktığın dağ gibi sevginin gölgesinde yaşamak nasıldı? Yanmadın, yakamazlardı seni ama erittiler. Kanmadın, ne yalana ne sevgiye ne nefrete. Acımadın. Bir tanesini siktir etmeyelim dedim; pişman mısın?

Pişmanlık çok farklı bir hikayenin ana fikri olur çünkü. Pişmanlık seni yakar, kanatır, acıtır. Pişmanlık senin için bana sevgisizliği anlatan kitaplar yazdırır. Pişman mısın?

Geri dönmek istemezsin bilirim, zaten o köprülerin hepsini yaka yaka gittin. Geri dönmeni istemem bilirsin, yaktığın köprülere attım bu kalbimi.

Mutlu değilsin. Bunu görüyorum. Buna üzülmem artık. Başka şeylere üzülürüm mesela kafamda seninle birlikte yarattığım dünyaya. Bunu sen anlamazsın bunu başka herhangi biri anlamaz. Anlamasınlar da zaten.

Ben durmayı seçtim. Çok güzel. Çok güzel dururdum ben, sen görmedin. Bir hayatın gidişini izledim sahilde bir bankta, sen gittikten sonra. Sahi hiç fırsatım olmadı sormaya, dönüp bir kere bakmak istedin mi arkana?

Bunun cevabını siktir edelim.