yahoo vines

wonder what’s going to be the last surprise of 2016

the Clinton email scandals and the Trump email scandals converge into one unified scandal where it turns out they were emailing each other the whole time?

Putin actually is super super gay and is also really into memes?

Yahoo buys Vine?

It’s so weird to think that Vine is going to become one of those “remember when” things. Like sometimes I’ll be hanging out with my friends and we’ll go, “Dude you remember when we used to go in Yahoo chatrooms or AIM?” Vine is going to be one of those things soon. I mean it only existed for a few years, which I guess is fitting for something with such a small, specific purpose, but it was amazing while it lasted.

So yeah, super sad to see it go. I think it’s only appropriate that we have some official time of mourning… 6 seconds worth.