yahoo answers

yahoo answers questions the signs would ask (pt 3)
  • aries:My daughter is friends with a big fat fatty?
  • taurus:Do you think I was wrong for breaking up with my girlfriend because she hated my cat?
  • gemini:Looking In The Mirror And Seeing The Devil?
  • cancer:Faking sadness for attention?
  • leo:if you let ants bite your penis, will it grow bigger?
  • virgo:I have trapped my enemy, do I absorb him or set him free?
  • libra:I'm just TOO pretty?:/?
  • scorpio:I'm sad because I'll never meet Pete Wentz?
  • sagittarius:Spiritually speaking, is it okay if i got semen on my cat and he licked it off and now wants more?
  • capricorn:Why are Aquarius girls such hoes?
  • aquarius:I love peeing in weird places, what places in my house should i use?
  • pisces:Yes Hello i just ate my finger on accident?
The Signs as Stupid Yahoo Questions

Aries: “Where do whales live?”

Taurus: “If evolution is true, then why don’t pigs have wings?”

Gemini: “What does it mean if someone says ‘meow’ to you?”

Cancer: “Is there a spell to turn back into a human that actually works?”

Leo: “How do I ask a question on Yahoo! Answers?”

Virgo: “What does fall 2010 mean?”

Libra: “Do midgets have night vision?”

Scorpio: “How do I take care of my pet potato?”

Sagittarius: “I was bitten by a turtle when I was a young lad, should I still drink orange juice?”

Capricorn: “Is there any possible way of making 2 + 2 = 5?”

Aquarius: “Should America make China the 51st state so we can get better access to Chinese food?”

Pisces: “Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?”

(Yes, these are actual questions.)