yahoo tumblr buyout

Wordpress has found itself flush with a few new users following news of the Yahoo/Tumblr deal
  • 400-600 posts per hour are typically imported from Tumblr to new Wordpress blogs, according to founder Matt Mullenweg, prior to the company’s recently announced acquisition by Yahoo.
  • 72,000 posts per hour have been imported since news of the buyout first broke, though that’s hardly a number for Yahoo/Tumblr execs to worry about, given the site’s 75 million post per day average. source

artist-designer-deactivated2015  asked:

don't you think there's gonna be a great deal of contention between companies with er... unscrupulous labor practices using Tumblr as an ad platform and the large and vocal social justice community on the site?

» SFB says: Newspapers cover the social justice community too, and sometimes they run ads from companies whose interests don’t match their own. That doesn’t mean it affects the content being created. It’s what folks in the newspaper business call a “church and state” thing. I’d recommend everyone take a wait-and-see approach. If it turns out we get an ad like this Atlantic ad, then we should probably complain. — Ernie @ SFB