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Yak based traffic jam, Nepal. Others may be familiar with this sort of event from various other large mammal species. 

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Voltron Sequence but it’s Nyan Cat (Orchestrate)

so i made this for @leaflessart but the original video got copyright claimed so heres the re-upload!  Enjoy


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ygB85QMpE)

Yak finally released their video!!


Just fooling around.
I got this idea because I’ve been saying “Oh, damn” a lot in response to things and a pal of mine showed me a funny video it reminded them of.

mind-shack  asked:

Are you the intp fairy godmother? Intp senpai? Intp Yoda? Intp.. Well you get the idea. You answered a question about stressed intps. Ti Si loop. Inf Fe grip. I wanted to know if you have any strategies for overcoming these or rather not falling into one in the first place. Help me senpai!

Oh, my. Fairy godmother? Probably not; I haven’t a wand. Senpai? Ehhhh, not quite. Yoda? Not him I am. Really, I’m just a bossy older sister. Ask any of my brothers. :) 

So, it’s hard to avoid a loop unless you know what to look for. See, INTPs tend to be introverted even for introverts. We often, although not always, need plenty of alone time, even when we’re not in a loop. I think the way to tell whether you are just recharging in a healthy way or if you are in a loop is by what you are doing with your alone time. Are you actually being productive? Or are you just fiddling around doing nothing much? There’s your difference. 

We are most likely to fall into a loop because we’re tired and stressed, so right away you can see the warning signs. Did you have a tiring stressful day? Instead of kicking back with your computer when you get home (because we all know that this will result in looking at memes and watching pointless YouTube videos about yak herding in Tibet) why not try to do something a little more productive? That’s recharging. You can maybe bake something, or work at playing a musical instrument, or even just read a good book. Something that engages your mind will help you to relax and get some energy back that you spent during the day while still being productive with your time. It’s when we aren’t actively engaging our brains but still have the stress that we can begin to loop.

Now, if you are under a lot of emotional pressure, that’s when you’re in danger of coming into the dreaded Fe grip. I feel like this one is maybe harder to avoid, because it’s so hard to keep a good hold on your emotions if you’re an INTP. Are you the dumping grounds for a friend’s relationship problems? Are you going through some tough people problems yourself? This is the emotional stress that’s going to eventually crack you if you don’t handle it correctly. 

A bad way to handle it is to obsess over it, but it’s also bad to ignore it completely. Instead, it would be wise to talk it over with a close, preferably older and wiser friend. In doing so, don’t just dump out your problems. Instead, try to work through them. Why are you experiencing these emotions? What brings them on? Are they healthy or not? See, engaging the rest of your cognitive functions with your inferior Fe is what it takes to gain control over it. So, actually facing your emotions is a good way to keep them from taking over.

(Also, once you’re in an Fe grip, it’s hard, if not impossible, to just get out of it. The good thing is that our emotions in a grip, while violent, rarely last that long.)

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

I got to practice more with my waterbending props and I lost a bit of weight over the past year, so it’s a significant improvement since June. Still have a long way to go, though! So if you have any constructive criticism about my movements send it my way.

also, i’m a dork and i just wanna be the avatar, lol.


Our Love Story

Sebuah video stop motion untuk Teh Tazy dan Kang Fikri, bercerita tentang perjalanan cinta keduanya. Pertemuan serius yang hanya berlangsung dalam setengah bulan, meski telah berteman sejak SMP.

Sebuah video special request dari @tazyizzati (Teh Tazy) dan suaminya @fikrimet (Kang Fikri). Alhamdulillah selesai tepat waktu dan dapat diputar saat Walimatul ‘Ursy keduanya. Terima kasih juga untuk Alfina atas dukungan pemilihan backsound yang tepat, emang mbak penyiar stok lagunya melimpah nih.

Selamat menyaksikan  |> klik play yak :D


Steve Roggenbuck at IRL Club: Infiltrating Yak Yak (2015)

presentation about some of the opportunities for poets to make new media work on the internet, and specifically on the anonymous app Yik Yak <3


You do not realise how long I’ve waited to meet these guys… ever since their video with Yak Films “industrial” ive been a fam and look up to them as idols.

How the night went down:
Okay so basically I spontaneously went to this place where I only just found out about this through their official twitter (I think?) And it said itll start from 6pm. I knew for a fact that they wont be there until after Beypncé’s concert so I would imagine around midnight or 1 in the morning.

I almost got into a fight because of some dumb british dude. That almost killed my vibe but thats ok, I pushed him away and eagerly waited haha.

Anyways then I heard screams and what not and as tall as I was I could see their afros from any distance haha! The energy they brought in was amazing.

Then 20 mins after they were prepping, they went to perform on stage. The DJ had a good start and was playing Jay Z - dirt off your shoulders (take note that this isnt a DJ that les twins hired) and larry and laurent did their thing. I can tell you know I genuinely felt so star struck (no homo) when they went up there. The energy they were giving off and the atmostphere they created was so unreal. I was so turnt up I was proper screaming and hollering when they did their signature moves.

Then they wanted a new song. The DJ was so bad on her choices. Les twins were asking, come on girl you got any drake or Beyoncé?!?! The dj didnt. What a right hit in the face, les twins were pisssssseeeed. LOL then they had to plug in their phone haha. Made the dj looked so dumb.

They brought up 6 dancers to the stage and my girlfriend wanted me to go up but fuck. I couldnt I wouldve been so stiff and shy lol I kinds regretted it but I kinda dont. I got the front view and was really close to them. They were insane. From youtube to this? Seeing them real life out of Beyoncé s concert and letting them do their own thing is disgusting. I cant stress it enough. They played tunes like “Ants” and “crumped” “worst behaviour”.

Then they left the stage. They went back to their table and I thought they were leaving already! After 30 mins of performing amd attending their own event I was like… HELL NO im taking a pic at least and talk to them! I went to their table and it was covered with barriers but they were going outside to get some fresh air! I was like LARRY, WAIT! He looked straight at me and was like Oh shit! Wait 1 minute yeah! And spud me saying Aiiiiight! He was so cool and down to earth. Then they came back and I was dancing with them for a bit doing basic grooving steps but mostly my gf doing silly moves haha and of course they did their little thing. I was actually just as tall as them apparently! Haha

So skipping a bit forward they were taking pics with us and as I was getting closer I heard Laurent saying only 5 more people guys. Im sorry. Well I domt blame him he looked so exhausted. But larry pointed me out and said WAIT he wait for him at least. I felt so special LOL! but bare in mind I had the t-shirt of the will dog thats probably what made ke stand out cus no one else had bbp clothing on :p then when it was my turn me and larry spud again and was like wassup mayne!! haa! I wanted individual pictures but I could tell laurent wanted to get over and donr with so he can rest up so I took a pic with my gf and friend. We took the pic . Afterwards larry was like bro I was gonna wear that man but I dono man! I was like WHY DIDNT YOU MAN?! He was like im sorry man!! Haha! Then I said thank you so much to both of them and 8 them cus I was holding up the line haha and left. I wanted to stat till the end and get the chsnce to dance with them but I thought let them do their own thing since theyre prob jet lagged and tired from the concert and left.

So! The conclusion to this is. You can record and take pics sure. But you really shouldnt. Embrace the moment to the fullest and appreciate their artforms with your own eyes. The experience was unreal… I really hoped I could have more words with them and talk a bit but; I know this wont be the final time. I’ll dance with them up on stage one day and just have fun. I hope theyll do a workshop in london one day.