Comic-Con exclusive:

YAHTZEE: Doctor Who Pandorica Edition lands exclusively at the Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 convention this July. The Pandorica Edition YAHTZEE game allows fans to recall the iconic Doctor Who fifth series finale, which introduced the mysterious chamber hidden under Stonehenge, while rolling classic dice combinations such as a Full House and Large Straight. This game comes complete with a Pandorica stylized box that serves as a dice shaker, custom Roman numeral translucent dice, score pad, pencil and instructions. Supplies won’t last, however – this is a special edition item fans won’t want to miss. 

“We are very excited about this collaboration and we believe this exclusive game is a perfect fit for Doctor Who fans,” says John M. Davis, President, USAopoly, Inc. 

YAHTZEE: Doctor Who Pandorica Edition will only be sold at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 convention, available exclusively in the BBC AMERICA booth (#4129) on preview night, and then in the BBC America booth and the USAopoly booth (#1017) for the rest of the convention. It will retail for $20.00 (limit two per customer).

If you’re going to be at SDCC, make sure to pick up this exclusive Doctor Who edition of a classic game! We’re having a lot of fun with it already here at DW Tumblr HQ.

“Zayn,” Harry reprimands him, brows furrowing and shaking his head, “Why’ve you been ignoring us?”

Heaving a sigh, Zayn lets his shoulders slump and plops down onto the couch adjacent to them, with his elbows on his knees, “I haven’t been ignoring you. Just been busy is all.”

“For two months?” Y/N’s face is set in a frown and Zayn doesn’t particularly like it. He doesn’t like the look on either of their faces – disappointed and sad – they’re too pretty for it.


Zayn has been ignoring Harry and Y/N so they confront him

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Legend of Zelda Yahtzee Launching Later This Year

Finally: a Zelda that even grandma will enjoy. Why don’t grandma’s like typical Zelda games? Easy: Tingle. His raw sexuality makes them uneasy.

But USAopoly is changing all that, with it’s new Zelda Edition Yahtzee, part of it’s 2015 launch line. This Zelda complete with a treasure chest doesn’t have a price yet, but will be out late spring. 

Buy: Super Mario Yahtzee, Nintendo Monopoly Edition

He plops her on the bed, smiles when she giggles before going towards the button of her jeans, “Harry!” she squeaks, but he’s already working to tug them off of her legs, while simultaneously trying to pull off his own. “I thought we were cuddling, you sex fiend.”

Harry rolls his eyes, “We are,”  he says, working them the rest of the way off before taking the hem of her shirt between his fingertips, “But what’s the point of cuddling if we aren’t at least partly naked? Makes it more intimate that way.”

“More intimate?” Y/N repeats, and Harry grins at her, nodding quick and getting her in just a bra and panties.

“Correct!” he chirps.


Harry and Y/N just love each other a lot (ft. a friend’s wedding) 

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“I found that meetings with players who’d reached the same level of technology went as follows:

"Hello, are you friendly?”
“Depends. Is that a gun?”
“Yes. Is that a gun?”
“Then I am friendly.”

Funny how many friendly people you meet when you’ve got a gun, isn’t it? It’s almost like the NRA were right all along.“ - Ben "Yahtzee” Croshaw: Zero Punctuation: Survival Special.

Not much had changed since the incident (and really it wasn’t much of an incident at all ) Y/N seemed to shrug it off as something all friends do for each other.  Though Harry wished that this would have led into something more, he knows it was just wistful thinking and knew he had to get over it. They’re adults kind of – casual blowjobs shouldn’t be out of their vocabulary. 


Harry likes Y/N and things get not so friendly after awhile

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