yahoo messed it up


holy balls – for once tumblr support came through. anyway folks, i’ll still keep you updated as to my status on my accounts cause i already remade one so…

ALSO. as a heads up, i’m pretty sure tumblr is working on steering away from the yahoo linked accounts. the ones that were messing up were all ones linked with yahoo and my new ones don’t seem to be. if anyone else faces this problem in the future, lemme know and i’d be happy to help out.

pitypartytxx  asked:

I have successfully gotten my wifi so all is good 😌😌 the time zone is just messing me up a Lil 😭 like everyone's sleeping and I'm wide awake like I wanna go out but something tells me exploring at night in a forigen country is not ideal lololol

Yahoo!! Aw dang. Time zones will mess things up… Okay, as for going out, I wouldn’t suggest going out just yet. Wait till you know the city a little more (depending on how long you’re there for). But like going places alone in a new city–especially a big one like that–can be daunting. Just stay aware of the people and things around you and be safe, and you should be good :DDD How’s your trip so far??


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‘Fifty Shades of Frozen’ will mess you up

Dear Mr Yahoo

Dear Mr Yahoo, how are you
I hope the wife and kids are fine
I can’t speak for any other dashes
but something is surely killing mine

What the future holds none can say
I guess we’ll have to wait and see
I wouldn’t worry about it anyway
because chances are it’s only me

It’s free and I have a place to play
so I will shed not one single tear
and even if my dash dies one day
until then all my friends are here