• Vegeta: I got a job following fat people around with a tuba.
  • *cuts to Vegeta playing a two-toned rhythm while following Yajirobe*
  • Yajirobe: Stop it!
  • Vegeta: *keeps playing*
  • Yajirobe: Cut it out!
  • Vegeta: *keeps playing*
  • Yajirobe: I have a glandular problem!
  • *Yajirobe trips and Vegeta makes a flatulence sound*
  • Vegeta: That’ll be sixty dollars.

I’ve been doing these for the past couple of hours in between playing games and they came out waaayyyy better than I thought they would.

I’m still taking commissions and requests (working on two requests right now too. :U)

All the characters are from the Dragonball franchise by Akira Toriyama.