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Wait, I'm confused. What's going on with Tumblr and Yahoo?

Basically, Yahoo is losing money with tumblr and given its history with fandom based sites, there is a good chance tumblr might close soon. It doesn’t look like Yahoo have given warning for this kind of thing in the past, so to be safe I would prepare for closure (saving posts, making sure you will still be able to reach people you talk to etc outwith the site). I am just sad because this is a community and the thought of losing you all, of losing it, kills me.

Please stop saying that Yahoo is going to “delete tumblr”
Tumblr is one of the Big Four social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) with 300 million users visiting in the past month (compared to Instagram’s 100M last month)
Yahoo may be ‘losing money on Tumblr’ but they would never just delete it
Transfer ownership? Maybe
But Tumblr is too big and too popular to just delete so relax kids
Plus a quick google search will tell you that there’s nothing confirming these rumors at all except some vague fear-mongering rumors that haven’t even made it off this hellsite yet chill

Remember when Yahoo bought Tumblr a few years ago but they promised that they would keep the two websites separate?

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Little thing worth a mention: if you make a new account you might run into this new sign-up screen that’s rolling out to a few people. We’re testing out a new account manager with Yahoo.

Use your regular email to create an account—just like you normally would. The only difference is that you can use that same login on Flickr, Mail, News, Answers, Sports, Finance…all your Yahoo things.

Cool bonus: When you’re in the Tumblr app, go to Settings then tap “Manage accounts.” From there you can create another primary Tumblr using a different email address, and flip between them without logging out. Neat!