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Yajima is the realest character in Genshiken and also very inspirational.

For me looking at her is like looking at myself in the past. She got friends that also draw, but are lots better than her (Ogiue is already a pro and Hato’s skill was recognized right off the bat), it frustrates her but she still trying to become better. Originally i started drawing with a goal of surpassing one of my friends that as i thought “was naturaly talented”. But over the years i came to understand that talent only helps a little, it won’t do everything for you, you still have to work very hard.

You draw bad until you draw good, there’s no easy way.

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3. list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

dude you of all people should know i’m in a million of fandoms and i’ll die before i could list all of them so i’ll name some off the top of my head

Mirei Yajima from Genshiken Nidaime 

Nozomi Tojo from Love Live

Sadie from SU

Alphys from Undertale

8. what musical artists have you most felt connected to over your lifetime?


11. describe your ideal day.

waking up naturally (not bc of alarm or other distractions) sometime at 10-12, feeling refreshed and rested, no anxiety, no worries only the feeling of peace and tranquility, my bf is by my side

cooking breakfast while listening to kickass tunes and eating it together with bf

going for a walk, maybe inviting some friends over or going out together while having rly comfortable shoes on so my feet won’t hurt afterward; socialization feels pleasant and i’m comfortable being around my loved ones

watching cartoons while cuddling bf until we fall asleep 

26. how would you describe your gender/sexuality?

i don’t really feel anything towards my gender, i wouldn’t care if someone associated me with a different gender

i thought a lot about my orientation for the last ~5 years and right now i identify as pansexual panromantic, but i don’t think i ever experienced strong enough sexual attraction to anyone outside my current relationship; in theory yes, but not in actuality, so i’m considering a possibility of being a demi pan

but in terms of initial attraction and romantic attraction, i definitely can feel attraction to any gender identity

My contribution to Hatozine, a Fanzine centered around Genshiken’s most challenging and controversial character, Kenjirô Hato.
Of course I had to include my OTP, as a lone YajiHato fighter in the midst of all the MadaHato fans (no beef against you, MadaHato shippers). I have shipped it since Nidaime early chapters and I am very happy that the latest chapters ans Spotted Flowers have excellent shipping material. I like their dynamic a lot and SF have proved me that they can work whatever gender Hato is.

A link to the zine will be provided soon if you are interested: there is a lot of lovely MadaHato fanarts, some thoughtful analysis and a fanfic with a surprising pair !