Korrasami Atlantis AU || 1 2 3


this took a while only because I was so unsure of everyone’s roles - no character matches up 100% with one - but I think I like the final product. I’m not very good at mocking the Atlantis/Disney style so there’s an obvious mixture of my own here…haha.

i decided to make Wu Mole on the grounds that they are both very flirtatious characters. Varrick and Vinny share a moustache and an inventive spirit when it comes to explosives, Mako is Dr. Sweet simply because he’s just as handsome and caring, Bolin would have been Cookie who is comic relief but he wasn’t in this scene, and Opal is the tough but big-hearted Audrey. Zaheer and Kuvira probably wouldn’t work together in canon because of their ideals but their appearance/characters match well with Rourke and Helga’s (plus Rourke ends up betraying Helga).

and Toph is Packard for obvious reasons.

I don’t know what scenes to do next so this might be my last one, though I kind of plan to do the Crystal Chamber scene unless there are any requests. Hope you like this one! 


korrasami atlantis au || 1 

i received more motivation to continue this, so this might be a common thing now? idk? but anyways, this one was kind of rushed, so sorry, but it was  interesting and fun to do seeing as how intimate an injury like this might be on Asami’s body instead of Milo’s. it was also a lot of fun drawing the cool Heart of Atlantis-glowy stuff.

i’m gonna assign more characters more roles? Bolin as Mole, Mako as Dr. Joshua Sweet, Kuvira as Helga, Opal as Audrey, Varrick as Vinny, Zaheer as Rourke??? maybe? 


Not everyone knows it, but Asami Sato’s part-time job is feeling up Korra’s defined biceps. And yeah, Korra intended for Asami to get jealous.

anyways, i finally finished this korrasami comic commissioned to me, though i don’t like it 100% because of the inconsistencies in my style, but i like the fact that Asami’s hair has emotion. the prompt is from swashbuckling-pen - thank you! 

“What book do you have your hands on now?”

“I find it interesting how you mysteriously show up near the bookstore when I’m here,  Mademoiselle Esmeralda.”

ok. ok. ok so stay with me, but do you know the easter egg in the Hunchback of Notre Dame where Belle is seen walking down a street while Quasi sings “Out There” ? i took it to another level. The background is obviously not my work and is one of Disney’s Hunchback concept backdrops.


so this yoga au is driving me crazy and this was the only way to get it out of my system

the way i’ve constructed this AU in my head is that Erwin drags Levi to a yoga class for fun, and much to their surprise, the instructor is a hottie hot hottie named Eren. SO, the both of them decide to keep taking this class in an effort to get closer to him. Jean is also in his class and he has the same exact goal. and well. basically the three of them are trying to compete for his affections (and get a good workout along the way.o k bye)